Joining the Army PRANK on Girlfriend! **SHE CRIED** 😭 |Lev Cameron

Lev Cameron

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    Hey everyone its' Lev Cameron, @Piper Rockelle boyfriend. Today I'm up to another prank on my girlfriend Piper Rockelle. In this prank video i totally convince my mom my girlfriend, and other friends that im being drafted to the military. This prank was honestly sooo funny. Everyone had an amazing reaction, my girlfriend literally cried. Let's just say she got mad about this one. If you enjoy these vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

    The military:

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    ----**who was in the video**---
    Piper Rockelle

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    1. Tara Gurley

      Excuse me that young lady to you

    2. adelyn marcantonio

      14:40 im bawling my eyes out right now !!!!!

    3. Katelyn Chapman


    4. Erikka Cox

      Doud its disrespectful to make a prank about this

    5. Isabelle  Ocampo

      I feel bad for others people who cried play can we just talk about how I just cried watching a little video means thinking that he’s actually leaving and piper and then we’re literally a great couple and I am like dying

    6. jamin Schwehr

      Piper was so happy and she didn’t believe it at first and then she started crying and I burst into tears and my dad was like what’s wrong and I’m like nothing-

    7. Abdul Jak

      Be nice don't be so upset just kidding you're not upset you're funny puppy nice surprise your friends with gifts in 24 hours be nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice ❤️😀😘

    8. Payton Nikoradreaver

      Nah man I fi was lev’s mum I would have given him the shoe

    9. Madeline Fletcher

      Liper squad

    10. Tangi Namutuwa


    11. 𝙆𝙄𝙈𝘾𝙃𝙄

      1:40 to 1:43 What the actual

    12. Aheemay Products

      I think the fandom name should be Gangsters

    13. Ashesboba

      The “HUHTER PLEASE” was so funny loll

    14. J and J productions

      Get it...? Were allergic to you 😁 and yes I'm kidding but still call us that ❤️

    15. J and J productions

      Name as levatarians UwU

    16. Kylee LeBlanc

      Lev's fam.

    17. Amyrah Samyrah twins

      Did piper cry

    18. Ivan Maclaine

      For the name Cam Sams

    19. Asteroid76 Stark

      Bro that’s not right I bet you can’t last 1 day in the military

    20. Valdyn Wessels


    21. Alexus Carrington

      Call us ghosts

    22. I think it should be fantastic fans

    23. bubblegum plays

      I aculy cryed

    24. Elli Bourne


    25. Cambree Stanley

      The levs

    26. dylan and cari fan 4 life

      Since this is an army vid why not THE LEB ARMY

    27. Tali Friedman

      I think levs fans should be called the shmevs

    28. M B

      Should be leprechauns

    29. Amanda Smith

      I feel bad for Jenten

    30. Jesse Miller

      Friends and Lily

    31. Stephen Frey

      i feel so bad but it is so so so funny

    32. Tasha Ella

      Lev group

    33. galaxy girl

      I also cry

    34. niko tonyhoho


    35. Ezza_Skinner

      Omg poor piper

      1. Ezza_Skinner


    36. AA - 08MM 774361 Calderstone MS

      Poor piper awww it’s just a prank piper but u cry like all of us so when we are sad

    37. Kishana Simpson

      sooo sad

    38. Whisker River Outdoors


    39. Caden Webb

      Imagine pranking that your joining the Military when at least 100 trainees actually sign papers, go through basic training, go to war and risk THEIR lives! Your not funny and its not a funny prank its disrespectful and rude.

    40. OliviaM

      i got so mad cuz my video paused and my wifi went out at the good part

    41. OliviaM

      i cried when i saw ur mom and im still crying

    42. Mel Rich

      Oooooow poor lev his dad going to be in the army he said in the video

    43. Lil tumbler        / cheerleader

      Lol 😂 this prank tho I wouldn’t believe it but I’m just a tween

    44. Lil tumbler        / cheerleader

      It’s us the fans

    45. May Aguilar

      Lev did you come up with something 🥰🤨😃

    46. Javon Fisher


    47. Myiah Knight

      You can call us chicks

    48. Miranda Holmes

      because we love chanlle

    49. Miranda Holmes

      a name can be levers

    50. Clarissa

      Can u not joke about this it’s so insensitive

    51. Po op

      Wait a sec tho my sister was going to army training when I was 8 she was 21 but like now I'm 14

    52. Po op

      Po op

    53. James and Shari Robinson

      When piper cried I almost cried too

    54. TheCambridgesisters

      If he did go to the military he would be back already bc this vid was made 2 months ago also love your vids

    55. Aubrey Flora

      I feel bad when she started crying...

    56. Gacha girls

      Don’t leave your girlfriend

    57. Gacha girls


    58. Bron O

      I have a bf and he did a prank on me about the same thing

    59. Bron O

      I cried because how sad it was.but I forgot it was a prank

    60. Kara-Lee Henry


    61. Jada Benjamin

      Lev Fam

    62. Fasin Betancourt

      ty you so much this is aiyanna

    63. Fasin Betancourt

      can we do what is up candy pips ty bye lev please answer

    64. Shukranzayn Zayna

      Queen and King


      Ghosts bc of ur most pop song!

    66. Sage Baugh

      piper was so happy before she found out my heart dropped when she cried

    67. Ashalina Gary

      I cried

    68. Just Two Normal Girls


    69. Georgia Littrell

      Your cute but you love piper

    70. Havan Gibbs

      Baby ducks

    71. Derek Smith


    72. Warren Exlirz

      I nevr saw this much f**king cringe

    73. Legit_best

      Ur not even old enough to join the army tf 😅

    74. Josephine Louise Perkins

      Lets go #bootcamp

    75. Josephine Louise Perkins

      This is crazy

    76. •fearless karma•

      Jetzen looked so worried:(

    77. Scarlett Archer

      When piper cried i cried

    78. A never ending story


    79. ✰ carmenstropicxo ✰ #roadto100


    80. 𝔐0𝔠𝔥𝔞._.𝔗𝔰𝔲𝔨𝔦

      this is utterly disgusting

      1. A never ending story


    81. Brandon May

      You look 17 😂 think you gotta be a certain weight and height bub . All videos fake & planned 😁

    82. •Aesthetic•

      Lev is everything for piper

    83. Roselly Herrera sanchez

      It's mixs with love and lev

    84. Roselly Herrera sanchez


    85. wanda maximoff

      This is 😔 sad

    86. Caitlin Adams

      I felt so bad for piper

    87. Matthew Kates

      army crew

    88. Ashley Skellern

      I fell bad for piper and lev mom because they started crying

    89. Isabel Fisher

      Silly lev piper you still rock!❤️

    90. Chloe Smith

      I feel so bad for his mum.

    91. Eng Alaa Nawwas


    92. Eng Alaa Nawwas


    93. Heather Rose

      My dads in the military and it’s horrible we have to move every 4 years.🥲

    94. Nour

      Please please please please please my Ieper

    95. Manju Guleria


    96. Ella Marinkovic

      I feet so bad for piper she looked like she was going to leave as well😘😢

    97. Kaelyn Weston

      milatary boot camp

    98. Kaelyn Weston


    99. Kaelyn Weston

      the boys reaction was confused i would be too

    100. Lots Yum

      bruh you took it too far Lev lol

      1. A never ending story

        Yeah poor piper started crying