We Paid Animators $10,000 for THIS?

Cold Ones

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    Rendering and Compositing: Nadir Heric nadirheric.com/
    3D Modeling: Haris Hrbat, Sohan Nanda, Anton Fathoni
    Rigging: Gaurav Garg, Mrinal Soni
    Animation, Character design and Storyboard: Anaid Mekic vimeo.com/anaidmekic
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    1. Cold Ones

      Scott: if so can u do pinned comment with this link : bit.ly/coolones GET 10% off our epic swag clothing!!!!! CODE COLDONES!! COOLSHIRTZ!!! Chad: No.... I don't think I will

      1. It’s AFF


      2. Smuk Rilla

        Broooo you should have said egg character with glasses

      3. Lukas Sinkevičius

        Shrek aids one should be remade in gmod

      4. Trisha Meloling

        You got a Instagram?

      5. Kira Sivils

        More long sweaters in big chungus sizes

    2. Liam Britt

      I lost it at the scooby bit, its just like the ricky gervais show 🤣🤣🤣

    3. MRCHRiS

      8:23 how tf did Scheiffer bates make his way into this video

    4. Tristen Baird

      That last one was amazing

    5. éssence


    6. captain Iglo

      3k for that animation?! I might as well learn that shit you can def do that in a day

    7. Timmy Augustsson

      Why am I laughing so hard I feel drunk, on AIDS…

    8. Unbound_Selrahc

      Can we talk about how oddly good they are at certain impressions, like that Markiplier was solidly close, a bit of Joe Swanson in there, but he got close to those dulcet tones. That Skrek was solid as hell too.

    9. Brent Murray

      This video made me laugh harder than anything I’ve seen over the past year. Kudos to you guys.

    10. Václav Kokeš

      oh my god all of these animations are really fucking good, especially the channel intro and lego animation

    11. DzynK

      please use the intro its so fucking good

    12. Cory Hall

      Are you doing shots of paint thinner? Wtf is in that can lol

    13. carlos molto chevalier

      They should do a video about eating spicy hot chilli peppers

    14. Isabella Greene

      I haven’t laughed this hard in a minute 😂😩 thank you guys for keeping the happy hormones in my brain

    15. Stick

      Wtf the MrBeast and Kingbach animations were so good

    16. DAMIO

      i love how there are doing animation of Mr beast and I get an add from Mr beast

    17. Mercury

      That last one is godlike Im totally not biased

    18. Ivan Jekmohan

      The scooby one was fire

    19. caesar_notsalad

      Tooooo freaking funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣all the animations were hilarious

    20. SuperWiiBros08

      All of these are so fucking amazing

    21. Devin Loew


    22. Dynamic Fudge

      King Batch

    23. DUSTedCRUST

      Fuck man I love this channel

    24. Guilherme Bruni

      I’ve never laughed that much in my fucking life, thank you.

    25. AdriVice

      Please do another another one hahahahaha!

    26. oscar calderon

      You guys are fuckin Hilarious. The only LVlabel channel in awhile where all your videos actually crack me up! Keep up the great content! That shit bussin respectfully 😂

    27. Snail Girl

      this is the funniest series, please do more fiverr stuff

    28. FewEZ

      Is this Max and Anything4views?

    29. jarrod cooper

      What are they doing shots of because it sorta looks like lighter fluid? 😂

    30. Viscosity

      Big bungus

    31. Lonker Animation

      Donkey i have orgre aids fucking killed me. Been laughing on the floor for 20 minutes

    32. Rhegards

      Make more these are awesome

    33. randomboi 2020


    34. Grant K

      Does anyone know where I can download these videos bro I laughed till I cried at the batch animation

    35. 𝙴𝚖𝚙𝚒𝚛_𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚚

      Wtf am i watching

    36. Waynelolz

      this was better than i thought it be

    37. Gabriel Heath

      Does this mean the guy they donated 5800 too didn’t even respond?

    38. Jack Oxley

      RAX rAUD

    39. NovaByte

      15:02 why does max sound like a Scottish person saying Curtis

    40. Bugaboo :}

      Funniest video 😭😭

    41. Squidzy


    42. William Smeds

      At 9:57 Max slams a bottle into the table wich makes a loud sound At 17:02 you can see how the animator took that sound and used it for shaggy slamming his glass into the table instead. That is a really nice detail, good job.

    43. Higg 420


    44. Higg 420

      It makes your lymph nodes swell up -Big Chumongus

    45. Julian Feldman

      Please post all of these incut 🙏😭

    46. Sheep iShly

      I feel like chad could be a decent voice actor

    47. CaptainWhitebeard

      Holy Shit, Chad would be such a good voice actor.

    48. Zeallust

      Why is your markiplier impression so good

    49. D Pyke

      that stop motion intro is fucking bossss

    50. Snizzle Toast

      Depression has been temporarily paused due to this video

    51. Hugh G

      That last one was so good I had chills

    52. Loiter Cult

      bro that clay intro is so fire

    53. Alfie Hutchinson

      Fucking hilarious I’m dead

    54. Chronicoverburn

      One of the few vids I never laughed

    55. Ghostinng

      Honestly though, the intro they commissioned was fucking awesome.

    56. Logan Soule


    57. blake hebert

      i need to know if Markiplier knows how often he’s referenced on this channel.

      1. Higg 420

        He probably watched cold ones all the time while he's bathing in his tub full of cream and money because from LVlabel

    58. LG3 Caca

      Part 2 please this video is the funniest thing I ever seen😂😂😂

    59. Hunter Jackson


    60. Maju Piju

      Ah, the scooby one was great! Very cool show! From whom was the beat at the end?

    61. Lula Prado


    62. Michael Chapman

      Idk whats more contagious, their laughter or the animations 😂

    63. Daniel C

      I think I’m addicted to cold ones

    64. DeMiG0D Glock

      Max is purposely failing to get drunk off his ass 😂

    65. TheBaconPancake


    66. Jaime Alberto

      Every time I watch a cold ones vid I feel like my IQ goes down but damn this shit bussin

    67. Michael Gamitas

      petition for king bach to be in smash

    68. Jelly Red Guy

      hahaha im crying, I can't see

    69. Michael Russell

      3:10 What is this song from? Someone pls

    70. Seba Lazo A

      Nice video

    71. Higg 420

      That shit BUSSIN

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      Why's no one talking about the broken beer bottle next to Max?! There were definitely two there!

    73. I rarely Post

      The person who made the LEGO video posted it on LVlabel

    74. nathan fallon

      I have to pause the vid in-between each hit because I'm laughing too fucking hard

    75. Diamond Games

      The Gordon Ramsay animation is like 2005 fireman Sam

    76. ACatBurger


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      I like to get drunk with them it’s pretty fun idk what go on do

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    79. Guy Who Ate Your Toe


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      My friend slywolf is making me watch this please help

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      Great video. Subbed. 👊

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      Please never stop making shit. You guys are fucking legends

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      Animators doing thousands of Dollars for a few seconds worth of animation. Damn

    92. Charlie Brown Snoopy and Woodstock

      3:23 Donkey Kong

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      Watching with the spins rn

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      Max is looking glorious with his hair long

    98. Holyshitwhydidtheyletmepicksuchalongnameibetyourenotevenreadingthis

      When I saw the trailer for the clay animation I thought it would be shitty but damn, my man delivered hard on that

    99. Noah Doyle

      Can someone please explain the joke with Markiplier and cream. I'm honestly still so confused

    100. PL3X5A

      17:00 this is the best one yet 😂😂😂