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    Hey everyone its' Lev Cameron, @Piper Rockelle boyfriend. Todays video I'm doing a mukbang with my girlfriend Piper Rockelle. In this mukbang we eat a ton of McDonalds, and answer some relationship questions. Stay tuned because at the end you'll find out Piper Rockelle and I are getting married. I love making these mukbang videos, and I would love to do more. Let me know your favorite part of todays vlog with my girlfriend. If you enjoy these vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

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    ----**who was in the video**---
    Piper Rockelle

    Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.


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    1. Bella Allen

      i can really tell that piper does not wanna be with this dude

    2. Mini Erika AKA Kayla Richard

      You should actually do some more McDonald's I like some that looks pretty good

    3. Mini Erika AKA Kayla Richard

      Lev Cameron and Piper you should become a kid for 24 hours or a teacher or an adult for 24 hours or go back to school for 24 hours one or the other I challenge you guys

    4. Mini Erika AKA Kayla Richard

      You should have your sister prank Piper rockellemore often

    5. Mini Erika AKA Kayla Richard

      Lev Cameronyou should go back to school

    6. Reneice Scott

      For her her you should of said vinnie hacker

    7. Aurora games


    8. Joleen Ion

      I’d save lev and she save her mum my sis all save Hunter

    9. Joleen Ion

      Hii I’m a big fan

    10. Joleen Ion


    11. Eliz Lovely

      I feel like you guys are going to like be together forever too


      i feel like if i joined the sqwad they would body shame me

    13. Eryna Zara


    14. Khim Tang

      What happened if they actually get married it well be amazing Liper! Will make a happy family!❤️❤️❤️

    15. Danna Hernandez

      The time when jentzen goes " thank u daddy" like i-

    16. Ellery Vannerus

      Piper loves the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s she ate them most of the time

    17. Grace Condon

      when Jentzen came and stloe food did anyone else her him say THANK U DADDY TO LEV LIKE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    18. Alex Copeland

      Well that changed on little big shots lev XD

    19. Mayra Occilant

      #Liper 💕

    20. quackson

      when piper said she hated tom holland i took that so offensively because i’m obsessed with him-

    21. Piper Rockelle

      Me eating a salad right now 🥗🥗

    22. G Plays


    23. LiyahGames

      No like me

    24. Xavi Escalona

      Lev Cameron

    25. AJ_Eliz Blitz

      Tom holland watching this be like: 😃😀🙂🥲😢😭

    26. AJ_Eliz Blitz

      Why did jentzen say “thank you daddy”💀💀💀

    27. Chels

      What on earth happened at 13:56 really I wanna know

    28. Chels

      That real awkward kiss at 13:12 tho LoL

    29. Kendall McGregor

      They keep talking just eat I would have already eaten 5 cheeseburgers and 2 🍟🍔

    30. Lara Cute girl

      Jenzen win he came and took some fries and kissis the camra

    31. Ashley Selelo

      I knew lev was gonna say peach

    32. ✰ L4URASM4L1BU ✰ #roadto200

      Imagine is this happened Lev: gives fries Jentzen: thank you my sugar daddy I would die if that happened XDDD

    33. Victoria Hansen

      Piper cants get married she’s 13..

    34. V Scott

      piper would Say her celebrity crush is lev

    35. ✰ L4URASM4L1BU ✰ #roadto200

      Me: looking at the comments All im seeing Jentzen: tHaNk YoU dAdDy

    36. gracie bryant


    37. Yeshua Salcedo

      0:53 best asmr put it full volume

    38. samantha godfrey

      I like how this video feels more realistic, It would be nice to see more of that.

    39. Janet playz

      I am also gonna say without hunter holding the camera it's just like the video is incomplete

    40. N😜oob!😏

      Why do they blur out his face when he eats the cheeseburger?

    41. Daria Sokolnikova


    42. Laila Cele

      Lev is so mean 😪

    43. Janet Phuthologo

      Liper is my favourite couple

    44. Lucy Her

      Y’all are 13-16 and y’all already thinking about getting married. Just break up

    45. sienna and willows unboxing channel

      I have always been close to my dad because I'm more of a Tomboy than a girl but my cousin's dad left him his brother and his mum when he found out she was pregnant and tried to take the older brother so he is closer to his mum

    46. Léa Sibai


    47. Emma Lin


    48. Liana Garcia

      How do you not like outer banks your weird

    49. Sheree Danks


    50. Sheree Danks

      Who loves McDonald’s 🍔🥤

    51. Amelia’s Life

      How can she hate Tom Holland 😫

    52. Miguel Cardenas

      i think the name brad pitt triggered lev into leoeeloeleoeleoeeleol

    53. ʜ ᴏ ᴘ ᴇ シ

      Is it just me or did anyone else see piper stick her middle finger, when lev was trying to but the "ring" in her finger

    54. Sienna Drebert

      piper would be a Strawberry

    55. Roslyn McCheyne

      Lev: here you go now LEAVEE jentzen: thankyou daddy

    56. Lakyia Lee

      they say daddys little girl or princess mommas little boy

    57. Ashley’s Gallee

      16:01 i watched this when it cam out and now but he was like you know you know 🤣😂 bloody marry

    58. Chill_Vibes✨

      i cant imagine you guys breaking up lol

    59. Roxyplayz


    60. Mocap

      Jentzen thank you daddy Lev. Nothing not even a word Me lev should be jentzen sugar daddy

    61. Fruity Juice

      At 13mins and 55 seconds when lev roughly kissed piper I got jumped scared I did not expect that lol

    62. ▪︎swirl▪︎

      I got so mad that they didnt eat the McDonald's

    63. Thatcrackheadella

      6:37 did she really say no to ian😭😭😭😭

    64. Chamath Amakara (P.S.A.D)

      hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    65. Sadnoodle _art

      Love you’re the best

    66. Alaina Gilbertson

      I’m sorry but how does piper not know who Tom Holland is?! 😂

    67. Miko b volg


    68. si sweeney🤍

      um ur 13/14

    69. Killua!

      I like your vids

    70. Cat Oreo

      Me having a crush on jentzen Jentzens: *kisses on camera* My heartbeat: the fastest train on earth

    71. Simply Marley

      As soon as I saw mickdees btw it’s my fav resturant

    72. User

      “Thank you daddy” -jenzten

    73. SanaBearx


    74. Desirae davis

      thank u daddy

    75. Eva Monnelly

      Bob Ross

    76. Makayla Smith

      Ian somerhalder is bae idk what she talking about 🙄🤚🏼

    77. Harlow Lindsey

      I think your celebrity crush is lev because he is a LVlabelr so he is kinda a celeb

    78. ronnie shenkman

      Yea New York the biggest city in the country ahhhh👍i live 20 minutes from the biggest city in the country and I can take a bout that takes 15 I hop you go thare and met you because I am a big fan of you guys love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    79. Fluxy

      At 13:56 he wiped the kiss

    80. Jayden Crawford

      Bruh I love the rain 🌧 I wish it rained all day skmetimes

    81. Jayden Crawford

      Haha clumsy pipers

    82. Raquel rodriguez

      You remember Emily right here video where they eat hot wings the pepper you suppose to get the seeds out because that's what it makes it spicy I know those kind of peppers I used to eat them at mexico

    83. hannah lenz

      Piper:knocks fries over with box her face:😮 Lev: what the heck was- OH MY GOSH

    84. Arielle

      Y’all should do something nice for Hunter. Because he films for you and the squad almost every day. Like I think that you guys should get him his dream pet.

    85. Arielle

      Piper: I like guys who are nice funny, that’s why I like Lev. Me: Two all the people on TikTok calling this man musty. Also me: I FEEL SO BAD I JUST WANNA KILL THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLING HIM THAT.

    86. Keneilwe Modise

      I hope y'all do a part2 of this

    87. Destiny Pedigo

      She just said ahe hates tom holland 😭 oof oh well

    88. Kendell Celestine

      Piper just makes a mess but lev is a good bf and cleans it

    89. shehzadi salma

      i loveee this video i like it when they do mukbangs and pioer looks soo different in this vid idk why

    90. Margarita Medina

      Did janzen call Lev daddy🤣🤣

    91. Margarita Medina


    92. Peyton Dolan

      Oml jentzen really called lev daddy

    93. shelby dingaan

      Love you guys so so much

    94. shelby dingaan

      Jentzen:thank u daddy Lev:who u calling daddy full

    95. Athena Ramirez

      Jentzin really said thank you daddy when he have him fries😭😭😭

    96. Janice Cacatian

      Thank u daddy

    97. Its Angel

      LMAO Jentzen: thank you daddy Lev: thank you Also Jentzen: **kisses camera**

    98. XxKinjalxX

      Bro ur 16/13 u cant get married at that age 😭💀

    99. Its Sophix

      They mentioned thank u daddy in jentzen video

    100. Marieme Faye

      I'm just playing I love jentzen