We Paid Celebrities on Cameo to say...

Cold Ones

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    We paid Hank from Breaking Bad, Johnny Sins, Penn Jilette & MORE to drag our friends for us!
    🌈 Like What We're Wearing? Buy it All for 10% OFF with code "COLDONES" 👉 bit.ly/coolcloth

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    1. Cold Ones

      SHOUTOUT TO THESE KINGS FOR SAYING THE WORDS WE WROTE! Especially Dean Norris who donates all his proceeds to charity! 🔥 BUY MERCH IDIOTS : bit.ly/coolcloth

      1. Thehcchannel

        Do the chocolate rain guy

      2. Thehcchannel

        Happy you did franku

      3. Mike

        My headphones literally exploded

      4. Toms Meme Centre


      5. Big Worm


    2. LAIKLABS.

      "Hey mum, happy mother's day from your son SCOTT." I fucking died

    3. william nogle

      Do a prank call vid like this!

    4. Ezzah

      22:37 Max’s laugh 😂

    5. Whale's Stuff

      18:30 that sound is Haines

    6. peep


    7. Bro you made me spit my cold sunny d

    8. Phony

      Late comment but I hope they know that, Peter Griffin is voiced by Seth McFarland, not that guy lol.

    9. P P

      who tf are half of these people

    10. Nerdic Mem

      13:21 the way maxs face lights up when penn says he has aids

    11. Gael Villalobos

      These two remind me of fifth graders who learned what an STD is

    12. jasinfinity

      22:20 dont mind me, just a replay button

    13. Macncheezballz

      I love the way jesus says “deez nuUutz

    14. DJG

      More please more I need more this is great and also I guess Shay didn’t do a cameo

    15. Alvino Maciel

      Is that maxmoefoe!??

      1. Alvino Maciel

        @Shubhransh Singh same fucking shit lol 😝

      2. Shubhransh Singh

        No, that's maxmoefoepokemon

    16. Craig

      5:39 What was that????

    17. Gnufire


    18. pilk pog

      neevr watched a video of u guys till now, loved this one! i couldnt breathe after the last guy lmfao

    19. KeifersIsAwesome

      Gilbert Gottfried has essentially turned himself into a text to speech generator and I love it.

    20. Sinistrality

      my favorite moment has gotta be 22:36 when max just goes insane when he heard gilbert said "sexy"

    21. Leslie Hunter


    22. John Smith

      God this show is epic. New sub but your guys content is awesome lol

    23. Jesse Dee

      “I’m consuming soil” made me laugh the hardest lmaoooo

    24. spruce bingsteen

      These guys have the sense of humor of 12 year old. But it totally works.

    25. Twisted Destiny

      funniest yt vid ive seen in a while

    26. Vance Johnson

      Bro in there new vid they still made them say deez nuts lmao


      the i’m consuming soil in the very end literally killed me😂😂😂

    28. AJ 1274

      "I'm consuming soil" - Gilbert Gottfried

    29. Ras

      "I'm going to take a shit now... Fucker."

    30. SkyggeStadium

      Red belliy

    31. Jane Doe

      Chad calling in a water drop for max

    32. Aaron Kai Mcdonald

      Max saying (Noun) Aids. Is always comedy gold.

    33. Whoasked

      Where to save to camera?

    34. CR33D

      Im a new sub lol, the video is blessed but whats the deal with aids lmaooo

    35. Faz FC

      Fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Humanure

      20:00 chads reaction is so good

    37. TooGasedUp

      Daaamn I saw EDP445 that would’ve been a good choice back then but uhhh idk abt nowadays

    38. Thehcchannel

      Lol franku

    39. Nicholas Blythe

      I freaking love Chad's laugh

    40. Critacail Acclaim

      5:34 mr beast is mad

    41. The Chagolla's

      Did you figure out what that sound was??

    42. GreenFroppy 212

      Seeing Jesus curse is cursed

    43. ThisIsAffy

      max used to look fuckin weird lol

    44. I like beans


    45. Crispy

      Dude I fucking live for Johnny sins’s hand movements

    46. Sloppytopppy


    47. nathan grijalva

      Shoenice smokes a lot of weed

    48. Nolan Dye

      I almost got fired for laughing so hard at work when Gilbert said he was pissing and shitting

    49. Mourbo

      Max's laugh: *high pitched wheezing* Chad's laugh: *AA AA AA AA AA AA AA*

    50. AwfulMusik


    51. Mr Dum

      How is this possible I see the tomad thing in the vid I see what I'll watch afterwards on the home for LVlabel and it shows me tomad

    52. Avery Prather

      Chads laugh is a gift

    53. SUBATAI

      What the fuck is the meme song for the trump meme it is killing me. Please help.

    54. Santino Aldaba

      DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!.

    55. keegle beegle

      5:34 the noise was a drop bear

    56. Galaxy General

      Gilbert is a legend

    57. Tobias

      The Title should say 'Australians paying people to say that they have aids'

    58. Uplifted life

      Lmfao yo you guys are fucking legends

    59. ꗊꗊ

      I am consuming soil

    60. Wakka Flocka

      18:01 Well that escalated quickly

    61. Jojo Mizugorou

      Cold Ones is the only channel that makes AIDS jokes funny

    62. squee

      mr breast

    63. PlayerChef

      My man here wont say snake aids cuz he has aids. Thats deep

    64. Papaoofoof


    65. Zach Welch

      5:32 legend has it max’s stupid laugh awoke Chthulu in this moment.

    66. Atlas

      We can all agree Gilbert was 100% in on the joke here. Legend.

    67. TheRandompaint

      Stop wasting my snake time 😂

    68. Ratoki

      Snake man, the shining beacon of integrity. Unexpected haha

    69. fazehighestsky

      18:00 he sounds like them monsters from Life of luxury😂😂

      1. fazehighestsky

        @Alex if it makes u feel better there actually real there called skin walkers and wenidogos

      2. Alex

        Fuck why did I search this up at 2 am

    70. Tiago Alves


    71. Golden Fox Gaming

      Dude this fucking channel man, it makes me laugh so fucking hard. hahaha good one.

    72. Joke Explainer:

      You guys literally are the reason dean Norris is a 2021 meme thank you.

    73. Bruno Gaspar

      What a laughable waste of money lol

      1. Joke Explainer:

        The dean Norris one is the reason someone made him say "sussy baka"which is the reason people made memes of him and is the reason we got a epic quackity collab with him.

    74. Ophel


    75. Sarcasm User

      half of this is just "i have (insert what they're famous for) aids" and I fucking love it

    76. Cirstu

      Thinking of watching Hot Ones after watching Cold Ones to balance it out

    77. B Salameh

      This is the best video on LVlabel

    78. Kyle Faver

      They clearly only think about; Markiplier, Filtyhfrank, Pewdiepie, mrbeast and Grog

    79. Alec Fullmer

      Wtf was that creepy sound at 5:44

    80. Celeste Heron


    81. Pilot

      Ricky was the fucking best

    82. UpTopZ

      "I'm consuming soil"

    83. Delycan

      Cameo is.... weird

    84. Dylan Maroque

      Hearing Gilbert Gottfried saying “I am the cumlord” is a highlight of my life

    85. Pants Mage

      rewatching these never gets old i have aiiidssss

    86. isa isa


    87. Planet_Dusk

      the amount of times these guys laughed at "i have aids"

    88. uselessdr1nk

      I would have happily bought a shirt saying "I am the cumlord"

    89. snapp necc

      20:12 I’m so happy that’s my ring tone, because it is :)

    90. SPH1NCT3R Boi

      5:32 when Chad shits his pant on camera

    91. Camilla Knudsen


    92. Tha909Griz


    93. Ben Steers


    94. Paul Crawford

      Gilbert is the goat

    95. alex boyajian


    96. alex boyajian

      This episode makes me laugh as much as any south park episode . I can't stop re watching this.

    97. Calel_O

      Pause on 23:36 ad fid joe Swanson

      1. squeaks


    98. Nintendope


    99. YUNG TOR

      it is such a crime that you cut out Johnny sins saying “big chungus”

    100. Spencer Dunn

      When it's so hilarious you choke on the laugh