Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With STUTTER, They Live To Regret It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    00:00 Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With STUTTER
    07:54 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    Writer: Dhar Mann
    Idea: Dhar Mann
    Director: Ruben Ortiz / Rushikesh Bhadane / Mario Rodriguez
    Editor: Ruben Ortiz
    Composer: Milo Cantor
    Senior Managers: Ruben Ortiz and Tony Corsini
    Pre-Production Manager: Kat Davila
    Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons, Kevin Svec
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar, Alexander Pacillas, Allan Dave Castro
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant, Vaibhav Arora, Elisandro Gonzalez
    Sound: Noel Palacios / Brian Sly

    Paula - Luci Grisafe
    Meghan - Charlotte Pulley
    Gordon - Nick Shields
    Steven - Ethan Patricio
    Teacher (Mr. Jackson) - Colin Borden
    Student 1 - Keilahni Dixon
    Student 2 - Mikaella Lopez
    Student 3 - Iyyonce Love
    Student 4 - Orion Hunter
    Student 5 - Roman Cabaong
    Student 7 - Brilana Bae
    Student 8 - Carson Hammond
    Student 9 - Andrew Rodriguez
    Student 10 - Julian Vidaurrazaga
    Student 11 - Anica Alexander
    Student 12 - Tatianna Areizaga
    Student 13 - Isabella Hudson
    Student 14 - Ariyah Johnson
    Sally - Kiarra Beasley
    Teacher 2 - Yvonne Miranda
    Teacher 3 - Donerick Rainey


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      1. Liam Rodriguez

        That story so nice it made me cry I’m crying right now thank you you’re not just telling stories with changing lives

      2. John Dupree


      3. LaLisa

        That's so mean but this video is important for bullyes

      4. Charief Outhman

        Can you make me my own Mars and give me one of it please 🥺

      5. Liam pevec

        Dhar im big fam!!😍😍🙃👑 your amazing guy! And were not just teling stories were chainging lives😍😍💪🏻

    2. FrenzioGeo

      that girl is a ginger she already lost all arguments against her

    3. wantcookies99

      those 2 peepopel at the end would take like an hour to finish a conversation troll face

    4. Laney Home

      Dude....the makeup artists covered up Paula’s freckles. I know her in real life and she loves them (btw she goes to my school and she’s in my choir) her real names luci...she’s super nice like the opposite of Paula lol but it still sucks they covered them up.💔

    5. artificial_Pinewood


    6. Leann Joseph

      American girls always rude and dont know there place. They always bossing around someone child and worse yet if they can't defend themselves. Paula own friend vote for Steven. PS. You can be who you want to be if you work hard at it.💙🙏🏽💚😊

    7. Kiera Hunt

      Please Paula only like one person who clapped *loser* and Steven belive in your self

    8. Steven Portis

      Paula: be quiet before I start making fun of your ugly jacket Me: that’s like the coolest jacket I’ve ever seen.

    9. Cellable

      left right goodnight mate

    10. Fati Derradji

      Istarted crying at the begining and at the ending iwas soo happy and dharmanns vidoes cuz tgey always end with good endings and very good advices 😀

    11. Spencer Cruz {VA}

      People who are openly mean in my school were usually getting called out. I know that it's fictional, but it kinda sucks how everyone's siding with her.

    12. Cheater staqi

      The girl is not even pretty

    13. JD - 08MN 774859 Springbrook PS


    14. JD - 08MN 774859 Springbrook PS

      2 2🚐🍬🍡🍭🍭🍩🍩🍩🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡

    15. Dixie Whiataker

      Jo bidin is a dummy

    16. %a-little-%

      We’re not just telling stories we’re changing lives

    17. Lelas mezo

      Love the video dhar mann

    18. WolfKiller589

      I only stutter when Im nervous but I feel him. God bless him

    19. phoenixlatter jump

      1:37 “Here we go againe”

    20. Gacha life

      I love your videos ;)


      Aww 🥰

    22. Mobile King

      I just want to tell this story Soo... There is this indian rapper named "KARMA" and he used to stutter and used to work as a security guard for an ATM. Now he's one of the biggest indian rappers,

    23. Andrea Jauod

      I always cry if i have to talk in front of alot of people

    24. Keila Eiana Ramos Nacario


    25. faisal bhatti

      This man is very kind to people and students

    26. Sara Costa

      Im Also stutter

    27. Kyle Ciudadano

      Me too I am vote

    28. Eethann Sabasales

      The actor of the teacher was very good! He made it obvious that he had a stutter before because he would pause between words. Very good

    29. Bana Akhal

      Paula that’s not nice that was not nice Paula

    30. Fluffy

      Doesn’t anyone think Paula looks like Ginny Weasley?

    31. Staxrry Txca

      Not trying to be rude but why did they have to bring Joe Biden up in this lol.

    32. Anna Bartram

      Me and another classmate has a stutter too


      not woman but girl


      so so so so so so so so sooooooooooooo sad:(

    35. Jeffrey Tian

      Teacher: just because you stutter doesn’t mean your not smart Joe Biden: *almost broke his foot while walking on stairs*

    36. Cody Bellinger fan#35

      If this was in irl he would prob studding cuz he is from another country or he’s nervouse

    37. Sophia flower 🌸

      Paula I have a nice moment The moment when she gives Steven his glasses back nicely

    38. Dino Queen emilia

      I sometimes sutter and my step dad does too

    39. JenaroF


      1. JenaroF


      2. JenaroF


    40. Emma Bean

      J-j-joe bi-biden NO hard feelings but stevan sounds like joe bien XD

    41. Aroma From Heaven

      Very interesting

    42. Fidget kid

      We’re did you get that crown Paula the 99 cent store no one likes joe Biden no offense everyone likes Trump

    43. Good Times GD

      I have friend who stutters, I tell him to take his time

    44. Mellissa Yuri Antiquina

      3:19 the way she handle back steven's eye glasses. By the way I like her act she can play the role properly, and one thing I just noticed she has a little resemblance of Ginny Weasley from the movie Harry Potter.

    45. Anna Cushnahan

      I have small stutter and you just have to speak slowly to say it

    46. Kate’s Krew

      My friend starters to I love your videos

    47. rabbit-nugget

      i stutter too

    48. Izuku㍿Midoriya㍿

      Bullys without Glasses People With Glasses Gets Randomly Bullied Me: Stop bullying you PROBALY CANT even SEE 3 INCHES AWAY

    49. axxl2k


    50. Shoto todoroki

      Who where’s a crown to school?!

    51. Devin Arshad

      I love this anime

    52. Nisali Thumara

      I have heard that stutter people is more clever at education than others

    53. Mostafa A Mamon

      Someone in my class has stutter and he gets bullied every time but I always support him and say that if your goal is to not mess with people, you have to set an example for them and I will always help you do it so, don't lose hope and this time, I am going to say that if you stutter, it is so good that it needs to repeat some or a lot of times

    54. Christina Boateng

      Thank you Dhar Mann for always making these awesome, inspirational videos. They always make my day ❤️

    55. Jeremiah Wade

      The fact that he wants to be like joe Biden 🤔 soooo he want to be a pedafile

    56. Karleigh Stephano

      Arent you so glad he didnt say he wanted to be a president like Trump? We finaly got him out of the whitehouse!!

    57. trentster

      Are you really that d-d-dumb You’re the one talking

    58. Neonstar48

      If I was in that class I would vote him

    59. Killua Zoldyck

      why does Paula think shes so cool, but wears a crown at school LMFAO💀

    60. Malham Takieddin

      I have stuttering problems and lots of people have been making fun of me to the point sometimes I come home crying but I don't let it take over me much Dhar Mann you are a great person I just want u to notice me and maybe like my comment

    61. Zhaoxue Zhang

      I cringed at the start ‘because i am popular and pretty’ AND CRINGED WHEN ONE PERSON CLAPPED HAHAHGAHHHHH



    63. Alicia Ferrara

      Chill outttttttttttt

      1. Alicia Ferrara


      2. Alicia Ferrara


      3. Alicia Ferrara


    64. iiGacha Mxchii

      Paula: I'm popular and, I'm pretty! Me: pfft yeah right Steven is more popular in my opinion

    65. retroflashbackdude

      Paula hasn’t heard Jude Judy’s phrase “beauty fades dumb is forever”.

    66. Shirley Hite

      Why joe Biden

    67. Doug Lantz

      Now we know who they voted LOL!!!!!!

    68. Faizan Mohsin

      The Teacher Is

    69. shea

      and they should call her ed sheeran with that red hair

    70. Zwavyycheeto

      Dude my middle school is called Lincoln middle schools lol

    71. Syed Ammar Tahir

      I never thought that schools and colleges of U.S have such bad bullies.

    72. Selvedina Barucija

      Sssssssstutering ppppaula

    73. LIMEv21 YT

      Dhar Mann comfirmed Democrat

    74. Brawl Stars gaming

      If you stutter there is no becoming someone other tip

    75. it's yianoi

      IF I was the one I could vote for you Steven

    76. Meem

      Instead of stopping the bully he just tells him to do the speech

    77. Giada Siano

      Theese always make me tear up

    78. Danielle Davis

      No nice

    79. April ramirez

      aaaaaym Also stuttering

    80. Ztupidie

      Literally every kid like when their parents correct them and they say: Bu-Bu-Bu- Parents: NO BUTS Ngl thats is me

    81. Ashton Lee-Archer

      I think just cause he stutters it does not mean he can't archive his dream. I know so many people who stutters and and archived there dreams this video just hurts me how those bully's are being mean just cause he stutters. I think that girl who stranded up for Steven is really nice(I almost cried watching this vid) luv ya dhar mann

    82. lawandorder888

      Paula: What? You can’t be serious!!! Paula’s friends like Sorry, Princess Paula Me to Paula: That’s what *YOU* get for bullying Steven. Karma really bites in your ass isn’t it. So the lesson is: NEVER BULLY SOMEONE WHO HAS A DISABILITY.

    83. David Goedons

      I stutter to

    84. Pøtátøsįmp🥔

      Princess Paula: d-d-d-dumb Me: Gurl ur bullying a fricking boy that stutters pathetic 😐

    85. Scrapper

      Biden was elected because he cheated

      1. Epic gamer

        Stay mad

    86. Julie Cooper

      It is so sad

    87. brianBeast

      3:07 i completely lost it and got so angry😡

    88. Brandi Carlile

      I never make fun or bully anyone thats different because thats how God maid him and I'm proud of that

    89. CREAMCHESE100

      2:42 that was actually funny

    90. REKTEAL

      Steaven:huge but does not fight back Is i was steaven: OOOH STEAVEN SMAASH THIS B!$%CH!!!!!!

    91. MrRaz Raz

      Well, not completely, for me

    92. MrRaz Raz

      This video would definitely be for me. Thanks Dar mahn!

    93. Scar’s Playhouse

      I hate Paula she’s a bully!