Sidemen React to Top Gear: The Most Offensive Clips


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    Top Gear: The Most Offensive Clips

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    1. ditiboy 1011 cpr

      0:44 lmaoo

    2. Mikey Meijer

      Where is Ethan's studio?

    3. Comical title

      These three (the top gear guys) are some of the funniest people on earth

    4. Mohammed Wajaahath

      Do a sidemen top gear for sidemen sunday

    5. Emppu T.

      People ask me why Top Gear is the best TV show ever made.

    6. Meenakshy Ram

      KSI s laugh makes me want to cut my ears off

    7. Jo Don Lee

      I thought James said: It's back to carpets, will you. at 3:02

    8. Kuintessence

      1:19 respectable opinion but I've been an American fan of you guys for 5 years not a problem man

    9. Sahal

      This is why I love top gear grand is amazing but I miss the dark humour

    10. YoungPutter

      Imagine waking up and remembering you’re a Mexican

    11. Laura Wilkinson

      Can we please get more Sidemen react to Top Gear UK 🙏🏻

    12. Kaide Evans

      top gear was the best thing since sliced bread

    13. FORZAFORD3861


    14. Alex Oblivion101

      If you're that fragile and one of those weak self obsessed types offended by everything DON'T WATCH IT !!!!

      1. frugalbeet

        Well it's a snowflake isn't it and this is what snowy joe said about them "them snowflakes have a hissy fit at you for making fun of something but then do the exact same thing in a different way"

    15. Some cool dude

      You can hear him go “eanie meanie minie mo WHOS A N****” some other jokes are ok but that was a bit far

    16. SUPEREST 97

      Shame they didn't respond to the whole video - missed out the Third Reich comment and some others (unless it's a slightly different video)

    17. Seth Heijboer

      I'm Dutch, i don't do drugs but i still freaked out when he looked at the camera and said "Hello Dutchie"

    18. Bima Perkasa

      The "Saudi Arabia" joke needs more context tho. If you hear the full joke, it wouldn't be racist and actually it might be true....

    19. WGV1

      They are finally reacting to a great tv show than all the other

    20. dragonslayer

      The audacity of brits to make fun of countries where they established their racist colonies and got their wealth from.🙄

      1. dragonslayer

        @Elliot Kirk yeah whatever

      2. dragonslayer

        @bob marley just saying

      3. Elliot Kirk

        They also make jokes about the uk as well so no need to be so salty, so I suggest you grow up and learn humour

      4. bob marley

        Wah wah cry more. Learn to laugh a little.

    21. Sammaak Usman

      Lil Dicky : i woke up chris breezy KSI: i woke up harry

    22. Kianderick Milflores

      Some Americans be like: 😶

    23. Uncommon Name


    24. Pi Network Invite: ZakariyaSoondar

      The 3 maddest lads in the sidemen

    25. Danny Decker

      The Grand Tour is pretty much the exact same thing, they just have a higher budget

    26. Henre Basson

      Ahhhh....better times.

    27. Mad Duck

      Oh harry said: it's me, KSI and bezinhga

    28. W.B.R.C _CLIPS

      Can you boys react to Top Gear Track Cars And The City? It’s an 8 minute video 👍🏽👍🏽

    29. Ryan Wilsdon

      Why doesn’t jj pronounce his r’s when he says bro and bruv, he says “ bwo” and “ bwuv”

    30. kurosawa 03

      5:13 Ksi: Laughing Subtitle: Music

    31. Aleksa Vučetić

      2:15 i remember this episode 😂

    32. Deaglan McNamee

      Wtf is Ethan wearing

    33. Zoro

      It’s me, ksi and Behzinga

    34. David Jago

      7:44 as being a certified Spanish person I can allegedly confirm this happens

    35. Clorax Eso

      Twitter would love top gear

    36. Nicolas Guillen

      They were the best thing on tv

    37. YTEurope HDGaming

      "Give me my fish back!". That ended me😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Estheban Vasquez

      Idk if I’m stupid or somthing but I thought he skipped jj too

    39. King Kirby93

      Never watched Top Gear cus Clarksons a dick!!!

      1. Loredajn 17

        You have missed an amazing show

    40. trash_ducc

      Top Gear is my favorite car related show and will always be

    41. the chisel warrior

      Ethan's laugh is so much better with shit connection..

    42. BigRandomUn

      They missed many good moments. One of my favourites has to be: 'Can you make that go a bit further in the back?' 'I don't want you ever to say that to me again.'

    43. BigRandomUn

      How is it that they know all these historic references yet they don't know simple maths?

    44. KiNG RiZZ

      Let's be honest. When KSI went on Top Gear, we were all wondering about the interaction between him and Clarkson. It wouldd have been the funniest thing ever.

    45. EmpiresEGG

      I don’t live in the UK but Top Gear is on of the best shows I’ve seen

    46. Crixus Cooper

      This just shows how people have become such snowflakes nowadays

    47. asterixxer

      Im german, and i find this gag with nav to poland very funny :D You have to learn to laugh about your self, otherwise live is boring.

    48. MCHL°

      Thought he was gonna react to bottom gear 😭

    49. 212 th

      4:14 😂

    50. Aidan Castle

      It’s pretty cringe-worthy when three men don’t understand half the jokes and just seem to laugh because someone in the video is laughing. I’ll stick with the originals I think…

    51. One True CaberKnight

      People didnt watch top gear for the cars, they watched it for the hosts

    52. JWags FTW

      "It's me, KSI" I heard it too. Haha.

    53. 0UT D0WN S0UTH

      This video actually touches on quite an important discussion to be had at the end tbh, why are we accepting that offensive humour should be censored now? Like it’s verbally banned from speech just in case it causes someone offence; it’s actually sad tbh

    54. Hijvg Kolfsr

      Wow racist a holed have TV show

      1. partypoison


    55. LS lover

      I think Clarkson got away with it because people knew that he was trolling and an Ahole and because May usually added an alternative view.

    56. Young DURG

      Does behz have a bowl cleaner for a rig??

    57. DayzzzMan

      3 absolute legends of TV, something we can all agree on

    58. Ssg Car

      Jeremey did the nazi sighn

    59. Higg Bandss

      Girl behind Richard Hammond at 4:47 is stunning!

    60. Natan Musman Thome

      Offensive? Grow a pair, get off your chair and go live in the real world

    61. Jacob Howard

      … lowkey thought the same thing as ksi about him being harry

    62. THEGAMING3EAK111

      next tv reacts should be offensive clips from tv shows from years ago

    63. ita Dapeeza

      My grandad used to sing that song jeremy Clarkson does but he said 'catch a nipper by the toe' I never knew it was apparently the n word originally

    64. Ryan Nowakowski

      Literally one of the greatest Top Gear videos on LVlabel to date

    65. The Pope

      We brits are the best for Comedy and having a laugh. Shame the PC crowd are everywhere now tho.

    66. Nate Livingston

      gotta side with JJ at the beginning XD thought the same thing

    67. Svensko92

      this is gold

    68. Itadori

      I love how JJ was laughing until he said the n word. It wasn't so funny then

    69. Jordan Seay

      As an American, I can confirm America is pretty crap for the most part.

    70. Andrew Schwartz

      i'm american and i wish i could be as thin as ksi's beard. love you guys.

      1. bob marley

        LMAO that gave me a chuckle.

    71. João Alegria

      Litterally THE best show.......... In the WORLD

    72. sam gardner

      Do another one of these please!!

    73. S G

      I can’t believe that, during the Mexican thing, Clarkson was by far the least offensive.

    74. Dambar Khadka

      The old top gear says that the new one are shit and that they want to do it in place for them

    75. Sohrab Chegini

      Imagine being british and complaining about other nations foods :)

    76. NoobAdventuresGaming

      08:00 was literally just Hammond being socially awkward 😂

    77. Terry O'Connor

      Literally not interested in what any of you have to say; I use this as an excuse to watch the trio again Edit: bored after 1:26… enjoy making content for pre-teens/late-bloomers

      1. Terry O'Connor

        Either you legit liked my initial comment just now or somebody else liked it and, in doing so, agreed with my initial comment, either way somebody had a reasonable and rational thought so I’m happy

      2. Terry O'Connor

        @Elliot Kirk this I am aware of and does disappoint me but I take it as an inevitability of LVlabel Your liked your own comment; I also disapprove of that

      3. Elliot Kirk

        Alright terry I’m sure they don’t mind as they made money of you watching it

    78. 26_Shivaditya Sarkar

      Top gear is just gold

    79. Brandon Madrigal

      5:00 I’m Mexican lmao

    80. DonuttMan23

      that slope joke in burma special got removed from the episode

    81. Elizabeth #Unicorn

      My sister has all of the top gear episodes there amazing ahah the uk and Australia are the best ever lol so much in common 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

    82. Zer0PvP

      The thing I love most about Americans is that they want to tell Britains, which not only invented the English language but also football, that it’s actually called *soccer*

    83. Matty Russell

      Reacts hall of fame

    84. menno elk

      Times were fun back then people didnt get buthurt over everything

    85. lxrson46

      sidemen recreate top gear?

      1. Madara Uchiha


    86. Username

      Half the stuff here isn’t even bad

    87. slatt

      This is beautiful 🥺

    88. 7stiano

      Lmao how did they get away with all that

      1. E P

        Because people weren’t such snowflakes back then and life was so much better

    89. Rizq Muhammad Dary

      "Oh no..Anyway"

    90. Justin Valenzuela

      Mexcian one did my ppl dirty 🥲🤣

    91. Barry Dunne

      The billowy jail immunologically embarrass because bottom radiologically communicate times a pale area. industrious, humdrum salary

    92. IT WAS I, DIO!!!

      These three are just like the original Top Gear/Grand Tour trio.

    93. Rodolfo Vega

      I’m Mexican and I’m sue

    94. Alberts Very Cool

      I like Ethans top tbf

    95. Goliath Projects

      Top Gear is peak television.

    96. David S

      I never understood why the Germans are allowed to forget their history, and be all offended if someone reminds them. Imagine if Brits could shut down anyone who reminded us of colonialism.

      1. Arsenic

        Germans...forgetting their history and be offended? What the heck are you on about?


      i was watching top gear at 10. i tot the jokes were entertainment

    98. SmartClam

      How stoned was Ethan

      1. E P

        Not at all

    99. Ninja Shoyo

      7:48 Well I'm from India and gimme back my money 😧

    100. Marcus Blue Wolf

      The truck driver joke was a reference to Peter Sutcliffe, the serial killer.