We Spent $10,000 on the Dumbest Gifts

Cold Ones

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    1. Cold Ones

      Download genshin or else 😡 (pls) Mobile: t.co/42O7oIkcxt PC: t.co/hs6ooaNrFB

      1. icanbarely

        But I want to keep my friends :(

      2. Big Yoshi

        @Arkavius Gaming in California it reached 5.75 a gallon

      3. Arkavius Gaming

        Btw. Biden ruined america😅 Gas is literally $4.00 a gallon right now. And there's riots everywhere

      4. Big Yoshi

        Hell no

      5. Pain feeler


    2. Mommy why is that man so horny

      Anime woman help two starving Australian guys

    3. Barack H. Obama

      17 minutes of Chad and max simping for each other

    4. farglo

      7:41 what is what fragrance boss?

    5. bowland775

      I fucking love you guys. Please don't ever stop.

    6. Kailen Bodhi

      Very wholesome

    7. John Doe

      Tnx gayshin for the sponsorship but ur game ducks ass i wanna throw up when ur game comes to my mind

    8. Bunny Tsukino

      It’s hilarious how they even got each other the same gifts at some point. This video is so sweet. In a weird way

    9. Hollyshit !

      that was oddly satisfying

    10. Val Carrillo Badino

      Please do an update on bruno and bonheur

    11. Jeksewn OLeeray

      DVT is common for obese people so the gift of a calf massager could end up being life saving for chad, truly a thoughtful gift

    12. autopsyjuice

      I love that there’s actually thought put into these and not just the dumbest shit

    13. david quigley

      I cried at mega Chad outfit

    14. Yudgen cra

      1:40 look right😏

      1. Davsquid5k

        damn you really be down bad huh?

    15. _Woku Z3PHYRUS_

      Chad is so sweet

    16. Bodega OldHead

      That game looked like it was for strictly virgins in basements that drink code red Mountain Dew

    17. Ryan Lam


    18. ThePadfam

      Right before the Genshin Impact ad you see a buttcheek to the right, it has to be the most mild part of skin i've seen here.

    19. Sinistrality

      I love the tradition of Chad sending Max naked pictures of himself stayed.

    20. Owen Murphy

      Why did I almost cry tears when they started playing with bubbles

    21. Jebidiah Bushwell

      Worst gift has to be the biden book lol Good toilet paper tho 😳

    22. GLaDOS 079

      The Australian version of unus Annus but without ending

    23. Landon Strawn

      The bubble music was perfect

    24. Tastes Good

      not the fortniute stick!

    25. Tastes Good

      Arcanists 2 like wtf

    26. Pikachu

      Max: "He's about to accomplish some great things" The Taliban: 😎

    27. Manters yeast infection

      1:13 yes

    28. Okuyashoe Official

      Oh shit those booster boxes are the ones with the Rainbow Charizard

    29. Zerifini

      11:48 took him a second to calculate on what it was

    30. bloodstone 116

      genshin impact players touch kids

    31. Sage Hatch

      I wanna know what the drink that they first open

    32. SassyPwny

      I need a friendship like theirs

    33. Caleb Staner / Strats Shop

      As a genshin player this commercial fucking bussin. The fact he can't say any of there names lol. Also he called a seelie a sealion lmao

    34. T-rav

      The ostrich pillow got me bois

    35. Throw communists out of helicopters

      Chad (the fat one) can use the pillow thing when he and Max (the homosexual one) fly to visit the kids that max bought chad.

    36. Escobxy

      This video seems like an excuse to buy thousands of dollars worth of yeezys and write it off as a business expense... I love it

    37. Wiggy

      Thanks for the yellow progress bar on the promo. Appretiate it :)

    38. SchoonerBeanz

      This is the most scuffed yet wholesome video on LVlabel.

    39. Nik ψ


    40. kao


    41. Elijah

      What type of glasses are those called

    42. Lin

      If the bubble gift was last that would have been a beautiful way to end this video

    43. clay10 Kaminawash


    44. H八CHI {ch}


    45. Charlie1875

      Most of this video is so wholesome

    46. Bruhtown Productions

      Bruno and boneer

    47. Nicholas The Sceptile

      What is the cologne

    48. Daring Dave


    49. doppelminds

      Fuck, this is true friendship :)

    50. Fabián Gómez Palomino

      1:39 🥰

    51. lkej

      I started watching a couple days ago and I was so surprised when they said genshin since I'm an og genshin😗😲😲

    52. Just Barely Decent

      How bout this scott? Scott: THAT SUCKS

    53. john

      Ew yeezys 🤮

    54. Zoran Mladenovic

      (Gets closer for a hug) That’s a VERY *NICE GIFT*

    55. TheAmazingMase

      9:29 school fountains be like

    56. HyperGrizzly 47

      No kidding Genshin impact is a good game.

    57. Envy_hypez 56

      We all know chads gifts for max were so much cooler than Max's for chad

      1. Soup

        Nah they were equal max got chad two African children and captain America’s shield

    58. bruh

      Watch max make a cold ones Pokémon Channel and forget the password to this one

    59. Adler Anton

      Shameless v/o hahahaha

    60. Whatthedogdoin

      Every kid on Christmas be like 6:04

    61. 푸치노 puchinou

      out of possibly anything else i did not expect two alcoholic manchildren to be sponsored by genshin impact

    62. Brandon Albert

      The burning shadows is funny when you remember that chad pulled a rainbow charizard from a box that took too long to get to max

    63. Jakob Cormier

      I hope they gave the gifts they had no use for to charity or something

    64. JDamo22

      Anyone know what the alcohol is in their first gift unwrap? The one with the sour apple.

    65. C C

      I just discovered you guys because I’m always late to the party but god you’re both hilarious.

    66. Dabokuma

      Genshin impact sponsored you what the actual fuck bro

    67. TNTblacknight

      You help cure some of my depression

    68. KammieKIDD

      Chads such a good friend holding maxs hair when hes being a dumbass

    69. ghostpeyton

      5:34 when rockstar puts a discount on beans in red dead.

    70. blink182fan11

      11:32 "its a representation of me and you" that made me bust out laughing, i dont think its appreciated enough

    71. Joe

      Jesus loves u

    72. Joe

      God bless

    73. Ricardo Bravo

      I didn’t get shit for Christmas but this in a weird way makes me feel better

    74. CaptainWhitebeard

      I really like this Video. Especially 1:39 - really good stuff there.

      1. 21 Chromosomes

        you're sick.

    75. B:C

      in soviet Russia the African kids dont live in chad, chad lives in the African kids. WAIT :o

    76. Adam_why_ not


    77. bruno buccerrati

      "Im a sucker for plants" We all know what plant he's talking about

      1. just an average rainbow six siege player

        @bruno buccerrati ok thx

      2. bruno buccerrati

        @just an average rainbow six siege player weed

    78. JTJ Podcast

      There was never a follow up to that one :(

    79. elLocodelsubte

      bubbles were awsome

    80. Cowly

      7:23 Bruno and Boner could have eaten that pack! You sick fuck.

    81. Maximus

      1:40 :)

    82. When I'm Depressed


    83. BackpackBirb

      Dammit I wear Sauvage too

    84. vibewalker

      I was playing genshin whilst watching this lmao

    85. LesterDem

      Of course this video is in australian dollars so in actuality it's like...2 pounds

    86. Juan Ibarra

      just a reminder they haven't fucked with the mariokart toy till this day

    87. BlobbersPlaysYT

      If i was in a bunker and was forced to save the greatest entertainments of our time for the new world to live through, i would save these guyses entire life of content.

    88. Jenny Talls.

      I bought you two African kids

    89. Dampierre

      This video got me addicted to genshin. Fucking hell I cant believe I've sinked more than 50hrs of playtime on that shit game.

    90. Landynn Browning

      Does anyone want to tell him that the money gun needed MONEY to work

    91. sebastian Reade

      chad means lake

    92. ROM-69

      Epic bubble scene 🤘

    93. bruno chartrand

      Best moment at 1:30

    94. daniel Hen

      record of ragnorak

    95. Kai but i


    96. Scrim75

      The opening Cliff cut scene is a ripoff of botw in genshin

    97. just sum dude

      5:05 holy shit max named a whole country after his friend that's so cool

    98. DillysDelights

      What ever happened to Bruno and bohner

    99. Bradley Wilcox

      Little did he know the charzard was in those packs…

    100. Ytw Tayo

      Look like thor