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We TRICKED CELEBRITIES into Saying This...

Cold Ones

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    1. Cold Ones


      1. Crank Yanker


      2. Planet


      3. Fun With Minerals

        "Verify your age "Going to have to say goodbye along with everyone else from the UK area, no more passports (never really left that often anyway) and barley any of us actual have an ID that YT accepts. Also thats a lot of work to send them your id for every stinking video you want to watch. We should be pushing kids not adults.

      4. NickSchaferPokemon !!

        @Banana Backwoods u*I wi5h 1e

      5. Patrick Flores

        @Pigeonz I hear they are the coolest

    2. Hicksy0001

      I love BadLandChugs, he’s so wholesome and sweet :)

    3. Spicey Memes

      you coul tell gilbert was holding back laughter at the end of that line

    4. BiTurbo Boxer

      You can tell Gilbert Gottfried was trying really hard not to laugh

    5. Sinistrality

      Wtf happened to Draco Malfoy? All that pure-blood fucking led to that lmao.

    6. DowzerWTP72

      It set off my Google too.... Thanks

    7. Ben

      Gilbret is a national treasure man thats too good

    8. toast

      You ever get so baked you decide to rewatch old Cold Ones and you're not even sure if you're just tripping balls or if this is really coming out of people's mouths same

    9. Michael Arballo

      Fifty thousand = 50,00

    10. notdupont

      Gilbert Godfried is a fucking legend

    11. Joe B.

      why does anything look like hes in severe pain when he laughs

    12. joe WaWa

      If china gets the boom this episode is not going to simmer over well

    13. Frank

      I love how the episode that has made me laugh the most to fucking tears is the one that is age restricted. Long life to Cold Ones.

    14. Ricky Carr

      This episode has to be the funniest one. Cock and bulbs lol

    15. Gongoozler I am

      y'all finally started bleeping your swearing :D I think I'm actually going to enjoy this video :) Great! :D

      1. Gongoozler I am

        I spoke too soon, why did they tease me in the beginning?

    16. DJG

      You guys should do another cameo video but it’s all Gilbert and ex-president trump and I like the videos of people talking to each other

    17. The Ricochet Rabbit

      The video of fake trump gets sent back in the future to China and they nuke the moon

    18. Gregory MacArthur

      Never laughed so hard on youtube 😂

    19. Jeremy Ochs

      this channel never fails to cheer me up late at night after a few beers, cheers boys

    20. niIIer1

      Gilbert Gottfried is a legend.

    21. Nate Jackson

      Jesus and Johnny sins had me dead

    22. Nate Jackson

      I’m dying laughing

    23. kevin 420

      That is awesome..Gilbert is the best ever! he don't give a fuck. 😂

    24. Ryan Ogg

      I now understand where lolathon got the Malfoy

    25. Evil Jigglypuff

      Thank you Mr. Breast

    26. YagahYeety YT

      This was the funniest cameo video I’ve seen so far

    27. Dominik Graml

      we need a part 3

    28. Kynan-Aye

      I like the part when they get drunk

    29. s u n n y

      Just realised use arnt drinking on COLD ONES ?

    30. ????

      0:50 - 0:53

    31. DRS

      all of them were great except Tony Hawk bc he dodged every slightly egdy line and tried to be cool

    32. DRS

      Haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Ty

    33. Ryan Sh0R3boy757ESVa

      Everytime hey google or ok Google gets said I never realise until it's to late that now im watching epic fortnite moments on my Google home

    34. Alissa Foyt

      This is fuckin legendary

    35. Christian Goodboy

      We live in The universe we’re not only has both Gilbert Godfrey and Chuck E. Cheese said progress but they both sounded exactly the same

    36. doppelminds

      That's Patreon money well spent

    37. Alex Mccutchan

      Gilbert was having a hard time keeping a straight face. Great fucking work, well done bois

    38. kyler sladyk


    39. Kyle Messick

      What’s Max’s shirt I want it

    40. IDKaboutthis Fuckoffyoutube

      You get a like because Gilbert Godfrey

    41. Chene Coffin

      Shout out badlandschugs😂😂😂

    42. murry001

      holy crap, i laughed so hard at these videos

    43. Ben Swauger

      We need undertaker cameo.....

    44. Code Man

      the deniro one was funny af

    45. Santino Aldaba

      DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!.

    46. ffokuf

      i like the eaten edit a lot i shit a little

    47. NesDude90

      Omg, Gilbert’s had me in fuckin tears, dudes. Amazing requests, guys 🤣🤣

    48. Samuel Prince

      Gilbert always looks like he's holding back a chuckle. What a legend. I'd love to see him on the show. I bet he would get wasted but it'd be hilarious.

    49. B Smoke

      kung flu canceled

    50. Shigaraki

      I just saw a TikTok clip of this video... that’s weird how it was first on recommended..

    51. Zach Heffner

      Chads shirt during the 2nd half, where do I find that?

    52. Blue Coat

      I smoked a cigarette while watching this and it was still less detrimental to my health.

    53. b_ l

      what if China actually thought that was trump and was like “ooooo silly orange man wanneh plei da boom boom game”

    54. oj 5hat

      "The sex was poggers" 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆

    55. Nikolai  CCCP

      i feel like all the harry potter books and movies all were made for this one seggs joke

      1. Alexander_Cdn

        She was 100% named moaning myrtle for the jokes

    56. Alex Studzinski

      They need to do just cameos of gillford Godfrey

    57. Bloody Snow

      Your the kind of friends I need/want in my life🌮 same sense of humor 100% and can do the craziest of things 😭🤣

    58. James Ley

      Im sick and I couldn't stop laughing omg lmao

    59. big chingo

      "Welcome to us laughing at our own jokes for 15 mins"

    60. Papa Ganoosh

      Charlie sounds more like Ryan renolds

    61. Jade Lynn

      This makes me love gibert even more

    62. Alex Vazquez

      so that’s where that tiktok sound came from

    63. sea anemily

      Johnny Sins's prayer at the end literally made me ascend

    64. zZephyr

      as far as im concerned, big chungus will always be funny

    65. SnowmanDaShowman

      Fucking Gilbert Godfrey OMFG I fell off my couch & on the floor crying laughing..HOLY FUCK!!He’s the GOAT!!!

    66. ethanchaotic

      watching this video for the 10th time, can we please get shoenice on cold ones

    67. Reilly jarvis

      person: Breaths Chad and Max: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    68. Braxton Morrison

      there’s no way this is free content

    69. DamnDave

      The trump guy was hilarious, I was crying laughing

    70. christian alexander

      best one

    71. Gino Carusone

      my favorite video of all time

    72. Leon Blake

      Gilberts was the best my chest hurt after i watched it

    73. K Florence

      That fuckin animation at the end

    74. Annika Ruelo

      Hey man don’t diss on Will Roland like that.

    75. nøno


    76. Swaggie-Yolosquire

      dear god. i almost had a fucking Asthma attack watching this video and I don't even have asthma

    77. McShrizzle

      This is hands down the best Cold Ones video

    78. Higg 420


    79. Higg 420

      "Fortnite Big Chungus" -Robert De Niro

    80. Alfredo Castro

      This be Bussin

    81. Koito

      I’m fucking screaming and I’m only 12 mins in

    82. Kyren

      Gilbert got me laughing so hard i almost threw up

    83. Peter Griffin

      I've got my foreskin intact, I'm watching you

    84. Pants Mage

      ah these never get old big chungus till we die

    85. DN


    86. Noah Green

      The she was still alive gets me every time🤣

    87. Jimmy D

      That Donald Trump “double” is so trash and looks ridiculous. He made me hate trump even more

    88. Robin Lotz

      At first i thought that the trump one was fucking hilarious, then shit escalated pretty quick. The ending had me doing fucking flippers! Love u guys, you make the days over here in Sweden a little less shitty! Keep it up!

    89. Gavin Locke

      ahahahaaaa fuck I pissed myself ....shout out from South Africa

    90. Ryan Sahara

      Can we get johnny sins on cold ones

    91. Cad Drimpson

      Remember the day PRAISE JESUS

    92. Smilodon75

      "Okay, Google. Play Fortnight Epic Moments" My phone, "Alright, but first you'll have to unlock your device." Yet my GA ignores me for some reason...

    93. Chesus


    94. Tony Sanchez

      That animation at the end got me lol

    95. mochi1i

      this putting a smile on my face after a mental breakdown is nice, thank you

    96. Menel.

      that obama dude looks like steveo

    97. Sidney Phillips

      Johnny sins is the goat

    98. Lord Zeffo

      Gelbart godfrey is a absolutely massive FUCKING legend!


      I love it when Americans say cunt… especially when they’re dressed as Jesus” chad big men

    100. HeyItsVoid989

      i watched this while playing golf