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  1. Tay Linus


  2. WondertheUnicorn

    Hey could you make another one where we choose? I really enjoyed this one.

  3. Julia Melendez

    Dumb ways to die in among us🎶🎶😌

  4. Cosmic-squish5

    Dumb ways to die in Among Us Jumping out of an airplane on to a gymnastics mat face first alalalalalalallalallalal. Dumb ways to die in Among Us

  5. Super Bowser Junior Bros

    You get vote out because you are sus just like red

  6. Swasti Mishra

    For jester it would be best ways to die in among us😂🤣

  7. Connor Coal

    I just watched feel the beat and shiloh was in it

  8. Molly Brewer

    i love purples (sorry forgot the name) little sqee when she got kicked out

  9. Hah Gab

    C f b

  10. Reynard Widharta


  11. robi RHM gaming

    jacob whould be grapefriut

  12. Amy Bond

    I would ofc do it

    1. Amy Bond


  13. Arianna Birchh

    RED >:<

  14. cheuk kit tsoi

    Jonathan thinks: just vote me, guys. Lol

  15. Eugene K

    A tip this is why the jester runs away from impostor . It said that only vote out the jester

  16. Rom many

    This song is good for jesters

  17. •Random Fandom•

    "Just, Don't Pick The Color Red" **Judah Randomly Appears**

  18. Random Timez

    Here’s another mistake how can Elijah teleport around the ship then near the end Elijah gets voted out then he’s back on the ship?

  19. Hayden Jones

    cmon do doing tasks in the dark:>

  20. Premixed Spark

    This song is good

  21. Joel Dejumo

    Britney and judah love team

  22. Roblox rando

    Where did mr red suss go

  23. Random Timez

    Here’s another mistake in the song Judah gets voted out then in a different part he’s back on the ship how can he revive himself

  24. Logan vanderploeg

    I'm watching dis on loop its so good

  25. Paighton Rincon

    LOL i copied and pasted the transcript. 00:00 Whoo! 00:00 Being home alone is awesome! 00:02 I know, right? 00:03 Nobody here but us! 00:04 I can't believe mom and dad don't let us do this more often! 00:06 We're so mature! 00:10 What was that? 00:13 **Creepy laughter ** 00:17 Man, those kids are just being too loud! They just need to- 00:20 Hey kids! You need to... 00:22 shut up! 00:23 I'm trying to concentrate. 00:25 yeah? 00:28 **Dishes clattering** 00:34 We... did the dishes. 00:36 Right! And they're just 00:38 Making themselves at home! 00:39 Yeah because dishes do that! 00:41 It's perfectly normal 00:42 Uh huh 00:42 Happens all the time. 00:44 *Creepy stepping from upstairs* 00:51 Man, our upstairs neighbors are just being so loud. 00:53 They got me all... 00:55 Weird now. Yep 00:57 Yep. Okay 00:59 Hey neighbors! You need to uh. 01:01 Quiet down! 01:03 Elijah? 01:04 Yeah? 01:05 We don't have upstairs neighbors. 01:08 **Screams** 01:15 How is sleeping under the covers ganna help you?!? 01:17 Listen, everyone knows that if your arms and your legs are tucked into a blanket, 01:20 nothing can touch you! 01:22 We're being silly. There's nothing in this house with us. 01:25 We were just imagining it. 01:27 Houses just make noises. 01:31 I'll check the bathroom! I'll check the hallways! 01:42 **Ninja noises** 01:50 I knew that. 01:59 Ah ha! 02:03 Alright. Well uh. 02:05 I'm leaving now. 02:07 Bye. 02:11 GOTCHA! 02:16 I should probably turn this off. 02:26 oh my gosh 02:33 **terrified screams** 02:36 **Panting breaths of relief** 02:41 Did you find anything? 02:42 No, you? 02:43 Nothing. 02:44 Okay. 02:45 Let's just watch the movie. 02:54 I think there's someone outside. 02:55 Yeah we should probably go check. 02:59 Okay let me just go grab my karate trophy! 03:02 That I got from beating up all those guys. 03:04 'Cause I'm a black belt! 03:07 Shiloh, you've never done karate. 03:10 Shut. Up. 03:18 Ughh. Just look, just look, just look! 03:20 If we look, we might see something! 03:22 I know! that's the problem. 03:23 We might see something!! 03:26 We need to look. 03:28 Shiloh, you need to look outside. 03:29 What?! 03:31 Okay, we'll BOTH look! 03:32 Okay, on the count of three. 03:33 Okay. 03:34 One... 03:35 Two... 03:37 THREE! 03:39 Why didn't you look?! 03:40 Well did you see anything? 03:42 NO! 03:43 Could you imagine if you had seen something? 03:51 It's all clear! 03:52 Okay. Lets go. 04:01 Are you using me as a shield? 04:03 No, I'm not using him as a shield I'm right next to you. 04:05 Yeah! 04:06 Fine. 04:07 And no running! 04:08 Oh, please Shiloh. I'm not gonna run. I'm gonna protect you. 04:11 Like if something were to jump out at us right now, I would stand in front of it-- 04:20 There was nothing. 04:22 Let's not mention this to anybody. 04:25 Let's just watch the movie and forget any of this ever happened. 04:32 **Sneezes** 04:34 Bless you. I'm worried you're getting a cold. 04:36 Thanks, it's actually- 04:45 Elijah? 04:46 Yeah? 04:48 Did you just say bless you, I'm worried you're getting a cold? 04:52 No. Why? 04:59 What's that gonna do? 05:00 It's holy water 05:01 How'd you get holy water? 05:03 I blessed it a little. I think it counts. 05:09 **Terrified screams** 05:15 I'm pooping myself!! 05:22 Hey guys! I found my pet gecko! 05:26 Judah... You didn't go to the movie with mom and dad? 05:30 No. I stayed home to find my pet gecko. 05:34 You stayed home? 05:36 Yeah. I've been here all night! 05:39 Ohhh. Oh! 05:40 **Laughs of relief** 05:44 Yeah, we knew that. 05:46 Wasn't scared at all. 05:51 Did you just yell "I'm pooping myself"? 05:56 No.

  26. That1Randomizer


  27. Random Timez

    So in the song Mary picks the color red she gets voted out then in A different part Mary’s white and also when she picked the color red she didn’t have a hat but when she was white she had a unicorn hat did any of you guys notice that

  28. tyce flake

    You should to among us where Judah is the imposter


    Please do Among Us with six of the following (+ 4 impostors): Jester Sheriff Medic Doctor Arsonist (Neutral) - Must douse everyone in gasoline and then set the whole place on fire to win the game. Shifter (Neutral) - Shifts with another person to gain their roles. However, if the Shifter shifts with an impostor, the Shifter gets killed. Seer (Crewmate) - Can see another person's role. Assassin (Impostor) - Kills during meetings if they can figure out someone's role. Altruist (Crewmate) - Sacrifices themselves to revive a dead crewmate. Time Lord (Crewmate) - Reverses time. If it reverses past when someone got killed, the previously dead person can tell everyone who the Impostor is. Swooper (Impostor) - Can temporarily turn invisible. To balance the role, they can't vent.

  30. Parjeet Singh

    this song maked me cry 😢, but this song is a mircale

    1. Parjeet Singh

      mic spoted

  31. Robin Goblins

    Why is this even a song?

  32. ace speed

    Sorry girl this is the world in which we live in



  34. We're Landing in RW 23.

    Eiljah Singing is nice Eiljah: that it don pick color red 1:07

  35. •Jasmine Shae V. Caspillo•

    there is an imposter its the windows


    The giant is to strong

  37. Tanha Jahan Snaha

    This is the best song I ever heard.

  38. Affan Gaming

    Among us is not popular anyomore that is why your views is going down

  39. Nathan Lanaux

    I found another dumb way to die in among us It's that you forget which room you're at.

  40. Tanha Jahan Snaha

    Wow I love it .this song is awesome

  41. Erez Ben Aderet

    Why would anyone dislike this

  42. Nathan Lanaux

    I accidently accuse myself once but I was the imposter anyway

  43. De Dill pickle

    good show my son wanted to

  44. nezukoo..editss

    Whos here in 2021😎

  45. Savannah Sivewright

    love all your videos

  46. Savannah Sivewright

    you are soo good

  47. Kristyn Ringgold

    Make a veggie squad sonh

  48. Kenzie Pham-Nguyen

    This my favourite song now I play it everyday

  49. Jachin Marcial

    i think they're cristians tbh

  50. Jessi Bingham


  51. Øčëåñìć bėāšt 682 äńímß ŶT

    3:25 new alliance

  52. Bugzy Boy

    fun fact daniel is imposter

  53. CyvinxrhexPLays Yt

    9:37 IS Judah okay? Did someone like Uhmm Hit him really hard in the eyes?

  54. Team Kennedy

    Why wouldn’t I see Judah pointing to red and saying REDS SUS And what happened to the 3rd imposter

  55. ☾Luna Moon☽

    I’m an international super spy SUPER SPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

  56. Juan Torres

    Love it

  57. Rojina Tuladhar

    What is other people like red color but it is my favorite color to you no I mean do you know


    say you are imposter

  59. Team Kennedy

    Me: what did you do on the weekend Friend: oh I just played video games all day Friend: what did you do Me: oh I just watched people in onesies rap for 3 minutes and 26 seconds rapping about red being sus in among us

  60. Mary Presnell

    You should do among us with all imposters

  61. Rojina Tuladhar

    I love purple color and red color

  62. Lilo Dodger

    Taking to long in tasks


    Please bring back Jocelyn she's so cute she will be perfect with Mihac

  64. Shelby Shipley

    Do a veggie squad and tasks in the dark and the person who's always SUS

  65. Juan Torres

    Love it

  66. ● 𝙲𝚘𝚠𝚜_𝚂𝚚𝚞𝚊𝚍 ●

    red team is HELLLLLL blue team angel

  67. Erick Kristofer Salonga

    i love this song

  68. ThatRandomAnimator Yee

    Role suggestions: Target: imposters have to kill them or get them voted out if not they lose at final 3 if they are alive Psychic: can reveal one persons role Hacker: can hack the votes To be whatever they want but only once Vengeful spirit: brings down someone after being voted out

  69. Xavier Whatley



    Please make 6 special things and 5 imposter please and i really like shiloe and elijah and judah

  71. Jason

    I am so good at this :)

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    Yes please can you a song on veggie squad

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    Vanessa Leong.

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    Me: I’m sus Me: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Still The GrEaTeSt CrEwMaTe Micah