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  1. • • •

    Honestly the guy who flipped over the shopping cart was the most concerned about it out of all of them

  2. yos amb

    Kracc bacc is this u in this video!!!!11!111!1!1!1!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶[email protected]@!!!

  3. Kabil Dupuy


  4. Faith Paraboo

    I like to imagine that rainbow corn is what unicorns eat

  5. Those Small guys

    dont say bye now again!!!!! i get ocd

  6. Max Johnson

    Comments yesterday: "this channel just steals videos." Video today: ahem... I *got permission to use* this video...

  7. Reid Cernava

    A moment of silence for all shopping carts out there. 😔

  8. StarSilverInfinity

    Only a real blacksmith uses their fist instead of a hammer

  9. InkKitty

    Cats are lil gremlins lmao

  10. Eva Kazoo

    2:22 that was an amazing drone shot That’s crazy The passing phone conversation, the clinking of utensils, moving with the bowling ball. Outstanding stuff

  11. RyanJay 707

    Bye now? Not later?? Hmmm

  12. Shadowcat107

    I didn't know Tesla cars can do that. The moon isn't the yellow signal light. It's natural satellite. But it was still was fun and funny to watch. :)

  13. Randy Kopak


  14. Jinx And Friends

    R.I.P. shopping cart

  15. Marshall Neff

    0:34 im curious about the story behind why did he start doing this

  16. Kyle Sager

    One of the best yet

  17. xSuusTijger

    Hey Daily! How do you select videos to go into the final compilation? I very much enjoy your videos and it keeps amazing me how many absurd videos there are, and how you keep finding them! So how do you pick them out? Lotsa love!❤️

  18. Moth double o nature

    1:36 when your late for work and don't wanna go around the pond.

  19. TheFormer1337Agent

    adrien raza?! i was not expecting that since i watch him so much O.o

  20. Drywaffle

    aaaah yes my favourite youtuber

  21. BRD

    Real life footage of Minecraft Steve making a sword.

  22. Jake_3

    That was the end of this video, and I'll see you guys very very soon... later

  23. Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Makes me wonder if the iceberg which sunk the titanic was also puma infested. Would make a cool movie

  24. noedimas

    Looks like orangutans love steampunk

  25. Good sofa lol

    That monke got the drip!

  26. Frog


  27. altpeeps64peepy

    What the heck 😳 what is that

  28. Noah Wiederhold

    Pretty awesome!

  29. Yeet Gamer10

    But cat videos are the best videos

  30. Niko

    0:18 boi what the hell boi

  31. Mrbobbyboo

    1:24 trollys lifes matter

  32. Dark Crescent

    Im sure its already been said but those swords are literally hand crafted now

  33. king monke

    na bro that corn is the holy kind of corn

  34. 0808 SK


  35. Pink_n_ Squishy

    Thank you.

  36. Kupillas -

    It’s different but like in a strange good way lol so *claps*

  37. SoulGazer Shayn


  38. yogi_idk

    m o n k eeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Knight of YouTube

    That Poor Shopping cart.

  40. Jc Cabeza

    You were given permission by the aliens whose babies they were growing on tree because it is not an Amphibian

  41. mico boy


  42. Brock Wilhelme

    The miata has returned!

  43. Aut Go

    Im glad the Puma is ok.

  44. Ari

    "The holy egg" -Random European

  45. Brody Bolsch

    Nononononono I KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE... Once in Manhattan mysterious blobs fell from the sky, then people started getting sick and they where investigated. They contained human white blood cells and other disturbing cells where found inside them but... No one knew what they were or where they came from...

  46. Dingo

    Are we not gonna talk about that last shot? It's amazing!

  47. HogarJr

    *The blacksmith using only his hands* Me: "But why though?"

  48. Louis Christians

    this ending was wrong but good...

  49. Cheetar

    I'm not worried about that puma.. I am worried about those glaciers melting in record tempo

  50. M F Q

    I really appreciated the heads up that the cougar was actually safe!

  51. B 13

    Is the jelly eggs real?? I want to say no but there is some weird shit out there in the world so don't know for certain.. any one know what type of animal it is if real??

  52. STD-SuperTalentedDude

    There are manly things, than there blacksmithing using your hand manly.

  53. TheRealSimson



    honey jelly, now this?

  55. Thomas Knipe

    Y don't he just get a hammer

  56. GET NOOB

    I feel like the name of the video was inspired by sssniperwolf

  57. Kris B

    yoooo wth is that jelly!?!?!

  58. Eva Kazoo

    2:15 he just grabbed the cat but it kept going

  59. FriendlyUrchin

    Thank you for uploading on my birthday!

  60. John Melf

    These videos keep your mind focused and relaxed

  61. gopher

    >orangutan >"so, one of my subscribers..." - Ha, he roasting subscribers! >"...captured this amazing video" - Ok, nvm

  62. Joe Victor

    I feel like those jelly eggs are promoting some movie coming out

  63. JakeyBoy1357

    if u haven't subscribed to this man then ure doing the wrong thing :)

  64. thatelectropig

    Orangutan drip

  65. BrbCryingInACornerRn

    Stop shopping cart abuse 🛒✋😭

  66. RobertoWaluigiTime1

    I can’t believe he held his hand there for 29 days! He is a true chad

  67. SteveyMcSteve 07

    Stop shopping cart abuse.

  68. Charles Woods

    Who's going to start a coalition or something for abused shopping carts?

  69. TheForgotten Donut

    I want to drink the jelly, is that weird?

  70. Joe Tischer

    Mmmmm…Forbidden tree jelly…..

  71. PQR3

    Those are Salamander eggs!

  72. Happy Egg

    Hold up h crab one is reposted

  73. iLoveJesuschrist

    Jesus was crucified , bore our sins in his body, he rose from the dead in 3 days, trust in him and gain eternal life. Without him we are lost

  74. Massai Primer

    He showed that drone footage before.

  75. Raymond Delgado

    Wow the tsunami won is peetty scary dang

  76. Keneth Kagorora

    these videos are getting better and better.

  77. Captain Rockruff

    that second clip is "I like your cut G"

  78. Elisha White

    Awesome video!!!