Paying Food Delivery Drivers to Eat With Us

Cold Ones

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    We Ordered Food and then invited the Drivers to Eat it With Us!
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    Glenferrie south
    VIC 3122

    Video Edited By ⇨ prezoh​

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    1. Cold Ones


      1. mpsiggy

        do a collab with OFFCANNY

      2. Evil Jigglypuff

        I admit I found you through Max's pokemon shit, but you guys are in my top 3. Awesome dudes. Keep up the good work

      3. Gopsin

        If you held a microphone I bet they would have stayed

      4. Lil Koda Boi

        You know your life and reputation (along with your friendships) have gone to shit when you have to watch cold ones drunk by yourself because you have no friends left

      5. Written Epilogue

        Oy random thought, you should get Superwog on the podcast!

    2. Drama Devin

      How has no one commented on the fact that the link at the end of the video leads to the “Only a spoonful” vine? That shit bussin

    3. Up Dog?

      Cold ones reminds me of power hour

    4. Gremlin Gaming

      Why is everyone scared of us? Asks the guy that delivered condoms to come in for a video

    5. Secret Voice Clips


    6. Mara Chapman

      what was the plan

    7. error


    8. Eric Lovett

      this felt like the aussie eric andre show

    9. Gnufire

      how much have you had to drink?? ONLY A SPOONFULL LOLLLL

    10. Reversi

      That fuckin spoon is my favourite cold ones character

    11. Austin Hall

      The absolute best of Chaotic Neutral


      They all were scared of you guys

    13. HotMommyTamale

      Gex 3 in the background nice

    14. Pedozzi

      Finally sos

    15. TheOrion101

      The spoon 🥄 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Horacio Amán

      2:55 3:00

    17. AnT1Pounce

      how rich u guys are

    18. -sweetpunky-

      12:16 *the wicked witch of the alcohol*

    19. Liam Deste

      I would HATE to be their accountant 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. Steve Nasty

      This is some of y’all’s best work :) u should do at least 3 of each series. Shirts Cameo Uber Eats etc

    21. Daria Weekes

      the link at the end is for the "only a spoonful" video you're welcome

    22. lee loo

      your ketchup just blew my fucking mind

    23. Korbin Witalka

      This has to be the drunkest max has been in a video yet

      1. zu_os a

        Nah he is just fucking crazy

    24. Thonked

      This reminds me of that ICarly episode where they told the takeout guy to be on the show

    25. Day-z Flowers

      This is so funny ong

    26. Damien Alger

      As an American I'm very impressed with that sauce packet. The only ones that we have that are any bit similar are at Chick-fil-A and you tear off the top and it's shaped like a ketchup bottle and then you can squeeze it out and it's like a weird tearing thing you have to do that one you just straight up squeeze it that's cool as hell

    27. Nauseous

      Sometimes I think I get fucked up when I drink but then I look at Max and its fine

    28. Hippie Scum

      OMG THIS IS SUCH A GOOD MEME! Im drunk af binging all ya videos! Long time @anythingforviews fan!!!! “HELP THE SAUUUUCE”

    29. trivialdox


    30. Cj Lopez

      Wut song is that 13:46 😂😂😂 plz

    31. DeanTheDreamer

      I always come back to this vid because it's fire but Prezoh's editing is KING this video

    32. Mad Hatter

      “Max how much have you had to drink” “Uh only a spoonful”

    33. Jesse Sins

      I only Just Noticed when they did the bloody mary chad Just flips his head back and doesnt actually drink it (yes i am blind)

    34. VRGamerGuy R

      I thought the fat one was Tomska

    35. Noah Robertson

      The speedrunning bit cracked me up XD

    36. Christopher Gomez

      I was eating while watching this and choked on my food from laughing, then the choking caused me to throw up.

    37. FaithVA

      I honestly fear max

    38. Anthony Correa

      RIP Hot Assistant woman you will not be forgotten

    39. 0rubberupfordan0

      Little baby max throwing up on himself 🥺🥺 poor lil smooth brain baby boy max

    40. Dallas Stepto

      Only a spoon full had me in hysterics brought tears to my eyes pure fkn gold

    41. Matthew DeMarsh

      As usual wtf did I just watch also such good content

    42. Venny

      That guy drew bugs bunny on the box

    43. Know Life

      max fatter than chad kek

    44. molly m


    45. stelfer

      I love how chad tired to control the chaos but max just added to it

    46. Gamerbro

      Only a spoon full

    47. CrazedCronch

      If I didn't know they were Australian, I would've thought they were from the US...

    48. uncle Ivan s games

      No no like this

    49. caramell

      I love how there’s no stopping max when he starts breaking something or making a mess

    50. daniel Goad

      What an awesome gross mess. Jesus

    51. Kohlby Rodriguez

      They didnt even make the burger 🥺

    52. Lily Riley

      did the egg guy say they don’t actually get the money from the tip? that’s fith

    53. Jack Kohl

      This is absolutely fucking insane

    54. That Man On The Internet

      Rip that floor

    55. Bernardo Reuter

      when did Max become friends with post malone

    56. Frank Lawton

      Can someone please find out how much they spent in total

    57. Ovrpowered

      I cringed fucking hard when they took the "sauce shot"

    58. best boi

      I'm hungry

    59. Santino Aldaba

      DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!

    60. BasicMint

      12:36 me and my friends creating mystery stew on lunch time

    61. TheRealAmek

      The first guys was so uncomfortable yet so chill it was amazing

    62. Trenton Squires

      *orders hundreds of dollars worth of condoms* "would you like to come in we're making a video"

    63. Badvibessega

      Did that delivery guy say he doesn’t get his tips ??

    64. swivel keyring

      I feel bad for the driver lmao

    65. Clanka

      the poor cleaner

    66. Glubert


    67. Karan Arora

      Bro you're just wasting food.

    68. Erik Åstedt

      I would have run from chad trying to lure me in with a 100 bucks if I didn't recognize him.

    69. Ser Dirt

      "I'll give you 100$ to come inside" i can't breathe

    70. Michael Chapman

      Chad's laugh is too much for me

    71. HannahBell

      Jesus christ, it's like watching drunk toddlers!

    72. Alfonzo Camero

      Man y'all got some awesome stores there, i tryed to order just the meat from McDonald's and milk the Canadian style ( milk in a bag for those who don't know what i mean) here in Texas and they called me a fing idiot said that it was against the company's rules. Just love how they follow the no one single burger piece part but said fuk it to the customer service. Fuking got to love america

    73. Booga

      chad looks like rowley from the diary of a wimpy kid

    74. selina noe

      Are we not going to talk about how Chad just didn't take the sauce shot and faked his reaction 😂😂

    75. Mtthw

      I'm watching this at 3 am and 11:14 to 11:17 litteraly scared the shit out of me. It felt like some creepypasta shit

    76. Lukas Struß

      Mia San Mia mein Bruder

    77. therandomchannel tv

      "WhY iS EVerYOnE sO sCARed Of US" Well..

    78. Cobba hall

      The end punch line is literally nothing and it couldn’t have been funnier 😂😂😂

    79. The reaper of anus

      I don't have enough money to eat alone, let alone pay someone to eat with me lmao

    80. MD

      Don’t trust the fat man

    81. Arthur Hellström

      watching u guys vids is like having a feverdream

    82. Spade

      Where did you get the comically large spoon

    83. A Sapoluu

      Petition to start the videos drunk

    84. Ramiro Gonzalez

      Tipsy bartender her boys that part killed be

    85. Wendig o

      Max threw up so much in the frank days that he now does it reflexively

    86. Red Line Together

      They got so drunk at the end

    87. Joe

      God bless everyone Jesus loves u

    88. Derek Danger

      Tipsy bartender reference was so hilarious lol

    89. Faith Allen

      4:27 toppingless base

    90. Brent Long

      madness lol

    91. 【しらいしく】

      Does no one in Australia know how to use a mask? lol

    92. Sabrina Marine

      Finally bugs bunny on the box

    93. Etrix11

      Where do u buy these bog spoons boss

    94. Logan Soule

      I love how there harassing strangers lmao

    95. Masked Gamer

      Thats a fluffy post Malone

    96. Adrian Smith

      Man not the yeezys

    97. Amelia Stanwood

      Why can't i get people like them when I deliver doordash😥

    98. Pointy Noodle

      "would you sell this?" "no" "how do you think we're doing?" "doing very bad"

    99. Pointy Noodle

      >I deliver 50 packs of condoms >fat australian drunkard comes out >he says "come inside we're making a video" >Guy inside shouts "come on we'll pay you!" >Run like hell

    100. Pointy Noodle

      to be honest if I was invited into a cold ones video I probably wouldn't come in either, even knowing what it is