Don't Blend These Things...

Cold Ones

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    We put a bunch of things that should never be in a blender, in a blender.
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    1. Qumrag

      jesus christ chad never wear gloves with machines that are open and rotate great video tho!

    2. Kyle

      George 😞 as a father.. I fucking love this

    3. David Newman

      Stop buying Jay and silent bob blenders..

    4. Sara Gagnon

      I used to use a magnifying glass to set fire to things in the backyard. My parents banned me from using magnifying glasses after getting caught once. All that did was teach me to find other ways to start fires 🤷

    5. Squid

      I want to blend my wife and drink her :D

      1. Peachycheerios

        I want my husband to blend me and drink me :D WAIT THAT'S YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

    6. Tooded87 TheSecond

      And so ended the Elmo Arc

    7. AbaGoFshArkZ

      Im crying right now. They turned toy soldiers into an unassuming liquid 🤣😂

    8. Rosie Sibley

      My boyfriend and I are watching this stoned as fuck. The blending Elmo bit is hilarious. Big up to Chad and Max as well as their AMAZING editor and team❤️❤️❤️ P.S we love you guys you’re jokes 😂💁🏼‍♀️

    9. 32 Nat

      Jesus Christ the amount of glass dust inhaled in this video

    10. Jake Gomez

      I saw a white code card pop out of the blender and cringed

    11. Reka takanashi

      I hope you guys know you could have lost like 15000 because of one Pokemon card

    12. Torrin Willumeit


    13. Falls

      That tap dancing Elmo bit made me laugh super loudly at 1 AM.

    14. ZuccTheAlien

      Meanwhile I can barely blend frozen fruit in my magic bullet lol

    15. LetsTalkAnime

      funniest shit ive ever seen 8:20 the new worst show on the internet

    16. tryfryDoge 8

      Finally, Uranium.

    17. Devi Zilla

      This video is just selling me this cheap blender that blends anything

    18. ionizedagony

      how do i refun call of duty modern warfar on blizzard

    19. LionHeart

      The Elmo was dark.

    20. Luier dan een pamper


    21. elboydo

      I love how this video stopped mid way for a blender advert, claiming it could "blend through the thickest ingredients"

    22. Faith Mahon

      There was a kitchen aid ad on the video soon after the joke about aids 😂

    23. BB

      Should've had the V8 blender from Top Gear.

    24. MentalGunz

      that elmo was like im damn god

    25. Jeksewn OLeeray

      George saying "dying slow" at 4:28 as they slowly rip him apart killed me

    26. allen osip

      love it when chad has a video idea

    27. SwagaliciousPig

      When my cat was still a dumb baby she licked some glow stick liquid off the floor and was sick for days. The minute you guy brought out the glow sticks I was like “ DONT-“

    28. Fargat Redux

      What's the song they played while they Tortured Elmo?

    29. Gordon-Ale

      3:50 I DIED

    30. Bo Records

      Partt poppers are in the UK too

    31. Precumdave

      3:33 bro that was fucking gorgeous

    32. Daniel Gap

      This is what would happen if u gave middle schoolers money and alcohol

    33. Kristin Losh

      Blentendo 69 aheh 😌

    34. Ryo Arts

      sid from toy story

    35. Charles E

      13:36 The cursed mac and cheese

    36. no1Liikeglenn

      banjo chopsuey. its stirred now you just neet to fry it.

    37. KilluhCroc

      Put the fucking lid on

    38. Komm Stein

      I know these guys are crazy but they've officially lost their marbles at 14:18

    39. Zillur Rahman

      Stop killing elmo

    40. ModdedVisons2021

      Does anyone know where i can find the song that starts on 12:35?

    41. Daniel

      Possessed dolls after this video: 😳

    42. SteezDaGodd

      He said “wanna fuck it?” 💀💀😭😭

    43. SteezDaGodd

      Yeah I definitely put my vape away after that clip ….

    44. NovaTea

      Karl Jacobs rn: WHY I NEED POKEMON CARDS

    45. Shadix

      I find myself coming here just for the edits, they just keep getting better

    46. RedEyesTops

      An apple with the seeds still in..right after Max was talking about cyanide

    47. Techman Games

      Cripple me Elmo

    48. Collins Buchanan

      Why do I feel bad for George and Elmo

    49. UNLKY HNTR

      The whole Elmo part had me dying. The fucking step dance lmao, I can't 🤣

    50. Emi

      George got unalived for loving Dinosaurs and oinking gsi

    51. Mindlin


    52. fae

      Dude when the fucking George toy shot up out of the blender after being shoved in legs first, I absolutely fucking died

    53. FauxPhoenix

      im confused, chad says he quit vaping, but in a recent video, he was vaping, color me suprize, but


      We have bigger and better party poppers in America

    55. viktor thykjær

      Cole ones Alcholics do stupid Stuff

    56. yu kun

      bruh the elmo one was creepy af...

    57. Symbiotic animal alliance

      Disliked because of the destruction of pokemon cards at the hight of the card shortage.... five minutes later your dude here admits to kicking the habit.... I still dislike the destruction of cards people woulda killed for back in feb, but know a cold ones down for your boy. Stay strong, never turn back. you got it chadder.

    58. Isabella Teixeira Diniz

      I kinda felt bad for the piggy lol

      1. Isabella Teixeira Diniz

        And for Elmo

    59. Dustin Taylor

      Am I the only one that actually felt kind of bad for the Elmo? Lol at one point it literally looked like it was in pain 😂😂😂

    60. Lewis Johnson

      I don’t know if it was I was just smoking on that made me laugh that hard but the Elmo toy being blended literally made me piss my pants!! I LOVED this videoooo ❤️❤️

    61. Ep1cGaemur

      Love how they didnt put cherry pits in there because of cyanide but put a whole apple in

    62. Bruno Gaspar

      Poor Elmo

    63. Arson Aardvark

      I'm enjoying this content for eleventeen year olds.

    64. Octosquid 45

      I lovr you

    65. Aus Axzy

      😳 🤕

    66. Aus Axzy

      👏 😭

    67. Yuh Boi Patches

      we have poppers you nut

    68. Joe B.

      kitchen aids

    69. Joninski

      6:02 Blendo-Kazooie

    70. Vadim Blyat

      Gime the pig XD

    71. TehProNoob

      Why tf did I feel bad for Elmo lmfao

    72. Mason Pearson

      I wonder who cleans up the set

    73. CallMeCassian

      “Two grown man-children blend shit for fun”

    74. Cole

      Good Methical Morning

    75. StufdCrust

      They blended deadly twister 3

    76. Daijin Deka Blaze

      When you blended that N64 game, I knew you were monsters.

    77. Raffi Lindsay

      The Elmo tap dancing was my undoing goddamn 😂

    78. Unreleased 4

      Party poppers are in the US, their probably everywhere

    79. Leon Soemartono

      I’m currently at the train station and I look like a fucking psychopath just laughing at nothin. Thanks chad and max

    80. DrillCurse

      2:44 WTF?! IT'S ALIVE

    81. Joonked

      Imagine one of the Pokémon cards were worth 10000 dollars

    82. CreativGuyCologne

      That's like the most fucked up vid I ever watched!!!

    83. Kitsune

      3:35 😂😂

    84. Imaxcrepin

      3:30 whoever this editor is is funny af the comedy is beautiful.

    85. Bruh That’s gay

      At 7:08 I ong thought that chad turnt around and swung on him

    86. Noel K

      I'd love to be on cold ones but I'd be buzzin after 4 shots, not alcoholic enough 😔

    87. Chaquetero-kun

      thanks for making this possible

    88. Jung hwan Suh

      3:31 that’s just harsh

    89. R6K8N

      This is fucking terrifying

    90. yoda

      Tgf on cold ones

    91. Alex The Birb

      Imagine being their cleaner lol

    92. spencer

      Elmo will rise and purge you.

    93. Phillip Mayfield

      my two favorite Aussie simpletons

    94. Mr.Potatogang

      Cold ones is like alcoholic guava juice lol

    95. Joseph Jucker

      The moment you remember that the vape you just blended had a battery in it

    96. Chedyn Williams

      Hahahaha “where are you guys going? Don’t leeeave”

    97. Will anduyo

      Hahaha Anything you want to blender to justify if blender is great .

    98. Doc

      They need to get one of those heavy duty grinders the tear through everything

    99. The Mad King

      What is the name of the song they use blending the glow sticks

    100. Justin Garcia

      Chad was such a chad in this one. Loved it.