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  1. Shan

    Why does Summer’s Japanese voice sounds hot

  2. Ringkun Mori

    Knowing how some anime are, I'm scared that the incest baby would make an appearance

  3. tomato

    This more better than the ep 8

  4. Jiayu - Sama

    Got some Evangelion flashbacks

  5. Dobro

    A new masterpiece was born.

  6. ExodusProductions

    Ok, I can ultimately say these anime versions are better than the show overall

  7. kevtino

    better than script and sub than most modern anime


    Is this really about Rick and Morty , it's sucks I really hate anime , and why all the comments in every video A praise for the video

  9. Syllogyzym


  10. XENON

    Philosophical theories were ok but I didn't get the story. I don't think it was for understanding however. These days pruducts are Moods they're like corrupted stories

  11. Just Some Guy without a Life

    The voice acting is top tier

  12. fukuro kun

    Rick and morty is ruined in Japanese ...

  13. Jusuf Ramadhan

    Eureka 7 x Crayon Shincan = this video

  14. XENON

    Sorry... What?

  15. Vince Ewurs

    Anybody notice that Dr. Wong still looks exactly the same

  16. Makoto Taniguchi


  17. The Flashback Man

    I did not get anything perfect Rick and Morty episode

  18. Dust flover

    vaya, no entendí nada de esta ova, pero ciertamente aparecen los robots que vimos en adelantos de esta temporada, eso significa que esto tiene alguna especie de relación con los sucesos de los siguientes capitulos?

  19. John O'Connor

    The best part of this episode was the post credits


    can't wait for pbandai gotron

  21. Burnt Hare

    So grateful

  22. X&Y Gaming

    I didn't understand any of that.

  23. Rick_dias

    is this a Rickanime or Mortyanime?

  24. tjpeterson96

    Summer sounds kinda like Rachel from TOG >:(

  25. BS Killa

    Brought to u by taco bell

  26. Andrew BRUH

    I think it was zeus

  27. Kicker



    Not that’s now to nail an anime 😂

  29. Bread


  30. DogDaze

    holy shit i didn't need to be hit with this at 1:30 am-

  31. Darned Socks

    Kimochi warui - EOE

  32. HotSpotz

    Cause that is what happens when rick meets evil We hit the trees 'til we look like Vietnamese people He's Evil, and I'm Bad like Steve Seagal Above the law 'cause I don't agree with police either Shit, me neither


    I don't get it

  34. Jayden Gabriel

    Australian Rick and Morty is something I feel the Canadians would make

  35. Robert E.O. Speedwagon

    speedwagon demands more anime

  36. Deeps

    A Sequel?

  37. Almightyy Ant

    waiting for a film theory video now😂

  38. Dashvogel

    Cant wait for the Film Theory Video on this.

  39. Garfield

    Jerry short Jerry short Jerry short

  40. Muhammed Mustafa Şanlı

    Was summers moon clip a ricardo milos referance

  41. Tonten Killer

    Another banger!!!

  42. JohnAnthone Tello

    They need to make a separate TV series of Rick and Morty base of Anime of this. And what if Rick and Morty meet there Anime counterpart.

  43. Elisa Grier


  44. Andrew David

    This was better than any of the last 5 episodes.

  45. astyd256

    Finally good anime series, I'm kinda tyred of all these shitty releases this days.

  46. Lewis Brown

    9:02 “2001: A Space Odyssey” is officially canon.

  47. Riley

    I don't think Tommy was acting. I think they genuinely found him on the street, set up a studio, and just waited to see what he'd do.

  48. Nick N.

    This anime short is better than the last 5 episodes of R&M this season so far.

  49. Ducky Yes

    Ah yes, the mole ranger , lead by jerry

  50. Fortunato Fernando

    Hold up, is Jerry in this anime short suppose to be a Zenigata parody, like how Rick acted like Lupin III in the last one?

  51. Dasc


  52. Capitán Deathpool


  53. OwO

    Finally, an anime that makes me understand the entire Japanese language while my IQ increases

    1. Just Some Guy without a Life

      Hey there Mr.OwO

    2. Bearded Greek

      1995 called, they want their “certain year called wanting its blank back” formula and their hatred of anime back.

  54. Dasc


  55. Ryan Koh


  56. Anouar Aja


  57. AdamC

    I'd like to think this episode was leaked because it sucked and ended up continuing the incest baby thing

  58. ああ


  59. pearzon14

    Great! Another one of this. Now im gonna wait until people on youtube explains me what i just saw

  60. Jeebs Unabia

    I don't know what I'm watching, but I am here for it!

  61. IzFan Art

    yay animu

  62. Blubs

    Another anime episode? *Better make it a full-series*

  63. AdamC

    It's cool seeing the style, but it doesn't really feel like Rick and Morty. I think an anime like Space Dandy fits the tone of RickMort better than this

  64. X SkyChaser X

    Wow, they did Jerry justice in this episode.

  65. Aidan Faul


  66. Enzolino Luz


  67. Carl Ringleben

    ah yes, rick and morty as i remember it.

  68. John Crowther

    Why is this series better than the actual show

    1. C Christ4545

      Because people love generic anime.

  69. Caleb Douglas

    When Rick and Morty enter the anime universe.

  70. Classic Memer

    Not an anime fan but cool i guess

  71. Gamer Ggs

    Finally part 2

  72. webbtail245

    Matpat's gonna go crazy over this

  73. Counter-206

    9:08 what really wiped out the dinosaurs got me.

  74. SweetMercy

    Anime Rick and Morty is something I loved before I even saw it

  75. SwedishCones

    I so want to see more rick and morty but I can't even begin to imagine how much pressure that would put on Dan, Justin and the rest of the creative team. Amazing work though, as always!

  76. M C

    My body is ready.

  77. Jake Austin

    Wtf is this shit🤬

    1. Nas T

      Hey, at least this is better than Season 5. Lay off.

  78. Daniel Moore

    Like... double episode!

  79. Sandrock 306

    directed by Hideaki Anno

  80. Banyar Naing

    Come get your obligatory "This is technically canon" comment right here folks! Only 10$ a piece!