Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

Cold Ones

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    We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    1. Cold Ones

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      1. Jessica Slabchenko

        I bought hoodies cause I’m a simp

      2. Tinyyy Tv

        Y'all Should Try Puncheon From Trinidad ...With One Shot Its Overrrrr😭😭😭😭😭

      3. oallen333

        @Schwaant 111

      4. Candice Guthrie

        Do one getting super stoned


        Our white lighting here in the old south 🇺🇸🗽🦅 will run a car too but taste great too...

    2. Anton B.

      Im sorry what was his Name again i forgot

    3. greatdaneja

      I love you guys

    4. tridente Cornelas

      gostei, precioso

    5. Armin Haider

      I am Austrian and a friend of mine nearly died cause of stroh80. No joke!

    6. Frosted Moontips

      8:48 Max inhales the scent of Stagg and immediately nuts himself XD

    7. jas

      aussies having a lil pre-drinks

    8. N S

      His name is deeez

    9. Haley xx

      CHAD how long have you been growing your hair GOALS

    10. YSN Shane

      First he beats me pokemon TCG now alcoholism wish we had cool people like than in the US everyone loves magic and hates alcohol

    11. Tayven Ramirez

      Russians: meh. Needs more vodka

    12. James Pierce

      I’ll pay 150$ a month usd to your patreon if chad buys a car that’s not a Nissan cube

    13. Dominic Monterosso

      100 proof vodka is a staple here in Kentucky

    14. Mr.Pennybit

      It's like hot ones, but good

    15. Aussie Bloke

      Do not try this at home!!!!

    16. Aussie Bloke

      Aussie version of Hot Wings!! but will kill you!

    17. InVain

      6:32 oh no.....

    18. Daniel Esparza

      I have taken 7 shots of EverClear 190, Just watching this and honestly i would do it again love you guys

      1. victor

        Dood while watching this my liver pains 😖😖😖😖😖........

    19. Giana Alamo

      Deez Nuts

    20. Evan Jacobsen

      I’m chad’s American twin

    21. Rece


    22. Alex R

      You guys need to try Octomore whiskey

    23. Yezza


    24. Jan Aasmund

      world strongest alcohol 95%? I make 96 in my basment

    25. NyceBryce

      "This MF got a cork in the middle BRUH" *thas where corks go*

    26. NyceBryce

      I hope there's a bed nearby, two to be exact.

    27. Anatoli Zonavavich

      Surprised everclear wasn’t on the list lmao

    28. Dj Teodoro

      Try bagaço, this is a Portuguese drink, it is very hot and hard

    29. Marc Geronimo

      the strongest alcohol is ever clear, lying ass video name

    30. Star Jakken

      You know you’re drunk when you drink to “Shoenice”

    31. Fern Perez

      Where’s the Ever Clear at?

    32. Luke L

      Imagine.. the moment… they stood up.

    33. Luis Velez

      Yall talk too much just drink

    34. MrMmonerd

      So i had a friend buy me a bottle of my choice for my bday so i picked a 151 rum thats 75% alchohol for like 10$ literal bottom shelf stuff and they said i need to drink it since its my bday so i drank it straight out the bottle and threw up projectile later that night

    35. Life Is good

      The right one is so annoying that he is somehow funny at the end! :D

    36. Ray

      Gente eles ja beberam 51? Pitu? PLEASE TRY BRAZILIAN CACHAÇAAAAA

    37. Jesse Foster

      When deez can't handle his liquor lmfaioo

    38. CJ Norris

      "Rum drinkers beat their wives!" OMG that had me dying!!!

    39. Garox Edun

      Ciu bekonang keras lur Indonesia tradisional alcohol drink awoakwok gabisa basa inggrid

    40. Markus Varusk

      why buy all this expensive gin and vodka and stuff when you can just buy a good ole laua viin for like 7 euros

    41. Dj Smith

      In the us there is a bottle called everclear it’s 190 proofed that shit can kill you🔥💯

    42. MarkFromNextDoor

      red belly

    43. Chinchilla

      11:17 I'm Canadian, you should let me on the show. I'm a lightweight with a stomach ulcer, so It's physically impossible for me to drink more than you guys

    44. The Branded Hollow

      As a proud Englishman I can confirm that we are harder than you convicts over in the glorified penal colony you call home.

    45. Gyoz

      You guys are so drunk... wtf

    46. Mr Kiol97

      Hamer broms

    47. Danny Dimes

      Omg I’m so glad I found this. I’m happy that max has a new channel to be himself on

    48. Ah… Yes?

      POV : *You're watching this for the fourth time and decided to look at the comments*

    49. Demize Bhoov


    50. Kevin Guyo

      Do we really need liver ????

    51. Ka Roll

      Try Spirytus Rektyfikowany from Poland 98%

    52. Coarvus

      Everclear is all you need

    53. Coarvus

      Theres a 120$ bottle of tequila in cozumel, it's aged in a barrel and you'll love it like its water

    54. FrostWargen

      Holy crap...I remember being a teenager and had a cold, and my mom said "Here! This will clear stuff up!" ...and she handed me a shot of Stroh. 20 years later, still feel the burn.

    55. NoFoolinDoolin

      Had the Tiki fire at a bar i was working at, would definatly recommend grabbing a bottle and trying it. Bussin

    56. Aibenje Paulino

      In philipines some old man drink tanduay 80% bottoms up in one drink

    57. NickHerfMemeCentral

      "Aw, it's a rum! Rum drinkers beat their wives!" Fucking sent me lmao

    58. Jjay Johny

      Ther’s one more alcohol- DENATURAT

    59. VforVendetta

      This like drunk scrim and ruby from UK lmfao

    60. Noah Ahlers

      My liver is quaking…

    61. Charles SImonsen

      90s and up just drys your mouth in a bad way

    62. amelia

      as someone who smells a *hint* of vodka and cringes like I just took a shot, seeing them just drink these and have no reaction blows my mind

    63. Rahadian Fadhlurahman

      11:00 yuriy fucking dies

    64. Lord Harambe

      I was waiting to see the Wray and nephews

    65. Edwin Webo

      Iam not sure what his name is, can he possibly say it one more time

    66. SLIQ BEATZ Productions

      so what im seeing is some fools mixing light n dark liqour

    67. Amal Santhosh

      They death' or still alive after this video

    68. Screw The Net

      Try american can get well over 200% abv (400+ proof) for the hardest alcohol ever. But BEWARE...its fact dont do what I said. I accept no responsibility. Thanks :P

    69. jjay bourne

      Honestly hilarious watching these two get progressively drunk😂

    70. Travis Fishwick

      I'm close to 16 bahahah I'd drink ya under lmfao

    71. dude theater

      You should do ever clear

    72. Gold Spring


    73. CaptainSnuggles

      Jokes on you, I don't have a wife


      I thought deez was maxmoefoe

    75. N C

      When he starts slurring his words…. ☠️

    76. Tim Minter

      The blue Smirnoff you paid way to much its like $39.99 here in the USA bassically you paid like $58 for it still to expensive but good shituff

    77. benjavari

      There is a reason bacardi stopped selling 151 and people don't drink everclear straight.

    78. General Deadpool

      Not gonna lie I would try that Barbados rum.

    79. KSI Bad Gamer 7

      My name is deez nutzz

    80. dana satria

      please try arak bali or cap tikus

    81. BAB

      I love how this video rapidly descends into chaos

    82. Death Angel

      Can we talk about how together these dudes kept their shit during this thing?! I'm on 10 shots of Jim Beam watching this and halfway through I forgot I wasn't watching Bad Boys. Fuckin Jaden Smith bro......goodnight

    83. D D

      discount version of hotones

    84. Hayden Steinhilper

      I guess they haven’t had ever clear yet and I might have to send that to them

    85. Skirt Nation

      Try U.S.A. Moonshine you can’t handle it

    86. Skirt Nation

      The rounded bottom is for bartender drinks so us drunk people don’t get bored an pass out I have to drink and watch this every time I drink I’ve watched it like 30 times

    87. Rob Gates

      Are you all trying to get alcohol poisoning? I am surprised you are still alive.

    88. Broden Johnson

      They moved it to the Caribbean because temperature affects the aging

    89. Nathan Sanders

      what does his jacket say ??

    90. Destin H

      Dude these two are hilarious

    91. Need_ Fortnite_Speed_heat BG

      Rakia stronger

    92. Baby Yegitxz

      CAPTIKUS. Please try 🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏

    93. Mimi

      guys, i think his name is deez

    94. Cos 10

      Any nepali people here👀😂🍾

    95. Austin D

      I can't tell if these guys are just so trashed that they're acting like complete Jackasses or they were getting high as fuck before the video?

      1. Forgor

        His name is Deez

    96. Esther

      literally had the worst hangover in my life today, can't even look at a bottle of vodka without wanting to gag yet i'm here watching this video :'D

    97. b.O.d 89


    98. b.O.d 89


    99. Triscuit

      They killed the corona virus if they had it in them

    100. Mr zdrenka

      You guys should make a cocktail of all these drinks