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  1. Shane Stencil

    thought to my self ''Hope her show get's cancelled'' well,..after 2 yr's on NBC,,they realized something we all knew instantly ..Thank fuckn GOD..

  2. Henry Staples

    Bruh in the sequel they don’t even go to SPACE

  3. zilla

    i still listen to the space jam soundtrack

  4. Scott Shaw

    I’d just like to point out that even if the phone was capable of being a scale, the fake person who left a review claiming it was accurate to .1 of a Kg is still claiming it’s an insanely inaccurate scale. .1 kg is 100 grams as your margin of error. What kind of dog shit scale would be wrong by 100 grams?

  5. Shoes

    I will pay you 3 buttons for this video

  6. Random Raisins

    I am, indeed watching this on my zune

  7. RidgeRat

    The movie is one big advertisment featuring the droogs from clockwork orange so I don't think there target audience was just 8 year olds

  8. yeah, no

    4:07 Kurtis reaches out for a hug, only to receive nothing...

  9. Ace Q

    I’m actually here to say children most definitely care about King Kong.

  10. BearFlipsTable

    I agree with everything you said drew, but come on. A movie for 8 year olds? You know that’s not true. It’s a movie made to prey upon 90s kids nostalgia. Nostalgia is the real cash cow.

  11. Alejandro Canales

    i feel like the problem with todays money grubbing corporate overlords over the ones from our childhoods, is that they actually had to put in "some" ( and its really REALLY NOT MUCH MORE) effort to get a movie like this filmed in a half way decent manner. like they had to really invest in the first movie in order to see the profits it benefitted from (like the animation, the interactions and the big name actors at the time. but when you look at space jam 2, they leave the references and the titles to speak for themselves and not try and tie anything in to the plot. it seems like they put out this garbage and let the recognition of everything do the work as opposed to try and pull it all together and while they are made for the exact same purposes, you will see that one will very obviously over take the other in terms of return. space jam is a time capsule of 90's marketing nostalgia while the sequel is modern day marketing vomit that isnt greater than the sum of its parts.

  12. RidgeRat

    The original looks like a masterpiece compared to the new one 🤷‍♂️

  13. Dula Peppa

    I used to love her videos on her old youtube channel but her show is just 😐

  14. - Swoosh -

    5:45. Id like to correct you. That song is amazing. The man that made it...... I think you have a point

  15. Coleman Remington

    you get a chair! you get a chair! you get a chair!

  16. skr 42

    100 old apples for the video

  17. Lauren Todd

    Too Easy.

  18. cozyjuu

    Hey guys, I don’t know anything about basketball. Can someone tell me if there’s some sort of grouping( like weight grouping in boxing) so taller players aren’t up against people they have a massive innate advantage over? Because everything about basketball I see it just kinda seems like it’s rigged by genetics?

  19. mors orcus

    Wish I could say this was interesting and well thought out. Turns out we see a neanderthal with editing skills.

  20. Jacky P

    I was on acid when I watched it in theatres and laughed the whole time except for the parts they tried to actually make funny 🤣

  21. Ace Q

    This guy is hilarious! I love the way he edits. His notification interrupted a Drew Gooden video but honestly I ain’t even mad

  22. a5trew

    hey drew!! shut up!!!! space jam good!!

  23. BearFlipsTable

    I’ve never seen space jam. And I never wanted to.

  24. Abdul is juicy

    drew gooden is one of those LVlabelrs who is actually funny.

  25. Uptomyknees

    How does using "Oh Yeah" by Yello work in the opening of this video? Serious question, do you have to license it, or...?

  26. Jess do it

    That time Disney groomed a whole generation

  27. Ryley Boyce

    Haha spot on here, except the actual basketball part, you dont foul when you're up by 1 with 10 seconds left the closest game you could foul is when you up 3 and you want to make sure they dont tie the game but even thats not the smartest

  28. eele.

    no, drew u have to watch the movie

  29. andrewcrossing

    I was on a little train outside and then they said dont put your arms outside, so we put out hands outside Then one genius kid said: Dhar mann walks up, “Kid sticks hand outside train, INSTANTLY REGRETS IT”

  30. wierd stuff

    Omg that movie was bomb

  31. Justin Bricher

    13:05 was there mountains in the background in Florida?

  32. THOR The God of Thunder

    Imagine being on 7th most trending and having this intro...

  33. Juniperus vloggus

    Loony Toons: Back in Action was better than Space Jam. I will die on this hill.

  34. Madison

    I keep hearing a lot of people say the first one was only good because of nostalgia, but I never saw Space Jam as a kid and I still thought it was good fun. I didn’t watch it until I was probably 18, I’m 22 now so maybe I would feel differently if I rewatched it. But still. I didn’t have nostalgia on my side when I first watched it and I still thought it was good

  35. JustLikeEverGacha

    2:22 in 2021 that scenario has a totally different connotation now CaN We PrEtEnD ThAt AiRpLaNeS

  36. Aidan Salasin-Deane

    Would you accept 2 tech deck skateboards with no trucks or wheels?

  37. Sam Ferguson

    Truly, the great philosopher of our age.

  38. Susna Hanana

    Okk whatever he has more subscribers than you. Don't try to gain subscribers by mocking good characters

  39. c b

    this is why Flubber is the superior science-fiction basketball kids movie

  40. Ben Levy

    2k players watching that dion waiters video like Classic

  41. Tangly 250

    I ran as school president as a communist leader and my promise was to lower taxes

  42. BoyoTropical

    How did he type all of that out without making one mistake??

  43. Graceo Cakeo

    i would like to purchase this video for one giant tooth

  44. Attica Kish

    me looking at the air dome like Me: Antigone Funn???

  45. Avi p

    Idk man to me it just seems like ur arguing why the first one is so much better

  46. Manboi 17

    I offer 400$ for tge video which will be paid entirely through an arby's gift card

  47. Limptard

    I liked both space jams. But I litteraly did not care about LeBron and his sons relationship

  48. Toast Survival Evolved

    110 6 inch aliens

  49. BearFlipsTable

    The proposal one is how I like to believe that two pornstars would get engaged. Like they met at a shoot for a dick in the chip bag porno.

  50. A S

    New Girl ended perfectly. They gave great stories to each character though more could be done to explore Winstons life, who was a super interesting character but not focused on enough. It’s still a great show and a great ending.

  51. UCG VanDop

    Just wondering why I typed Willy's Wonderland Drew Gooden in the search bar and it didn't exist.. I don't want to say you're slipping, but you just hit a banana in Mario Kart

  52. Cate Lyn

    I'm tired of acting like Space Jam was ever a culturally iconic movie

  53. Makayla J

    3:42 killed me

  54. Preston Padgett

    wow she’s beautiful, drew’s a lucky guy

  55. Chantel Watts

    Hey space jam with LeBron James it did not Suck so I know you are not talking because at least he is playing off of something and plus he's doing something with his life and the first space jam it was awesome too so at least them too are basketball players Michael Jordan LeBron James and I am a little kid my mom just signed me in with her email so stop talking and go cry infront of yo mama and yo daddy grandma and grandpa so U just ruined the day

  56. offiong sholuwa

    Watch fleabag on Amazon

  57. dsnyclauras


  58. Zuhayr Hannan

    How dare you slander my childhood movie

  59. Wear is She Now

    Not gonna lie, the first space jam kind of terrified me but I still watched it at least once a week

  60. TheManCalledDrHorse

    You need to watch A Fish Called Wanda

  61. Jack Petruk


  62. Brayden Stamat

    actually doom eternal will be Bethesdas last gem because id software had more authority over it then Bethesda

  63. arghya Singh

    Hi guys

  64. Albert Giesbrecht

    You missed the season with Billy Crystal. That season saved SNL.

  65. leggie

    Space Jam 2 is made for teenage friend groups. I saw it last week with my friends as an excuse to go to the theater, and it was hilarious for all the wrong reasons. We went for the big chungus reference, stayed for the fucking insanity and stupid plot. Never once did we laugh at the intended jokes, we laughed at Rick and morty dropping of the Tasmanian devil. We laughed at the train careening towards an orphanage, and the stock "YAYYY!!" sound effect playing when the children don't die. We howled laughing seeing bugs bunny FUCKING SACRIFICE HIMSELF. The pacing like you said at the end was awful, but this movie was wildly entertaining for me and my friends. We still talk about how the antagonist&a name was Al G Rhythm and how stupid that is.

  66. ROAR

    Sure, the first SJ wasn't perfect, had stupid humor and poorly constructed CGI, but what I'm not willing to roll over on is Lebron's response to the low reviews. When James talked as though the low sales had to do with oppression of black culture, that was just stupid. Cause, the first one was INSANELY popular, with MJ fronting it!

  67. Akila Aki


  68. Akila Aki

    You should quit

  69. Akila Aki

    I hate you

  70. Dead Rat

    Bro idc how bad this movie was the McDonald happy meal toys are fire

  71. Alise Kelly

    Putting up a bid of one unopened package of six Hanes tube socks

  72. Georgia Ballard

    I've never seen this movie and now I never want to

  73. ChieppaChat

    And he make so much money

  74. Fannie May

    45$ for the video.

  75. BassicallyAndre

    3:41 Is that real?! 🤣

  76. Sergio Melendez

    The first Space Jam is good bad

  77. radcrab

    this is the first time i've ever seen any footage of either space jam movie and i gotta say, it's a lot worse than i thought