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Cold Ones is a Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Anything4Views and co-hosted by Maxmoefoe.

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  1. Austin Thobe

    *Chad holding drugs* These are going in the bin *Cuts Camera*

  2. Tim Nikolaev

    sick dreds

  3. Burger King

    She goes on a show about drinking, and she grabs the most basic, cheap, run of the mill vodka? What the fuck😂

  4. TheRealAmek

    0:53 this was actually fucking freaky as fuck

  5. sean mckain

    Why is he eating marshmallows if he's vegan

  6. TheRealAmek

    The first guys was so uncomfortable yet so chill it was amazing

  7. Early Life Check v1

    Max needs help

  8. Miko

    Can someone pls tell me where chads shirt is from 🎀

  9. DragonAss PassinGas

    Super trash bros vs. Dankey kang was brilliant. Legit better than 'the complete gentleman's guide'...

  10. B Smoke

    man remember when it was just smosh, fred, and pewdiepie at the top. and anything but nudity was allowed

  11. Braeden Pelton

    Chad is the one that doesn't give a fuck and Max is the funnier one, but both are funny, Chad just does anything while Max hides

  12. 1

    The way it sacred chad 13:48

  13. Walter Weenus

    I like the current videos you guys are uploading but wasn’t this supposed to be a podcast

  14. poop lę Dropà

    i’ve never seen these dudes but i gotta say they’re my new favorite

  15. Cody Roberts

    I like how these two are just Australian game grumps😂

  16. Odinson thered

    Got that cripple drip

  17. I Speak 4 the Dead

    You can hear chad wheezing and shit the whole vid haha

  18. S K

    Max starting to look kingcobrajfs with better hair..

  19. Jackpot 1050


  20. Jackpot 1050


  21. Rj Ye boi Memes

    is that from kill bill loll

  22. Brwin Mirrow

    What would you do if I sent you some art, common what you want. I wonder if this will work

  23. Krejcci Marchand

    I wanna marry Cleo.

  24. Jose Rios

    THE BEST ON LVlabel

  25. Reece Clark

    Thank you for not showing the vomiting

  26. Bryce Braun

    No fucking way

  27. Galaxy General

    Gilbert is a legend

  28. Joe Cудно

    Ayyyy Duke Nukem 64 and drinking? Noice

  29. VelvetOutlet

    ayo that isnt legal, its only 17

    1. VelvetOutlet


  30. Alec Horner

    Honestly cherdleys seems like a major douchebag but maybe that’s just me.

  31. Deebo 9445

    Did engine else instantly know who that was that popped up out of the cut in the table?😂 I miss shoenice

  32. Trenton Squires

    *orders hundreds of dollars worth of condoms* "would you like to come in we're making a video"

  33. Spam email

    Y is his number already saved into my phone

  34. n o

    32:25 nice

  35. tapd

    “how’re u even getting this?!” when hes just holding the spaghetti cucumber shit lol noice

  36. Harry Burgess

    i wanna see it all mixed and drank

  37. EanRoss

    Glass of pickle juice for chaser nxt time.

  38. MRCHRiS

    8:23 how tf did Scheiffer bates make his way into this video

  39. bruh

    Watch max make a cold ones Pokémon Channel and forget the password to this one

  40. Ky Chambers

    You guys should definitely do more videos with him bahahah

  41. Troy Smith

    What the fuck did you lot eat before this, you lasted ages 😂

  42. Chester pot


  43. Bob Saggett

    People blow up their houses making tinctures. Yet these guys are good.

  44. mara

    4 years since he uploaded now

  45. nick hall

    drinking gin and coke I love these guys

  46. Dain Baptist

    I've seen bottles of alcohol go for millions I feel like you probably didn't get a hold of the strongest alcohol in the world also. Couldn't you just try drinking isopropyl 99% and be done with it? Pre sure that's about as strong as you can get but have fun drinking that....

  47. Tristen Baird

    That last one was amazing

  48. saltlakritz

    54:06 i fucking hate keemstar, he the biggest narcisist

  49. Lewis Portsmouth

    I've watched this so many times and it cures my boredom

  50. Trash Compactor

    3:47 the sound of gamersupps man instantly regretting sponsoring chad and max

  51. a.nasty. old.hag.

    "I'mma put that up someplace. That's cute." Totally made my day that was so sweet! Lol

  52. Nir Nimkovsky

    28:32 i have no idea what he's saying and i replayed that part like 40 times

  53. Thomas J Knutson

    Didn’t drink the absinthe right

  54. Hayden Patterson

    My names deez

  55. CherryLightning

    19:28 didn't even blurr his ass 😂

  56. BDOT911

    That stash needs a trim Jesus ...

  57. Peter Jenkins

    0:01 yo timed comments where you at

  58. Will Engle

    You weren't supposed to take that plastic bit off the slapchop. you were using it wrong for like 95% of the time lol. That plastic bit is what keeps the food from going up with the blade.

  59. itsyunji


  60. Quietstorm

    Max: Are you French? French guy: “Yep” subtitles says “Oui” hahaha 🤣

  61. Lamp Shade

    Garbage content

  62. Siddharth Yadav

    Isn't electro boom Iranian?

  63. Owen Schwartz

    This comment was posted by novelty tequila hat gang

  64. Drnocker2K

    still waiting on that collab video with the robot...

  65. Janis Joplin

    Why are her eyes so far apart Sid??

  66. Cooter Rude

    Sugoma Dik

  67. Badvibessega

    Did that delivery guy say he doesn’t get his tips ??

  68. YoshiBroccoli

    James Charles needs to pay straight guys while pyro just puts on makeup

  69. Роцкстар0777

    Do you guys stream on twitch?

  70. Enigma Research Team

    Kumstar = boy who thinks he’s a man

  71. Frenchy Network

    geez 800k to 1.81million now. time flies :(

  72. Michael Frikke

    Im not a wine expert - but.. they only got a glass of the expensive wine.. maybe it was a rest from idk, a dinner or whatever.. the wine is almost 20 years old, and will go "bad" egen opened, og not cared for, and sealed wothout air.. maybe it just didnt taste as good anymore ?