Will It Carbonate and How Does It Taste? (Feat.

Cold Ones

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    Today we tested the limit of the Sodastream and the results probably won't surprise you.
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    1. Cold Ones

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      1. CC

        baked beanz

      2. Calum B

        10:06 and 10:29 “I don’t think I’m on yt anymore”

      3. Ultimate life Form of SIMP

        is this the crusty crab?

      4. Page Spink

        @RJ Padilla 6

      5. Pentagon Man

        what happens to the table, do you just replace it every time or do you hose it down

    2. bluepartyhat

      This channel is the best thing on the internet since filthy frank

    3. workingclass0

      maxmoefoe hentai fan service

    4. error

      5:24 best editing skill ive ever seen

    5. Missing Elements

      13:54 panned cakes

    6. Hendrix Pena

      [ [ [ [ [

    7. JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen


    8. JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING 10:28

    9. Golden Tetsu


    10. millakilla199

      Liked and favorited as soon as I saw the transition at 5:24. Dee-lish.

    11. allen osip

      you know Max puked out his entire stomach after that last frame

    12. allen osip

      5:24 I was not ready for that. This channel has the best edits period.

    13. C S

      That “yes.. yes” was very cute

    14. Ferral Fennin

      Chad: "it kind of smells like meth now" And you would know that how exactly?

    15. Marcy

      “No you’re good.” *continues pouring* Even more casual/reassuring tone: “No you’re good.”

    16. Emreld Fortnite

      How does chad know what meth smells me 😳

    17. ViolentGore

      chose the wrong video while eating..

    18. batata foda

      10:07 your mom when me when me when you me when i get in your mom me when you me your your mom when she sees me

    19. George Hogsed

      The only pairs of waterproof shoes I own are steel toe boots. Those don’t breath at all and paired with wool socks, your feet will be sweaty and your shoes probably stinky. However in the winter, they’ll keep your feet warm with thick socks.

    20. Tanner Enderle

      holy shit the runescape reference is just great.

    21. Porridger Manifesto

      I almost fucking puked this is a first for me🤣🤣🤣

    22. 3GoldBalls

      Do more Soda Stream. Like use Ice Cream

    23. Coolboy22 coolboy22

      232, 70, -99 6, 69, 75

    24. Tony H

      Dude you guys are funny as fuck and your editor Pezoh (sorry if that's spelled wrong that's just how I've seen people spell it) make me die fucking laughing. The sound effects and the fucking RuneScape herblore level up made me cough so hard laughing I almost threw up. I'm also high as fuck which makes it even better so thank you guys for improving my night 😂😂😂

    25. 𝕄𝕔𝕊𝕥𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪𝟜𝟚𝟘

      It's kinda weird, but black olives only come in cans here in The States. And green olives are only in jars, no cans at all.

    26. Comrade Americans

      i ate my lunch while i watched this.

    27. Braydoz

      ???. I don’t remember this episode of breaking bad

    28. kiwi

      Nobody: Hentai: 10:30

    29. Frosty Storm224

      'Kinda smells like meth now' How do you know what meth smells like

    30. Pixel

      Netflix: are you still watching? Someone's daughter:

    31. Lisandro FRETES

      2:53 Now i get more the "she don't swallow"

    32. halfbakedbananabread

      How this video is edited is how my adhd feels 10/10 Could watch whole vid without losing concentration

    33. Bodega OldHead

      1:45 it kinda smells like meth now 😂🤣😂

    34. Chief Clam

      5:25 what the fuck just happened

    35. Ethan McLeod

      This is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time!!!😂😂😂

    36. rewlnd1


    37. Jordi Palau

      5:23 is level god editing

    38. Bungmusturd

      can you carbonate herpes?

    39. John vito

      This vid always makes me hungry !

    40. Jason Schofield

      I'm canadian. I'm gonna make fizzy syrup next time I eat it (>°-°)>

    41. Eggbag

      10:08 Looks like me on a Friday night

    42. sweou

      holy shit 5:24 !! the transitions on cold ones are seriously the best on all of youtube

    43. The Spanish Inquisition

      8:30 this is for me

    44. Allthenamesaretaken

      max with the new fiber drink

    45. Hydrosting

      8:30 gets me every time.

    46. Valka

      how does chad know what meth smells like lmao

    47. lengthy lennord

      When they drink the cream omfg

    48. MetalandMayhem06

      This entire episode is like a Jackass skit and I am all for it. I was laughing my ASS off!

    49. viktor thykjær

      @10.30 hentai Girls after a good shot

    50. Energy Vanquish

      12:50 that was fucking vile Do it again

    51. Burnt Potato Filmz

      wait, "it kind of smells like meth now" WHAT?! suugsdfgsafgsa

    52. PatrioticBoy26


    53. Alpin28

      oh my god you guys are funnier than 99.9% of try not to laugh XDDDD

    54. AllMyBoards

      you guys should make hair cake

    55. The Drifter

      11:25 police siren😂👍

    56. noralex777

      Literally the show for the boys. And I respect the olive juice drinking bc I do too.

    57. Jager day


    58. Ryan McKenzie

      watch it at 2x speed your welcome

    59. kevin bailey


    60. Caleb

      Is this like the rip off trash version of Hot ones????

    61. LooneyPort

      Part 2 but it’s only alcohol

    62. Constantine Cloud

      I would throw up so bad drinking that shit

    63. Jared E O Speedwagon

      Ya know it's a good video when u gag watching it

    64. stalker Texas stranger

      Only a spoonful

    65. gugugaga131

      okay jeff is howtobasic

    66. Jade van der Westhuizen

      This is fucking hilarious

    67. Christopher Brown

      The tobuscus intro lmao

    68. owen

      when ur in a sleepover and ur friend sleeps with mouth open the friend when he wakes up: 10:30

    69. Christopher McCann

      Love how they found out Tabasco is spicy af mid sip

    70. Smeguy Eevee

      This reminds me of the good old LVlabel days with max, chad, idubzz, joji and HTB

    71. Iwo Orynicz

      this video made me laugh and vomit at the same time

    72. blemp

      Everyone: max dont drink glue Max: you're just jealous because i have sticky diarrhea and you dont

    73. the bean man


    74. nathaniel cossio

      10:07 the moan had me laughing so hard

    75. TeddyBot11

      Fucking hell your chugging glue!

    76. Danny Mckenzie

      Aussie g m m

    77. battered sausage

      10:34 this is my kingdom come

    78. Fletcher Keaton

      These guys are funny but the editing paid with it makes it 100x better

    79. Yung Riecke

      Deez is the best

    80. Clout 2147m

      2:40 I appreciate deez so much now

    81. Kro_Cow

      12:48 Thank me later

    82. Brandon

      Gmm but Australia

    83. Delwen Bothma

      Synchronised bleugh 😂

    84. Arson_Curry

      Syrup should not be that thin… why’d it just slip out…

    85. Brutal Marsh

      12:52 A *Fun Button* to click :]

    86. elizabeth ebsworth

      2:52 F1 cars be like

    87. Goat

      max has herpies. Looks at his lip

    88. LegoFan 25

      BWWWWWWH 2:53

    89. Mitchell Nigh

      Why do I want to be these two when I grow up?

    90. Nade Ninja

      4:40 Netflix: are you still watching? Somebodies daughter:

    91. Boi

      *this is my kingdome come*

    92. Aiden D.

      I love John Lennon in this video

    93. Allahs Word


    94. Fly Craps

      As a canadian I approve of carbonated maple syrup. Maple syrup for the win.

    95. Ian

      carbonated pickleback shots

    96. Joshua Bermudez

      H O N E Y 8:31

    97. H'o'nest

      2:51 this perfect sync made me fall out of my chair XDDD

    98. Nick Counsell

      I almost vomited when he chugged the eggs

    99. Alex Reed

      Carbonate Cleo's blood

    100. Knot Vocal Covers

      The irony of Chad gagging while saying "It looks like vomit"