I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I do variety gaming, livestreams, reviews, playthroughs, commentary, sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever else comes to mind. Let's explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!

I do my best to upload at least three times a week unless my life is a mess.

I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @GloomyKassie :)
and TikTok @gloomdog

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  1. Cassie Rogers

    I love the edits- like✋😭

  2. Warren Truelove


  3. Tarpan

    Hey Gloom! I know you probably won't see this comment but I have a question! Do you support Lgbtq+?

  4. Third Wheel *insert sad face*

    Why do you tell us not to do things :( WERE GONA DO IT now that song is very..... disturbing

  5. Crazy Sloth


  6. Warren Truelove


  7. Warren Truelove

    Wi is your name gloom

  8. Raquel Steinmetz

    Gloom: In my early Twenties... *continues to talk* Me: YOUR NOT IN YOUR TWENTIES?! I refuse to believe you are older!

  9. Brittany Martin

    blue is the best

  10. Warren Truelove


  11. Maya More

    8:55 they probably just don't like how spiky it is

  12. J Dubz_FN

    My dog has that

  13. M3rcury_ **

    I love your videos so much I find them super funny and interesting and they cheer me up if i’m sad. Your also very pretty in each video I watch of yours. Never give up!! 👑👑

  14. lily olson

    Brooo the Israel alarm thing is our literal tornado siren 😳😳😳 like fr

  15. tomboy 7765 deadly rose

    I know this wasn't kartha but she should have a whole intier change for kartha

  16. Tierra Shade

    It's possessed not haunted

  17. Deborah Warren

    Hi me name magggie

  18. Jo-Ann Geerman

    I feel like I can relate to the unromantic husband one

  19. ✨whackity trackity✨

    That’s a lil ✨whackity trackity✨

  20. Deborah Warren

    Hi me ..noo

  21. Vincent Law

    Jesus loves you guys so much and died for your sins


    and I love your vids

  23. Deborah Warren


  24. NuggetTato

    Thats why you use hairbows instead of rubber bands

  25. Deborah Warren

    Dhr8gruntugurboso4ytvutvuchbr7ge7g49g38g5yjtvknr8vrvuwvihtug5bufbt7tbogr8yrh8gt8grvhfvbrodfgvfnurhcirvgvrjcdofhghffhfifhthfi93665ih5thifbgxondfhxntvfvrvrhv fvggchfvfbrufihdgrugf

  26. Jansc


  27. Kate Stefanelli

    Lol who’s Nora

  28. A young crystal flyer

    Terry:who in the house starts with K? Me: Kassie

  29. ʚɞ starxy ʚɞ

    for the dinosaur text hack, it’s actually an effect. you hold down your send button, click screen, and then tap the echo :)

  30. Deborah Warren

    Me nooo

  31. Xx_mxlcdy_xX

    This is to cute

  32. Haneen Tahir

    Gloom: maybe not all kids say thank you after dinner Me: I always say thank you after dinner in my language :)

  33. Deborah Warren



    how do you draw so goodly

  35. Faith Wilcher


  36. Taweela

    that text message hack of the dinosaurs that’s not how you do it but it does work but you hold the go button

  37. Evangeline Hughes

    i know dougs not real but i feel really bad for him like.... idk

  38. 강린나tv

    12:15 Nobody going to talk about why the WHOLE pizza was cut into rectangles? No? Ok.

  39. Mhae Galario

    7:39 anyway hehe

  40. Adyson Rhodes

    Literally every time I watch your videos I always notice your lipstick and I’m like where does she get that it’s so cute

  41. Angelica Hernandez

    Spoiler the baaa is the from the dead goat

  42. moon pie the cat

    my little brother has chicka chicka boom boom

  43. lia rblx

    7:59 I live in LA and I have the same waterbottle

  44. LongTermMemory

    They say if you say the creators name 3 times, you get pinned Let’s try Gloom Gloom Gloom And Gloom for luck

  45. iliana

    I’m just rewatching all of Kassies old videos. Even though I like her new videos, I just love when she plays video games. She makes it so funny, pure, and relaxing. It makes you think

  46. mitko i hari protata


  47. Madison May

    Sad it only work on text

  48. Madison May

    🦕 🦖 ☄️

  49. Adriana Farruggia

    You know that emoji thingy it’s actually a thing you can do and it’s called echo

  50. Mia Reyes

    Gacha backround😂😂😂

  51. haleigh courtois

    did she use rasingan to clean that baby

  52. Marcus Morgan

    🦕 🦖 ☄️

  53. Luke Hurd

    The glass in the bathroom gets foggy when you lock the door

  54. The_stupid_fox

    I love your shows

  55. •_ Fingers _•

    And everything that is dear to me, THEY ARE DEAR TO ME -Kassie 2019

  56. Gia Laftsidis

    When she says what have you done to my boy I think of the scene from Harry Potter and the goblet of fire when Harry brings back Cedric’s body and is dad is like “MY BOY’

  57. Daniella Abrantkoski

    So out the tickets when you closed it it went back out

  58. Amanda S.

    Billions of years of evolution and advancement and we have kassie

  59. AloisTrancysFavGirl

    Stoppp the crepe I have a phobia of holes I’m literally dying

  60. Anjali Sharma

    Me going hohohohohohohohohoho

  61. Haya ABU KHALED

    What that game name

  62. Clara mia Zouain

    I actually have that bomb in the ear, at first I thought it would be bad for me or something or that it’s some sort of birthmark or something but now I know I am from the ten percent. 😄

  63. Candice Blackwood

    The Scariest time was when I was in my backyard we are playing my brother and his friend were playing and then we just see a man who is a one yellow why are you staring at us so we went side I want I went upstairs really quick and they saw the man staring into the little people where we have downstairs in the basement because one of the blinds guy with dark so he looked through that and they screen time and I didn’t see it but it’s Palace gate and we just saw him and we panic we had to my brothers room and we stayed there tell my friends had to go home they were scared to death so I have Dad wash them go home the safe it’s just a really freaky night and that was at night and I never want to go outside at winners really late and that again I never want to spoon in that again 100% true!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Maya More

    Her uneven hair is kind of bugging me... (no offense though)

  65. M&M’s Yogurt

    Baking soda has a chemical reaction when mixed with vinegar so maybe that’s why?

  66. J M

    Blue is better in my option 🦋💙🐟🐬

  67. froggiPlayzzz

    Your supposed to hold the send button….

  68. Lexi

    For the first hack I would Think that it was a white rich mom that sends both of her kids to a private school her husband if the new ceo of Amazon and sends he daughter to volleyball or tennis. Lol

  69. Xx_GachaUnicorn_xX

    meanwhile me watching on an ipad:

  70. Isabelle Poindexter

    Gloom: "............."like ew"

  71. Layz Chips

    6:31 made me laugh so much that I hit the back of my head on that thing on the back of my bed. .-.

  72. Teddy The Lone Wolf

    hmm your hungry i haven't eaten in a day

  73. ~•*M1LKY W4Y*•~


  74. Nara Shin

    Gloom for the emoji hack combination I’ll tell you how they do it so when you send any message hold the sending button and see what happens

  75. Mia Sweebe

    The fact my favorite LVlabelr reacted to my other favorite LVlabelr

  76. Mia Reyes

    What's that game called?🧐?