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  1. MrJosue1125


  2. Alisha Sharma

    i know that carl judie would’ve played the homeless man

  3. Rosanne Cuevas

    I was crying 😭

  4. mr. NubNub

    Funfact they had to remake it for the video inside the video but he had no feathers on him and his suit was dry

  5. Beetrayz

    If she was pregnant 50 years ago they should have got someone older she would be at least 48

  6. CamBamFam

    If it was the last day of my life I would strip in the streets

  7. Marisol .fairytales

    I like the part when she waved at him and smile. That's so sweet. She is very mature

  8. Anabella Carrasqueira

    Dont schools make make you do the test the day you come back to school while the other kids are doing other stuff because you missed it?

  9. Nothserb Olaya

    Carl is in a better place Rest In Peace


    shut up karen

  11. zeromender 69

    Not gon lie a uppercut from that seat would be devious

  12. Zeusrockzz

    I love dharman the messages he gives out are the most positive vibes in world

  13. vtx

    sometimes he was actually just being nice lmao

  14. xyryll's vlog

    I meant THREE not TWO

  15. madelyn juarez

    Dhar mann just teaches u lesson u learn in first grade

  16. Derplord_IRL

    yay time to cry :D :(

  17. BigRe:L

    I hate it when people do something for someone the that person starts thanking god instead of the person that actually caused it all.

  18. Isabella. Lacerda

    I cry when I see people doing good things because it’s just beautiful because some people in the world don’t like to do anything and just seeing the other people do everything they have to want to help that person it’s just like another heart and their body like they’re earning hearts and it’s so 😎

  19. Mar'vell Montoya

    That’s rude

  20. Veronica Melnikov

    Wait so he was pretending to be sick on Thursday then he also skipped a day on Friday which was test day so why did his brother ask if he was going to skool on saturday

  21. Jimin will find his jams one day

    Me: just thinking in a kdrama concept Also me: and this is how their love story began

  22. Eden channel

    Dharman had mad thousands of stories and I learned thousands of lesson thankyou dharman for helping me me a good people

  23. Raman nawzad

    This is so sad cause a while ago my mom was struggling by her self so thank you😁

  24. 🤍..just..smile..🤍

    Karen level 10000000000000000000000

  25. DzZzyer

    Cool vid

  26. Gaming With Scottie

    Mexico is actually a nice country, but the reason so many immigrants are bumbarding the borders and depressed to get deported is because of the drug dealers.

  27. Leen Team

    Wait, Hold Up! We’re are those kids parents there obviously not supervised..

  28. Kaelin stamp


  29. Emanuel’s world of Roblox and Among us

    If I acted like Mikey then I would not be commenting here

  30. Nani the Nani

    Is that even Nas daily

  31. Rhys

    Yeah, I think the moral of the story could have been worded differently, but I still loved the video because as an autistic person, I think Sam is one of the most relatable and realistic autistic characters. Most writers never get autism right and just resort to overused stereotypes.

  32. BSG_DeMoN

    This video was so.. enspiring i cried after the video 😭

  33. Anshu Shah

    Man you got the best🥳

  34. Gaming With Scottie

    If something like this happens, don't say anything else. All you say is "I Need A Lawyer."

  35. Xander FARTS

    i know this is a skit but i wanna slap him

  36. HallieBoBallie

    i feel bad bc i laughed when he faked puked bc of his faces.. omg

  37. JB's Adventures

    mans a walking LLLLLLLL

  38. Karl

    *You should’ve had her slap him and then cut off and end the video lol*

  39. Rashidah Johnson

    uh where is the part of homeless man getting kicked out.

  40. Delano Bingham


  41. JoAnna Wallace

    Also the only reason am watching this is it has g a m e r in the title

  42. xyryll's vlog

    Why was this made in 5 months ago

  43. Itzsashi Daqueenmorris

    Hi Dhar Mann

    1. Itzsashi Daqueenmorris


  44. kanna231

    Goes to show you mean people don't badmouth at the person who worked very hard at what they have achieve better becareful what you said cause it might turned around on you.

  45. Flexing with Jodii

    Please stop saying "so you see" in every video I don't like it

  46. edilbert encarnacion

    I love it

  47. JoAnna Wallace

    This guys gonna get nuked for saying that tha merch is dumb

  48. Gablsg

    Thats harassment though isn’t it? Like 0.o

  49. AMAZING !?

    If I was a pizza delivery guy and someone was that rude to me I would hire a hitman to assassinate him


    Dhar Mann should make an Netflix series 🧐 .

  51. Emma Zieminski

    Dhar mann is one of the nicest and happiest people on this planet i love seeing one of his videos in my subscription box.

  52. Sim Salam

    off topic but imagine the actors just saying ily to each other and feeling so awkward

  53. Xxwolf_cometxX

    I noticed that the moms eyes are different colors one is blue and one is brown it’s so cool!!!

  54. Talan Terpilowski

    Bro the janitors wack for ratting him out😭😭😭

  55. 227AlphaWolf

    I don’t know why that girl needed over 86 bucks, when she could have gone and got some chicken nuggies at Wendy’s for, like $6

  56. Charles Barr

    Dhar is the best

  57. Xavi Dz

    The husband is the best actor for being a total jerk


    I am also an Indian and a hindu one and according to me any person who belongs to any type of religion can worship his or her god it's our right

  59. Dorothy Malloy

    Omg, she knew he was short when she met him,

  60. Number beast

    6:28 lowkey hyped me up

  61. Almighty Blue

    I can’t cap the dance was cringe but overall this was a pretty good vid and a nice message


    What is autism

  63. Alex Aiello

    It's truly inspiring. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  64. The Hall sisters💖🤝

    I want to do the. Giveaway because you are my favorite LVlabel and you told me and turned my life around