If Among Us Had A JESTER

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    Among us in real life but with the jester, mayor, and medic mod! 😱 This part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Which person do you relate to the most?

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    1. niteshadow polo

      Judah held up 8 fingers when he said seven wt 4:08

    2. Bryan Saclao


    3. Bryan Saclao

      Elijha : SO THEY ALL TURND BROWN Shiloh:😑

    4. Gavin Barrett

      “ this is twister than a pencil “

    5. Jake

      I live where you live

    6. ناصر المغيولي


    7. ناصر المغيولي


    8. ناصر المغيولي


    9. AnimeKid

      Imagine playing amoug us still

    10. Nelson Lin

      What an imposter says when an imposter gets voted out:YESSSSS what an imposter is actually thinking:NOOOOO

    11. Robyn P.

      i love how every time when they an among us video they always report what the imposter did

    12. Ariel Li


    13. Rummedown Ruster


    14. Cool Kid H

      On 1:11 you said 40 not 4

    15. Macie Appleyard

      Different courls

    16. Macie Appleyard


    17. Macie Appleyard


    18. BDOG Games

      judah is rotten carrot now

    19. Joseph Hester

      I like the little crewmate

    20. Roberto Fuentes

      Mayor: store your votes to have to have two next meeting. anything wrong there?

    21. Paisley🌺

      Where is brittny??

    22. Patrick Hayes

      Wow how did I end up here LOL

    23. David Li

      The economic shirt daily reply because afghanistan cranially prick a a mellow land. befitting, general gentle vault

    24. Alsaif169

      Micah is the jester

    25. abd hujazy

      saddest moments kayla is voiceless or something

    26. Neerav Agarwal

      Why didn’t they vote out Purple in the nxt round 6:05

    27. pachai moua

      4:41 me seeing that there's a lot of homework

    28. Shrinivas Mahamuni

      William: woah I've caught you in your little fibby fib imposter now im gonna throw you out Elijah:what Elijah and Judah:no no no no no Daniel:ahh

    29. Rupayan Chakma

      Ho gaya to me what they can get up with me

    30. Molly Brewer

      i love purples (sorry forgot the name) little sqee when she got kicked out

    31. Eugene K

      A tip this is why the jester runs away from impostor . It said that only vote out the jester

    32. Roblox rando

      Where did mr red suss go


      Please make 6 special things and 5 imposter please and i really like shiloe and elijah and judah


      I hate William

    35. elvy collins

      Pink allwas

    36. {Belle Luisa}

      9:32 Me at 2am:

    37. Red T

      Does anyone wonder how they found that plane

    38. Arwa Abushlanfah

      Why do you like vegetables and why do you think where is says all the time read

    39. Carlo Joseph Blandura

      When The game started The jester was facing at another person xd

    40. Your boy Bex

      Judah didn’t say red is sus

    41. whiteangel20100

      Green deunn

    42. 1112000Noha Aly


    43. Me Me

      And u have 5 brothers and I have 4

    44. Me Me

      I’m a girl and I love ur vids I love all ur dang vids I watch them all the time

    45. Me Me

      Shiloh ur brother Judah is funny and I’m 10 I love ur vids and Judah is funny

    46. AustinPower Productions

      0:51 Micah: Why are we all in different colors? Me: We don't know why who did this.

    47. Jacob Dubiel

      Number 9.5

    48. niteshadow polo

      If Among Us Had 14 Impostors

    49. Hazem homam the king of gaming

      Best vid ever hahah

    50. Khairul Hafizi

      The jester🥴

    51. Jacob Hoang


    52. Ella Marks

      It’s red

    53. PurpleInIt

      Why does johnathon look like vector from minions

    54. Faded_DarkDiviner

      0:21 this is how twins argue

    55. Kelly Ng

      The plant is very cute 🥰

    56. Jhillian Claire Villaret

      Jester is so cool

    57. evil duck123

      8:09 so sad

    58. Rxox

      i like how Jonathan's face is red at the end

    59. Mommy Azza

      i saw a camra

    60. Elijah Dimov


    61. whitty

      gt hu2rhu

    62. Daniel Fernández

      0:05 pause the video and read the description of the mayor

    63. Travis Carpenter

      Beginning of the video when two people walk up to a body

    64. Maria Lovelady

      6:25-6:33 Ahh! They broke mom's vase? We're dead. We're all dead.

    65. Maria Lovelady

      5:46-5:54 [Daniel] - It would be, I'd you didn't have a Mayor. My vote counts as too. Ha. [Mary] - Ahh! Reaction in Reply! | | \/

      1. Maria Lovelady

        It was too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂

    66. Vedika Rajwanshi

      William : they will make me their ruler Me thinking: why is Jocelyn not here

      1. Bear Crossing

        @Park jimin don’t say thst.

      2. Park jimin

        Jocelyn dead

    67. Shelly McGinnis

      You should make a video where William gets voted out first but he’s the jester😂🤣


      maybe make the fighter role where the fighter cannot be thrown out and can only throw out the impostor and if the fighter loses crewmates win cuz the fighter would be the biggest imposter and if he gets voted out then that wiuld count as all impostors :) maybe that would be good also i liked and subscribe i love your channel :D have fun making future videos!

    69. Ryan Connors

      You guys should make a Anong us 11

    70. ABI PLAYZ

      Judah kinda sus of red

    71. James Vilaiphone


    72. 1 win 0 losses

      What about adding a traitor role where the traitor can throw out the crewmates and the imposters but they don't know who is the traitor so the traitor gets voted out the crewmates and imposters both win and you can see them dance together now that would be mind blowing

      1. Gage Parrish


      2. Uriel Aparicio

        That's true but that could be for among us 11

      3. CheapTea

        that is pretty mind blowing but the imposters dont make friendship with the crewmates, they target crewmates

    73. Official Lemon Bubble Tea

      request “if among us had cannibal” cannibal is team with impostors but cannibal can eat the crewmates only 5 times thank u so much if you did my request

    74. CONNORNOAH1276

      Next time, please do two jesters

    75. ninja fox

      Dang it

    76. Muhammad Nadeem

      Kayler has a low voice

    77. Ritika S

      I love how Shiloh was holding the plant and it matches perfectly with the lime color

      1. Abbigail Roberts

        @Joseph Hester what is you name

      2. Joseph Hester

        But I I'm a girl and I I'm on my bothers account

      3. Joseph Hester

        I do to

      4. Arisha khan


      5. Mr Yeeter


    78. Sufi Nadim

      Imagine doing chores like this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Craig Parkes


    80. Azurea Town

      I love voteing out red

    81. Amanda Fort


    82. Soldier

      if u look closely on the mayor role if you read what the mayor does TRY TO FIND THE MISTAKE 0:05

    83. chadou ray

      BIG BRAIN 13:58

    84. Taffgear


    85. Sandie Nielsen

      Hvad med

    86. Velociraptor


    87. SzymonGames Pro

      They probably were watching ZMDE'S mod videos. So they made a video of it.

    88. Fay  Pollen

      Hi can you make another chose video but we are the imposter with someone

    89. derek

      Nice 👌

    90. camilla håvåg


    91. Caspian Collett

      Do one with the impostev everyone will like that

    92. shreya bobba


    93. Moonlight Gamer

      Can I just say when the mayor part showed up why did it say “Meeeting” 0:05

    94. ZS xpert gamer

      I love you guys

    95. Loata Manuhapaii

      Your mayor not a judge I laugh out loud when I hear that line