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  1. The Mikey G Show

    Can we get an f in the chat for the drain

  2. Liv Sherwood

    Gary needs to get in touch with Benson and Stabler and BRING JAMES DOWN🔥💀

  3. I'm Not A Car Guy

    38:31 Ethan I stood up and I was going number two!

  4. AccioEllie

    Cameron coming in with the homie hookup!! ❤️

  5. Dr. Ing. Alja Medici pl. OLY

    Starbucks is a Jewish based company. Y'all can't have it both ways. Either y'all hate our own people and are antisemites, or you're not.

  6. Matt Groth

    I can't take Ethan's criticism of lack of variety in video games seriously when 90% of his game time is still spent on only Diablo 3, Skyrim, and Dark Souls

  7. Autumn

    Zachs comment on rice gum “wow he knows colors!” Was extremely underrated lmao

  8. Attomic Chicken

    How about you guys add the ACTUAL H3 tv in your channel links? You don't even have it linked in the description for this video. Amateurs.

  9. Jerry Reyes

    Trisha lost

  10. Jocelyn Manislovich

    get on snapchattttt

  11. Atlas Asteroid

    Dan is the dad of the group

  12. Atarah Honeymae

    as a filipino i have to say that all kids from 1978-1987 have been treated the same im not saying that the philippines is the saddest country but my parents told me that and im so happy bella is successful now

  13. Mister Skar

    HUGHMUNGUS WHAT?! Whod've thought you'd be the one siding with the screahing harpee instead of the good guy.

  14. Zizi

    That thumbnail makes your mother look 20 years older wtf Ethan! She doesn't look like that!

  15. LittyMac

    Poor Love 🥺 I love the fan art!!!!

  16. Nicole

    I can’t tell when he is serious laughing anymore

  17. Sirmel11

    Why does it matter if he only gets into arguments with women? What does that mean?

  18. Sirmel11

    You can't make fun of someone and then get upset that they make fun of you back lol.

  19. Lynn V.

    Her attitude alone in this I wouldn't have had her back on. She's exhausting. If you don't kiss her ass 24/7 then she has a issue. She says she takes accountability but be er dives into what she did wrong or why. Yet harps on every bad thing others do. Literally hits Moses and harps about it being public. She don't feel bad she hit him. She feels bad she got exposed. Not even by Ethan either. The pics were out before the show.

  20. Kayla Gauthier

    Who else saw Ian do the little finger heart lol

  21. Kate Beltran

    Why would you feel insecure if Hila was taller than you?

  22. Bungee

    Oh no, he isnt leaving youtube... damn.

  23. Jo

    If only

  24. Glyn A.

    “THE APP IS FLIPPED” I’m losing it

  25. Mmm Applesauce

    Thanks for leaving 👍

  26. Brooke Byrd

    Omegle is a hilarious segment lol keep doing it

  27. hellschatt

    BioWare with bad stories? Dragon Age Origins a bad story??? Ethan, what are you smoking? Just some that I can think of immediately: Games with great stories: FF7, many story driven games like life is strange or heavy rain, RDR(2), The last of us 1, the whole witcher series, MGS series (maybe rather controversial) and so many other ones... Games with great story/lore, making the story telling unique to this medium: Souls games, Subnautica 1

  28. Viking_Huntsman

    1:29:03 "Was that the twin towers behind you?" Trisha, my god ahhahah

  29. Kailee Franks

    I grew up in an area that is one of the largest Amish populations in the world. I worked with and had a lot of Amish friends growing up, and all of this stuff about technology is just entirely untrue. Lol

  30. Dog Man

    Good lol

  31. Sirmel11

    Makes sense that a company would come after you over these jokes.

  32. Captain Senpai


  33. Sirmel11

    I'm surprised you're going after someone who sued you. I don't know if that's a good idea.

  34. TruthSeeker

    Donna's resemblance to Hila when she was younger is giving me Chris-Chan vibes.

  35. Mrs. Factions

    I work at TJMaxx and I had a Karen growl at me the other day......

  36. Patbenn

    Dan the guy who laughs at stufffff 🎸🎸🎸

  37. N S

    The worst segment

  38. Misamisapizza

    I kinda agree with Ian the only Nintendo game I play sometimes is Mario cart

  39. sarahsue123

    Ethan probably just played dragon age origins where you read and pick the dialogue options and decided he hated it. That game is older and that's the only dragon age game that has dialogue like that.

  40. h ad

    hey idk if you guys knew about this but apparently ryan kavanaugh’s ex partner accused him of running a ponzi scheme. i feel like it’s something you guys should talk about

  41. Jeans Dontbe'stingy

    The context of the nugget lmao 😂

  42. MojoRisin

    she really needs to quit youtube and not be in a place where triggers exist. others shouldn't have to tip toe around her multiple disorders.

  43. anna p.

    ethan stop with the overreacting/fake laughing its gross and so awkward, your natural laugh is soooooo much better

  44. Red88Rex

    Actually the crew playing Mario party on stream would be amazing.

  45. XoxoXo Xoxo

    it's really true! we do keep a low profile when dealing with neighbors in the philippines bcuz we would usually steal fruits when the neighbors leave home

  46. DatCat 91

    NOTHING explains this hour and a half long video better than @1:03:37

    1. DatCat 91

      Honest to GOD, I missed out on the biggest troll online before the last bastion was breached. Fuck my LIFE! If I knew that's what all the turmoil was I would have joined in. You should have reached out to me.

    2. DatCat 91

      1:08:56 HOLD on a second, As an arbiter of the internet I have to let any 8chan users, 4chan users, and any user of any website on the entire inernet... Do you think people would just go on the internet and tell lies?

    3. DatCat 91

      Just the singing, the rest is a little whacked. WHO KNOWS THOUGH!! MAYBE!! (?)

  47. Jira2k6

    Ethan!? Have you played the witcher? The moment the red baron died? You're telling me you did not feel sad?!

  48. Kalpana

    Triller this app has FLOPPED

  49. steena vonzombeh

    Mennonites are a form of Amish and can use cell phones, electronics etc.

  50. Primo Fugi

    the milkweed thing is why I can't stand Ethan sometimes. he read some exert on the internet that said milkweed can be poisonous and is dead set that milkweed is highly Fatal to humans despite his own mother(who grows it) telling him the truth and even pulling up an actual article. I get its partly for entertainment but stubborness is such an ugly trait.

  51. Isabella Smith

    I know the family of Chester and this shit mad dumb 😭😮‍💨

  52. JJ W

    Ugh! It’s so awkward.

  53. BrittBabsUT

    We need merch that says, "The App is Flipped".


    Only washing the “essentials” is called a hoe bath 🛀. Whore bath 🛀 or aka bird bath 🛀 lol!!!! Don’t get it why billionaires couldn’t hop in their luxury showers 🚿! That’s crazy 😝

  55. Tom Tom

    Kobe was going to expose that Hillary Clinton likes pizza

  56. 86Corvus

    By censoring any message you legitimize it.

  57. Rona Lisa

    Your intro made me cringe enough to close my broswser

  58. Lynn V.

    27:00 to 27:25 She's literally peppering in the plot to fifty first dates. Then says that would be disassociation. Yea okay 🙄

  59. xSir_HCx

    Ethan is a twat for what he did here

  60. Megan Moone

    id rather have ethan sit silently and watch memes than be the cringiest person on earth by faking reactions after every video

  61. danthadragnman99

    keem learning how to as he put it, " leave his heart at the door" must be why hes so prolific on youtube

  62. sarahsue123

    Yall making fun of twilight but they are all on Netflix and everyone is watching them.

  63. seaglitter 99

    just took my pills while watching this and i choked on them and emitted a sound that sounded like windy williams

  64. Hek Ter

    I lost it at the Kevin Hart part when Ethan started yelling.

  65. Tv IsMyBestFriend

    marabou is da best

  66. Ohm Charan

    Holy shit all the soyboys still cucking for their Lord Steven in the comments. Have you got some telegram groups or something for manipulating dislikes and comment sections? Maybe a little bit help from the daddy koch bots too?

  67. Ulumulu

    Victoria secret karen gives me hard left 4 dead you startled the witch vibes

  68. Maria.

    play disco elysium ethan tell me the storyline is bad

  69. Maria.

    Ethan has the worst takes lol

  70. sarahsue123

    I agree with Ian, Nintendo is crap. Zelda is all they have and the rest is all baby games. I havent played Nintendo since gamecube and I only had it for Twilight Princess.

  71. Alexandra Chavez

    She reminds me of hila

  72. sarahsue123

    Zack is correct, peanutbutter cups are disgusting

  73. Mara_Villa525

    Gawd I miss frenemies 🥺😔



  75. Valz

    Hila is GLOWING✨✨✨🤰🏼

  76. Rose Sanchez

    The girls getting a present for her b day is so sweet 🥺

  77. sarahsue123

    Popeyes is the best fastfood out there and best chicken

  78. MoneyEyeGet

    Fam. This fooled tf outta me with the thumbnail. Not gonna lie dude. 😂

  79. Figure it out

    "I don't think we can put poop in the title"

  80. Kayla

    Shoutout to shreddress Douglas