I watched one SNL episode from every season

Drew Gooden

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    Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since Moses left the show in 1400 BC.

    00:00 - Intro
    01:31 - 1975-1980
    05:40 - 1980-1984
    08:37 - 1985-1990
    11:59 - 1990-1995
    14:38 - 1995-2001
    18:11 - 2001-2006
    20:21 - 2006-2012
    25:35 - 2013-2021
    30:47 - Conclusion

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    1. Amy Shoemor

      why does drew always do something no one asked for?

      1. CamZigs

        I appreciate everything you stand for

      2. John Doe


      3. Miles Lugo

        Because he's brave And he's being controversial

      4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

        @James McHammond 🤥

      5. James McHammond

        @( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away 😕

    2. Toastr Monky

      The season 3 sketch Samurai Night Fever was a spoof of Saturday Night Fever. The voice was making fun of John Travolta, and the original film was about disco.

    3. Hanna S.

      this video rules but not enough bill hader in it 😔

    4. Abby Churchilligous

      Great video Drew!

    5. Pablo Escobar

      Someone get charlie to watch this

    6. Channel Rob

      the Adam Driver episode was amazing for me, it was funny watching this unhinged man break down in so many different ways

    7. OhNoNotThatPlz

      Smoshpit try not to laugh is more consistently funny than snl, and it's just edited improv.

    8. Kawaiwatermelon

      Surprised you didn't show any of john mulaney's amazing skits like Lobster Diner and Cha Cha slide Other than that, amazing video!

    9. Carys Newman

      You couldn't have said it better. It always so annoying when people say that.

    10. Bryndís Víkingsson

      You glossed over the Christopher Guest/Harry Shearer/Martin Short season, which was a high point just before Lorne Michaels returned.

    11. Jay Jeckel

      8:05 No love for Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh?

    12. wwindowlicker808

      It started getting really bad when they started breaking character in every other sketch. Pete Davidson, Jimmy Fallon, and Bill Hader are the worst offenders. It was funny occasionally with Chris Farley but they started making it the point of the sketch. Like haha see who can keep from laughing.

    13. Jar OT

      Saying that the old stuff isn't good now is appropriate, but saying that the old stuff was never that good means you haven't really looked into the perspective of when it came out and why it was so funny then.

      1. Jar OT

        That "child's video", Mr Bill, became a national icon.

    14. Cozi_Animates

      I’ve been watching SNL since I was 8. Mostly just the sketches that would pop onto my recommendation page on LVlabel. I’ve been watching for 5 years. I will tell you I’ve at least seen them all and I almost gave up on snl when I saw the “Gen Z Hospital” Skit. And I thought “Jesus, what was that.” But when I saw the “Murdur Durdur.” (I’m from Philly) me and my dad had fun watching that (our family makes fun of us for saying water like “wooder” so it was funny. But I really groaned when they didn’t even have a good ending. Elon Musk’s character wasn’t climatic at all. I’ve just been rewatching the old sketches.

    15. Katrina Rodriguez

      ketchup AND mustard on the hot dog pls

    16. Dr. Extra

      The Musk Era is the lowest point in television history.

    17. macnolds

      SNL was never good. Some casts were more star-studded than others, and some seasons had more memorable sketches than others, but it's never been consistently good. An SNL skit tends to have just one "idea" that they just repeat over and over again throughout each skit. No depth or clever way to reinforce an introductory theme, or any focus on anything other than the main gimmick. It's never been a well crafted, thematic, consistently funny sketch show like The Kids in The Hall, Portlandia, That Mitchell and Web Look, In Living Color, Key and Peele, Chappelle's Show...hell, it wasn't even as funny as Mad TV. Perhaps Mad TV seemed "low brow" in comparison, but the sketches were just so much more robust and hilarious.

    18. akulahirpada1993

      I think with Adam Sandler, it's not that he's funnier back then. It's just that his schtick was still new back then, so he's still considered as funny. But then everyone outgrew his style and his style just hasn't changed. Like hell, he still do that 'funny voice' that he always does ever since his SNL days.

    19. Nick E.

      Sorry uhhh why does bob odenkirk look ridiculously handsome in the photo at 9:34

      1. Hanna S.


    20. MoOoDLe mIP

      Man, don’t you remember how funny Drew used to be? I swear he’s been steadily going down hill since 26th October 1993

    21. A S

      Totinos, New Paint, Actress... so many hilarious skits

    22. Jim Jim

      The day I learned Saul from breaking bad wrote matt foley motivational speaker was a really good day, thank you for reminding me

    23. mari H

      snl good because pete davidson hot

    24. DimKen 1E

      maybe different people have different opinions about different things ex : Person n°1 : snl hasnt been fun since 90's person n°2 : snl .... since 1985 etc... Internet (or whatever social media) is not one person, so its normal to hear opposite (or non-concordant) thoughts about one topic (here : the quality of SNL through the years). why complaining about that?

    25. Trinity Klomparens


    26. Ring Piece

      Chevy Chase is a POS

    27. Aiden Christenson

      The panic attack I had when you caught me off guard with One Winged Angel

    28. Memu

      Modern SNL can be extremely unfunny but one episode I remember loving was when Adam Driver was hosting.

    29. Popular Chat

      You are 100% correct! I always preferred the Comedy Central condensed version of the show way back in the early 2000's. Hit and miss can be an awesome name of a sketch comedy show.

    30. Christian Pathfinder

      Post trump era really had them drowning creativity and hitting trigger words for views

    31. Albert Giesbrecht

      You missed the season with Billy Crystal. That season saved SNL.

    32. Isabel Medina

      you rule, genius. SNL good like you

    33. Earning Attorney

      You mean aside from a couple of "golden eras" snl has always been bad??

    34. Meave1018

      Very good review. Totally disagree with you on Chad though.

    35. icomertz

      You can't comprehend what a pre-You Tube world was like. You saw these sketches once and then had no idea if you would ever see them again. When you can watch them on-demand, doing a sketch 6-7 times in a season seems insanely excessive, when in real-time it was just a little excessive.

    36. Logan A Timmons

      SNL hasn't been funny since Ancient Greece when Sanilicus the Comic did his impression of Perseus that was the good old days.

    37. Vulpixxle Nya

      I’m an Andy Samberg simp.

    38. Jakholl

      When I was a teenager I fucking hate SNL because I turned 20 this year.

    39. Tom Sinsky

      This guy underestimates some of the women from years past: Gilda, Jan Hooks, Cheri Oteri, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, etc.

    40. PrettyAzzNeika

      This show is so over rated. So is The Office (US)

    41. beelzebop

      hello does anyone know where drew got his milk shirt ?? please i keep staring at it throughout the video :((

    42. CS Xanatos

      I popped in to say even though comedy like art is subjective. I 100% disagree with you on SNL. Though not always SNL in past years with this nucleus has some absolute great moments..thanks for the vid.

    43. Katie

      I love SNL. I moved in the middle of my junior year of high school and suffered from stress insomnia and didn't have any friends. I'd stay up late watching Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert during the week and SNL on Saturdays. I got into a lot of SNL reruns. I'd never paid a lick of attention to politics or world events or even adult pop culture- I'd been hanging out in my little teenage bubble and I was suddenly consuming all of this topical, adult content. It really changed the way I perceived myself in the world. Also, it was a time when I needed the laughs. And there was something so lovely about the country sitting down once a week to laugh together, listen to some music, and poke fun at our politics. It made me feel like part of a cultural institution. Obviously, that's a teenage girl romanticizing the cosmic role of a sketch comedy show but that's just where I was at. I still love SNL, albeit minus the rose colored glasses. I tend to save the youtube videos of sketches that make me laugh the most and then when I visit family, we watch them all, like a clip show of my own curation, and laugh until our sides hurt.

    44. joey donaldson

      The spotless notebook terminally dam because manicure differently tire beyond a detailed date. amused, satisfying deal

    45. davidinark

      Phshaw. SNL hasn’t been good since the late 70’s/early 80’s.

    46. Benjamin Rae

      Hi 👋

    47. Cybo Man

      Review MadTV

    48. CYGNIUS

      *I never realised that Billy Preston played on SNL 1975. Hell yeah.*

      1. Albert Giesbrecht

        The first episode, yeah.

    49. Abby Sanders

      Drew please don’t be a prophet about Tucker

    50. Alex Palmer

      Dear god Drew, PLEASE do not make a prediction that Tucker Fucking Carlson will be president... That is a terrifying notion

    51. Mr. Sprinkles

      Catchphrase comedy is pretty stale. Except for “GET OFF THE SHED”

    52. jojo218

      dopey you cant watch 1 show a season and think you know the show , the mr bill skit was funny it wasn't a one time short. the 1st show of season always starts off safe

    53. ScarsHavoc

      SNL should have made a sketch where Elon musk and Pete Davidson plays the trees that keep hitting all the Tesla’s

    54. Sydney P

      HAHAHAHAHA oh my god I actually laughed out loud when you said “hi I’m walk-in here” holy shit

    55. Sydney P

      This deserves an emmy

    56. TotalRevengeance

      This was 37 minutes long? damn time flew

    57. TotalRevengeance

      I barely watched SNL at all but the ONE sketch that always makes me laugh is the crab fest one with Zooey Deschanel

    58. SuperNormie

      i didn't know about Keegan on SNL because all people talked about was Elon and now my day is ruined

    59. Kekarot

      I agree that Kyle and Beck are great. I almost exclusively watch a short of theirs when I can. Hoping for big things for them when they leave SNL.

      1. Tom Sinsky

        Beck is much better.

    60. Joe Nelson

      The Bruno mars episode on peacock is missing it’s best sketch where he sings for a radio station

    61. daft banna

      This happens to everything comedy based. One of my favourite youtuber channels College Humor has this exact thing where every time new cast members come out it's awful until they leave and then they miss it

    62. Hoffman Sucks

      SNL hasn’t been good since 2007

    63. cherry wilson

      oh david s pumpkins my beloved

    64. Kristopher Levine

      I’m 33 and absolutely I look back on the entire decade of the 90s as pure gold for snl,thought the cast was great the whole decade....but I have to say I think the era of Tina fey,Amy pohler,Bill header was prolly the best comedic point for that show....brilliant writers but also geniuses when it comes to their comedic timing

    65. johnny rodriguez

      You’ve never seen Saturday Night Fever? That was what Belushi’s samurai segment was parading

    66. Raymx slapped y'all

      taint hmm,taint haa. 2002? did she host 2 times? cuZ I watched it in 2000

    67. Raymx slapped y'all

      nah they were fired cuz of some drug related incident they got into

    68. Raymx slapped y'all

      snl was good in the 70's but when snl 80 debuted it was like every cast members just peaced out

      1. Albert Giesbrecht

        The very first sketch was a WW2 bit that went on way to long.

    69. katie

      one of the most awkward things in my family is when we all watch SNL bc we all have differing opinions on them

    70. Destany toothbrush handsanitizer

      Does this comment mean anything

    71. ttintagel

      Cheri Oteri and Kristen Wiig had the same schtick - repeating the same line over and over, mugging silly faces in between.

    72. Lewis

      Holy shit, Madonna sounds SO New York in that episode from the mid-80s. I'm so used to Translatlantic Kabbalah Madge.

      1. Lewis

        @Albert Giesbrecht I have, it's fabulous! I've just been exposed to post-Ray of Light Madonna for so long that I forgot what she used to be like.

      2. Albert Giesbrecht

        You should watch the movie Desperately Seeking Susan, with Madonna and Rosanna Arquette, it will blow your mind.

    73. Charles Berg

      Here late but Murphy did save the show. Oddly enough he was apparently resented by his fellow cast mates, being the only snl cast member to host while being a cast member.

    74. Lumiya

      wow. This guy hates the molecular man.

    75. Marc Gorcey

      I watched season one as a child and my relationship with it has waned but have been watching since. I still watch. It's edifying to read this astute summary of it from a younger person and I agree with everything Drew says.

    76. mushy

      Yeah I grew up during its last good years. Once those guys left to do movies (the talent) I don't even remember stopping watching it. I mean Chris Farley was still alive last time SNL was relevant

    77. SuperGinger

      The papyrus sketch is pure comedy gold.

    78. Luiza Palma

      snl & drew gooden deserve better

    79. baronvg

      George Foreman hosted an episode once where he played like an Incredible Hulk character but the whole sketch was a self criticism of how every sketch was basically the same joke told over and over haha. I wanna say it was like 95 or 96.

    80. teebalicious

      I agree, SNL has always been 5 hours of trying to shove 3 pounds of comedy into a 50 pound sack. But I will also say that if we ever elect Tucker Carlson President, I’m kicking your ass on my way to the border.

    81. Rookwall

      Oh piss off, Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse animations were the best

    82. Rose

      Thank you Drew

    83. Lemon lazer

      the elon musk / chad sketch was actually hilarious. years after sighing seeing that character

    84. Ace Frost

      hates on adam sandler, hates on elon musk, hated on chad, well time for me to click off

    85. Kristina Pence

      George Carlin quit being funny in 1984. I'm 50 and seen ALL SNLS. seasons 42 through 46 ARE the BEST. 38-41 are really good.

    86. Snacky McGoo

      Drew = leftist.

    87. Demonic Cat

      Chad on top, you don’t know anything

    88. joenn smiththth

      Its a Saturday night fever spoof! It's hilarious.

    89. 月野 うさぎ

      IMO The Lonely Island was the only good period of the show lol

    90. Kevin

      I think that SNL has a bad reputation because everyone likes the sketches from when they were teenagers, and teenagers are decidedly not watching cable TV anymore.

      1. Albert Giesbrecht

        I saw the first episode as an 11 year old, I thought it was outrageous. Now it's meh, whatever.

    91. worrywort

      The Elon Musk episode is funny in a Lynchian way and I stand by that

    92. madilynn Miller

      "They do way too many sketches about president Carlton." 🤣🤣🤣

    93. Shannon A

      The graph with David S. Pumpkins made me giggle. That’s kinda how I feel about SNL. But you make good points, Drew!

    94. Greg Picadash

      Well, I definitely appreciate your opinion on what you think is funny or not. However my opinion is in complete contrast of yours. Overall, I think Saturday Night Live have been funny for a long time. I think that's mainly due to the type of political humor that shoved in your face over and over again. Yes, there are some funny moments at times, but they are small in comparison to the previous decades. Sorry, I just don't have the same opinion as you. And I think that's okay.

    95. David Ostrowski

      drew gooden hasn't been funny since vine

    96. GuitarSolosLiveOn

      As someone who is in their started watching SNL in 2018, going between like 2004 and current episodes, I don’t have the problem you’re describing except with a few viral videos (I do have this problem with certain youtubers form like 2010), but I loved this video because it was a nice little condensed history that really put the whole show into perspective. I tried to watch some classic 70s episodes but they were so sexist it was kind of hard for me. I like watching the older political sketches because i like to see how certain events were seen at the time, not really because they’re funny. Great video! I really enjoyed your takes and your nuance!

    97. Michael Jacksin

      snl hasn't been good since Fred armisen and Andy samberg

    98. Magda Radwańska