Don't Air Fry These Things...

Cold Ones

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    ⚠️ Do not attempt to recreate or air fry these things at home, we are trained idiots! ⚠️
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    1. Cold Ones

      EVERYTHING WE'RE WEARING (Including the Face Masks) can be bought for 10% OFF with Code "COLDONES" 👉🏻

      1. PJC

        aye this is at 420 likes 4 months later and i like that

      2. Mike the Whiskey Guru

        @Zaac Thompson oooooooooooooomo

      3. Shashumga

        red belly

      4. One Bite

        Fuck face masks i need more Cucumber Joe T-Shirts

      5. Cassidy Nicolas

        Kids in the comments: That food could've fed my dead dog. Everyone else: Hilarious vid XD👍

    2. zodiscribblz

      These guys clearly own an airfryer

    3. AbaGoFshArkZ

      Max is wearing an EOD face shield😂

    4. Travis Case

      I was taking a big hit on a blunt when he said the vegetable line 💀

    5. Jessica Slabchenko

      i feel like they both lose 3 years off their lives after filming these videos

    6. Lucky Andhika

      max sounds so soft in this i love him

    7. thebiggamers999

      The fuck kinda scuffed air fryer is that

    8. lynx?

      max acts like he wasn’t eating his own puke, hair cake, etc years before this 😭😭

    9. Ethan Collins

      ẞhit I'm drunk Chad just rememb,er that I had put in my last comment alright mate.

    10. Ethan Collins

      Chad that's table spread not butter you that shit on fairy bread and nothing else mate.

    11. Sean Maguire

      Why does max look like he’s been lobotomised

    12. ultra sans

      Bro that cheese though

    13. Major SN

      I grew up in fear of chad... Now I find chad to be my favorite character for his sense of humor.

    14. xFUSEM1ND015

      What was the music at 6:50 it was really chill

    15. Jessen Keaton

      chad is the definition of chad

    16. Gabriel Valdes 🍵

      6:48 I wanna know what this music is called like goddamn it's nice

    17. jules Dollé

      nah he tweaking

    18. Thebigbad Wolf

      Good experiment on how useless cloth masks are too but at least theirs is fashionable.

    19. Joe B.

      this is probs an osha violation

    20. Beans

      Everyone in the comments seems to be so shocked by the risks being taken… these are the dudes who carbonated glue and then drank it

    21. noralex777

      The fans do love you Chad bro. Don't hurt yourself anymore

    22. Everything789

      That's my fucking weekend ruined

    23. Hippie Scum

      Why is it hard to recognize anything4views when he has a shirt on 😂😂😂🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

    24. Ducky Duck

      Videos bussin

    25. Sumyung Gai

      I thought I was smelling fumes with these guys, but there was just legit a fire up the hall lmao

    26. FuMu

      Clearly you don't own an air fryer

    27. Kevin Hughes

      You can't catch corona if you don't have lungs

    28. Mando Thing

      I feel like this is the alternate version of Good Mythical Morning but for the opposite demographic

    29. 𝕄𝕔𝕊𝕥𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪𝟜𝟚𝟘

      Chad would weigh like 600 lbs. if he lived in the USA. That's 272.155 kilograms for all you weirdos using the Queens tape measure.

    30. Lost_ Loser420

      Was it just me or after watching this i felt tired

    31. Danny Mckenzie

      Theres something sad but beautiful about watching barbie melt while music.

    32. Ethan Goodrow

      “Ew the grapefruit is sour” Yeah?

    33. Charlie1875

      For real, Chad, please don’t fucking die lmao

    34. Charlie1875

      2:35 - It’s actually scientifically proven that melted cheese tastes better than unmelted cheese

    35. Gmod2012lo1

      These random edits are killing it, fckin love then, i have to repeat each one few times

    36. ZeTaaT

      PLEASE!!! STOP PUTTING YOUR LIFE AT RISK!!! (without protection)

    37. Jesses

      Never noticed that chads tattoo on hes nipple is the outline of an elite mob from wow cool

    38. c Lok

      Max is soo depressing in this episode.

    39. Spingebill

      I remember me and a friend used to light those glow sticks on fire and let the burning fluid and plastic drip on random stuff and burn a hold clean through things like water bottles and food packaging. It’s definitely not the healthiest thing I have done.

    40. Andrew O'Hare

      "ugh, it's like, all sour" Yeah... it's a grapefruit ya spastic.

    41. I like beans

      I swear they are just living a 9 year olds dream.

    42. Hatake Kakashi

      Every time I hurt myself you get more muted then you were before... *30 secs later* Ooh look, Why the fuck are you all in the corner of the room?

    43. Santino Aldaba

      DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!.

    44. MiC T

      That brie bustin

    45. Keenan van der Walt

      Simple vegetable😂😂😂😂 R.I.P myself dude

    46. sean mckain

      Why is he eating marshmallows if he's vegan

    47. Ametys 007

      isn't air fryer... technicaly an oven...?

    48. Sergio Romero lll

      When chad said, “let me tell your fortune” my airpod died

    49. FOJO

      Tbh I don't know why Max and Chad say this is the worst video on the channel

    50. dadstiny_

      this is like good mythical morning but on a crazy acid trip that’s gone haywire

    51. prostochok

      6:20 он говорит спасибо или мне показалось?

    52. John Patterson

      This editor needs a raise. Their skilled are unmatched.

    53. Shrek Kachowski

      Im disabled and i think that vegetable joke was funny

    54. Matías R

      Finally The worst cold ones episode according to max and chad

    55. Zombie Slayer 777

      I can confirm, Americans do eat popcorn kernels and skittle cereal.

    56. tessie

      yallllll add my snap @dumbstonehead bc we all love max n chad n public intoxication🤪 i love u!!!

    57. DUSTedCRUST

      Waste of brie

    58. Christopher Cichon

      They are higher then the fryer

    59. Ryan Gagnon

      Since when is Rhett fat and a alcoholic And the link is long-haired now? And when did the brain damage occur?

    60. Luke baker

      I was gonna say that the boys were very very relaxed in this video

    61. Peepee Poopoo

      7:30 it smells funny

    62. Chris Keys

      “How’d you get so fat” WoW and coke Wow me too bro, me too.

    63. Ethan Seth Ballais

      Famous last words: “it smells funny”

    64. The Tent Boys


    65. Christian McBain

      Chad: I can’t eat marshmallow/skittle/popcorn I’m already borderline diabetic. Also Chad: *Drinks 14 beers/ciders a night*

    66. Mary Panfil

      Madam Eva??

    67. KB

      That's a really nice air fryer

    68. Kyle K

      How have I not seen this video I watch all of them as soon as they release wtf

    69. TheLocomono9

      Why do I imagine Max’s revenge when pushed over the edge would be shaving chads head clean to turn him into a thumb

    70. Danoplaysgames

      Air fry deez next

    71. Bradley Wilcox

      I love cold ones but this video was shit

    72. wyattsmithdos

      Underrated classic

    73. Michael Chapman

      Hes high on fumes 😂😂😂😂

    74. VS_S

      Fry air

    75. Mia333

      What the hell is wrong with you two

    76. Andy Gomez

      They should've put weed in it 😞

    77. Zone Wolf

      jesus chrisps these reworked tittles are tricking me every time. come on, i want yall to get that revenue but kinda trolly. trolly genius checkmate love u fuck off

    78. LettuceSmas007


    79. Freebooter Luckless

      6:52 What’s the name of this song playing?

    80. Des O.reilly

      Whoever edit this is on level 100

    81. XX-ForFaZEJeV-X X

      Get another pewdiepie tattoo

    82. Boneheadz outdoors

      time to cook some meth boys

    83. potatofarm71

      gotta be the best video on the channel

    84. Santas Bodygaurd

      Have you sacraficed to chin chin today boys and girls?

    85. Owen Leduc

      69k likes my dude

    86. Mountaindew 2005

      The way it went in at 2:18 lmfao



    88. Josh Green

      Is nobody talking about how this wasn’t an air fryer?

    89. Max Alvarez

      Chad just being high as fuck off of those toxic fumes

    90. ChefBigDog


    91. heroin

      Chad is gonna die before hes 40

    92. Tora-Ky

      poor brie cheese :(

    93. dim

      i swear max isnt even pissed in this video hes straight fried AHAHHA

    94. Aceintell music

      4:10 being a stoner i appreciated this

    95. Nova

      Okay, low key, that simple vegetable joke was the best joke I’ve ever heard

    96. Brendan st Curry

      Isn't there supposed to be an aur circulator? It doesnt sound/look like its on

    97. Levi Caen


    98. Marsh2503

      quits vaping to snorts glow sticks

    99. Jimmy D

      That ain’t an air fryer lmao

    100. leo toledo