Belle Delphine Sent Us This Mystery Box!

Cold Ones

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    Belle Delphine sent us a Mystery Box... You'll never guess what was inside....

    PO Box 5091
    Glenferrie south
    VIC 3122
    Twitter - ColdOnes
    Reddit -
    Discord -
    Chad -
    Max -

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    1. Cold Ones


      1. Solai Luna

        9:58 the sound track you added is of a man reading the holy verses of the Quran I’m sure it’s not intentional but You need to remove it since it’s disrespectful to Muslims and their religion

      2. Edgar Armenta

        Wtf is this video called on patreon

      3. ♡Yuzuki gacha♡

        @KadeM8 yeah rink he did (͡°ʖ̯͡°)

      4. Aaron Roy

        @KadeM8 d get Xboxy

      5. Paddy Croteau

        Lucky they have her phone number

    2. Fritzyl


    3. Fritzyl


    4. איפה אמא


    5. Gillygogs

      Just noticed the box is an oculus rift box

    6. Tamikillion

      the editing was top shit on this one, cried laughing

    7. Isiah Abreu

      They Fr made his has Lenny from how to sell drugs online

    8. Chris


    9. Jiminy Scott

      I need a shirt that says " say Mississippi bro"

    10. Bryce James

      Jesus loves yall

    11. Solai Luna

      9:58 the sound track you added is of a man reading the holy verses of the Quran I’m sure it’s not intentional but You need to remove it since it’s disrespectful to Muslims and their religion

    12. Broben5

      Sus mystery box

    13. dead inside

      so we not talking about this????? 09:55

    14. Max Blu

      Woman box woman box top and bottom Text

    15. Thomas Warrior

      are you 2 gonna get married?

    16. DJG

      Hahah them finding the alcohol and the instructions take a drink every-time you open something last was hilarious only they could do that love ya max and chad great videos

    17. Throw communists out of helicopters

      Yuh aye SEE MEN

    18. Spider man gave up

      Apart from the very notable sexual side of belle delphine she genuinely seems like a really nice and funny person

    19. SassyPwny

      I want to know who got the iPhone tbh

    20. Beanus Maximus

      Belle is showing a bit of favoritism to max

    21. Jackson Geldmacher

      46secomds In went to beat my meat

    22. Jess Games

      The wholesome side of belle Delphine

    23. Hippie Scum

      How tf is this still monetized 😂👏🏻

    24. Hippie Scum

      Yall should do a club penguin rewritten episode!! 😂🙏🏼

    25. KarasuTengu

      13:21 max and chad are divas

    26. SSA

      Shouldn't of been eating during this one

    27. Divine man


    28. Charlie1875

      I’m ngl, I’m starting to think that Belle Delphine has a thing for Max…

    29. Idk_nick 730

      he has consumed aids gg brudda

    30. Kart number 3

      You down bad man

    31. Milk man

      Yeah I’m a simp Super Intense Minecraft Player

    32. WiredMadness

      The part where he laughs and then darkness is so funny to me

    33. Hobo in Kmart

      Wow... Belle Delphine is something else. So much care and attention to detail in every package. What a great video love the mutual respect that gets thrown around to these content creators!

    34. nickwick

      He when straight for the whip

    35. Will anduyo

      Hahaha Some accessories is fuck...

    36. Sun Hashira

      I actually thought at first that that anime girl on the box was Jahysama but then it didn't exist when this was shot

      1. OakNight79


    37. Beefaroni Bert

      THE FUCKING JAHY SAMA AT 1:31 HOLY FUCK, glad to know she was a fan before the anime came out

    38. Mat and Evan Foss

      I can’t with these two, spank chad, gentle gentle *SMACK* AHHHHHHH

    39. U23RA

      lmao that muslim music was funny when max took the box in hand

    40. Andy M

      The editing on this video is extraordinary

    41. Master Tortise321


    42. Bosha


    43. Peppe0419

      This episode really makes you wanna subscribe to peatreon

    44. Your Neighbor

      what’s underneath the blurs

    45. Will Mehling

      i never knew belle was suck a memer

    46. jamesensinia69

      I'm in Love with you so much and it's mainly your personality plus your cute, Love you Belle

    47. Gravitys_Fallen

      but did chad get herpes from the bath water?

    48. Zahkrosis

      Very desperate for content indeed

    49. No Recording Software

      belle is such a cool girl wth

    50. PANIC

      Max is idubbbz Australian brother prove me wrong

    51. Skippy Dinglechock

      When chad hit max it gave me deadly twister vibes

    52. StarChild

      gonna be honest, i could easily eat while watching vids like vomit cake but this one was just too much

    53. Adam Angelo


    54. filip_boucek

      all jokes aside, she really did a good job with all that stuff

    55. -sweetpunky-

      Bro I have those kitty headphones 😭

    56. Philip Wilk

      How the fuck am I such a cringe guy that I knew every single location and everything she meant with her gifts lmao

    57. p

      9:57 why must ta'awwudz?

    58. Noodles

      I thought the wheelchair thing was Idubbbz with crippling depression lmao 😂 But for real, Belle Delphine was super rad for all the gifts! How awesome and well-throughout, this was surprisingly wholesome 🥰👌🏼

    59. Chub_Lil_Panda

      I love how you guys get cool gaming shit and phones and dolls and WillNE got a vial of blood, a BB gun and a fucking car.

    60. Daniel Stephens

      The only e-girl I respect religiously

    61. SnoN

      Is the phone still available i need a phone xD im broke pls giv me phone XD

    62. CJS.gaming.vlogs


    63. Wrld Of Pain

      I've never enjoyed living in Mississippi untill Max said it was the safeword 😩

    64. Reptár

      Can I the mouse ¿

    65. Outdated Meme

      Looking back this was actually INSANE


      Don’t drink it she has stuff bro

      1. Higg 420

        Can I have her stuff

      2. StrangerOf The206

        I have stuff

    67. Lug Nugget

      Willne getting Jealous

    68. Krisperry710

      Are this boxes for sale 🤣 asking for a friend obviously

    69. I rarely Post

      Snek aidz

    70. Zachary Houdek

      you guys are so fucking hilarious yall have been helping me through a hard time for the past month no matter how depressed i get yall put a smile on my face

    71. Scrim75

      Chad drank bath water

    72. Woke Dog

      Max had Deadly Twister PTSD

    73. KingsmanFallen

      jealous as fuck

    74. Brother Griz

      Those are some cool merchs tho ngl

    75. myburritoz


    76. Justin Davis

      Ngl, I actually have respect for her after seeing the personalized stuff she put time into

    77. Bren Russell

      10:54 She’s dead, Jim

    78. Hibiscus Flower

      This is so cool! I need that Game Over bag! It's so cool!

    79. Ranel Lara

      5:16 Im dying

    80. lotf

      The fact that they use states as safe words

    81. Brandon Dig bick

      That buttplug still available ?

    82. Ibralj


    83. Krystal Long

      The prickly bamboo biosynthetically play because cut lovely rock in a dispensable pisces. coordinated, doubtful pants

    84. The Ruby Arrow

      1:55 it looks like bo’rai’cho’s fatality in MKX

    85. Monke Better Than human

      Some of the things Max and Chad do are straight up something you would expect a mentally disabled person to do and I love it, for example 7:49

    86. Gustavo David

      Chad is simping so har i love ittt!

    87. Jackson Laframboise

      4:30. I lost my shit here. Wtf.

    88. Yolko

      Two mad got a better one

    89. christopher yochelson

      She gits sponsored from these companies so you can see 4k HD only fans

    90. Kacor007

      *Wholesome content*

    91. KaijuComics

      9:09 that's a top 10 moment for sure

    92. Zachary Sutton


    93. JACK 1

      hey can u guys shout my first month of patreons until I get my tax return. will lock in to a life deal if you do.

    94. Александар Станиев

      Where is jojo

    95. Nate Miller

      11:45 Max got Deadly Twister Flashbacks

    96. Flame Wisp

      3:42 It was at this moment that he knew, e f**ked up

    97. Only - James

      Get me that card😈😈😈😈😈

    98. Halee Cellini

      i’m a slut for this show

    99. Heartsett

      the edit at 1:40 LOL killed me

    100. Ethan Grandy

      Belle may make some fucked up content. But damn shes a real one