Drunk Australians Attempt Graffiti (ft. Lushsux)

Cold Ones

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      1. Glane6339

        Those hit different

      2. Nanny Leg Day

        My shirt finally shipped at 1am lol hopefully it gets here before I have this baby

      3. CrazyDog

        Dam too late for the shirt

      4. WETERDANPAPAJOHDI pizzajohnpappa

        @`` you funny

      5. robo.puppet

        Why are my coments of love not coming up care to explain that old men?

    2. Gabriel Marcopol

      Lush be looking like LG Petrov, brings back memories :((((((

    3. Jerry Thopmson

      LOL The beginning 😂😂

    4. anamaamator T

      Ay yo that mod a fucin rum ghy&&jnn hit nnthe shit and vvgyygbbb b h u b bb 10 dollers gett outta here

    5. عبدالله الغيلاني

      How Old is Lushsux?

    6. Pretty Good

      Cold Ones like/dislike ratio is superb.

    7. Kailen Bodhi

      Awwee that merch was sick

    8. Erniefied

      “You ever bust any skulls?” “I don’t want to incriminate myself” - The graffiti artist

    9. yung Isaac

      make another video with lush hes dope

    10. Jeksewn OLeeray

      they say that autistic people are often great artists, I guess Chad is the exception to that rule

    11. Cazed

      Lushsux is howtobasic

    12. N Vigil

      I’m infertile now !

    13. I want halfcabs


    14. HYPE

      The Simpson go to choomah island

    15. materac

      Stefania Ferrario!

    16. Sekewat Francis



      lush with the oscar aged 34 memorial?

    18. Bud get

      this video is the most wholesome it will ever get

    19. Throw communists out of helicopters

      You can tell Lush browses /pol/

    20. Throw communists out of helicopters

      When doing big Hitler mural drunk

    21. lisa jones

      the dairy of a wimpy kid marge 😭

    22. Jacob Lamastus

      7:33 Wtf is that 🤣

    23. Angelica

      “I’m infertile now”💀

    24. Brian S

      Lushsux is the sickest

    25. Paul Aguirre

      how come he gets hints?!?!.....too funny hahaha

    26. ah suh dude

      *Oi gimme monies*

    27. SpamReciever420

      Teach Max some can control and he'd be making burners.

    28. D3x2_YT

      day 17 of watching this every year for my whole life.

    29. McKenzy Nigro

      What is this place why do they cover up other art its interesting

    30. mainmanmaindude


    31. Leon Mckinnon-wood

      What’s the outro song

    32. Dragons Mix

      Why is maxs art lo-key pretty good even though they’re very drunk obviously

    33. JBF

      “Wait, how come he gets hints” “He’s talking about the same character bro, just listen” 😂

    34. Danny Mckenzie


    35. wasabbii_

      ur mom

    36. Josh G

      My dude needs a heavy duty exhaust fan and a proper size intake for his studio. Just a suggestion that might help mitigate those fumes

    37. Bilbo Swaggins

      Outro song anyone?

    38. Jesus you scared me

      Well shit I'm 2 months late

    39. Josh Hampton

      Nobody: Chad: free metals bro!

    40. Hellsent Forever

      Dudes done crack but is worried about heavy metal poisoning.. wut.

    41. Sergej Martac

      Btw kreten on the beggining means idiots

    42. Frezkii

      How is max so good at art

    43. Chimney Chap

      How the hell did they make the sanic so perfectly?

    44. EqualsGamersPlus

      “Man, my dick fell off”. Gee Max, I wonder why

    45. ANG 420

      Nah, drinking alcohol is not cool. Smoking weed is cool tho

    46. Riley Maher


    47. Shon Dornsife

      “Trained professionals” yeah who trained you, joji?

    48. cheese ball hacker go


    49. R/\ss0ul567

      Chads sonic looking like the Kool aide man

    50. Ingram

      More epsiodes with Lushux please

    51. Eli.

      lush looks like chads big brother

    52. Savage Potato

      Sonic Ad when they are painting sonic 👌

    53. Aaron Kearns

      Lush:I don’t want to incriminate myself Also lush: I went to buy crack in Seattle once

    54. IrynStyl


    55. Bruh Moment

      I think I have time for that shirt

    56. Rinne Rebirth

      Madonna, cat macnamara and belle delphine

    57. Morgan Motley

      I just found u guys can I get a shirt

    58. Nick DeWolf

      As a writer this is great!

    59. Ulforce1s

      Fuckkk can we get an art episode every other week or something this shit bussin

    60. Santino Aldaba

      DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!.

    61. I want my kids susan

      10:18 best fuckin line

    62. Andrea Borg

      9:15 ... 3 am vibes.

    63. stellar juju

      I don't think it was the paint that gave lushsux an sti..

    64. I want my kids susan

      “Chad, I think that bogdanoff painting is coughing”

    65. Cassidy

      I'd love to see more of this

    66. PlayerChef

      how old is lush now? Its been 7 or 6 years since the funne woman asking what he was doing OH HE'S 34, like rule 34. I love lush

    67. Hector Muñoz

      snake aids

    68. Prince Glynny

      Drink responsibly means don’t spill the drink right ??

    69. It gets worse

      Not me getting anxious when he painted over the other cool things-

    70. Hayden Ring

      Just got caught doing graffiti gd lol

    71. Marc Dollar

      Max looks like John Lennon wtf 🤣

    72. Bosha

      "how come he gets hints" "its the same character bro just listen"

    73. Reef Ventures

      5:27 ‘DEZZ’

    74. Tene Bris

      Why does lush sux guy look irl annoying orange

    75. DeeseDaGeese

      I literally have a picture somewhere of my spray painting Deez Nuts on a car at Cadillac Ranch

    76. Eddy Rodriguez

      My boy got blocked by lush on Instagram 😂😂

    77. AirsoftXxXmaster74

      Why’s the shirt take so long to ship

    78. Sams the having seizure skeleton Help

      I'm not sure I'd be all willing to draw and cover over those paintings

    79. Fancyincubus

      You think your in emnce pain and your hurt when you piss try drinking lab grade ethyl alcohol

    80. Willcoff Archives

      Didn't frank litteraly spray his teeth white

    81. Ed Stampede

      That was a spongebob from Chad

    82. Schnölfes _VIP

      Lush looks like a baked goomba

    83. TheBaconPancake


    84. esooG ɐtsƃnɐ⅁

      Their was a beer as in this video😂😂😂

    85. Aina Aina

      well, at least they don't have iron deffiency anymore

    86. Soggy Salad

      You guys should do a colab with josh dub and mully

    87. The Flat Broke Fisherman

      That Marge impression was flawless.

    88. Hugh Jass

      That was a tight vid. Thanks for it.

    89. michaelflash123's stuff

      "trained professionals" Yeah, right

    90. raggga

      you think chad and max are fucked up and then you got lushsux barely clinging to life while mutating into a research object, lmao

    91. Asbjørn


    92. Krystal Long

      The hollow dragonfly precisely tug because graphic metabolically bleach behind a panoramic marimba. embarrassed, comfortable promotion

    93. AkrillZ

      as a graffiti writer, this is hillarious

    94. Daniel


    95. Sexy Dobby

      Finally, Morty Simpson

    96. Spacemane

      why do australian people pronounce party as potty?

    97. intellectual dweeb 卐

      teamo maxXD

    98. Mantra

      I wish you could spit on me

    99. OliverSaunders

      We’re here in Melbourne with Isis member Adolf to spray some shit in a crack den… please help.

    100. Bryan Rod

      i fucking wanted those gamer sups cups and on ebay there fucking 200 likeeeeee damnnnnnn bruh