My Girlfriend Said She HATES ME 💔| Lev Cameron

Lev Cameron

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    Hey everyone its' Lev Cameron, @Piper Rockelle 's boyfriend. Todays video is very emotional because my girlfriend Piper Rockelle said she hates me on camera. This is all because I was apparently too "annoying and rude". Through out the day we secretly film Piper to hear what she has to say about me. Stay tuned to see when my girlfriend has finally had it with me and says
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    ----**who was in the video**---
    Piper Rockelle
    Emily Dobson:
    Ayden Mekus:
    Jentzen Ramirez:

    Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I'm a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I've been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to's, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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    1. Swasti Singh

      Lev was cared when piper throw pillow away

    2. Candice Hastings

      Awesome prank! :)

    3. Camila Garcia-Cervantes

      Lev you NEVER ASK A GIRL IF THEY ARE ON A PERIOD but I love your videos

    4. Jazmine Jones

      She had no reason to yell as if she’s being murdered “what do you want” just shut up

    5. Kylee Bear

      Is it like be mean to Piper day😅😅😅

    6. Random  Editx

      You where so mean 😩I feel bad for pipes❤️

    7. lamath amir

      I see why he made muwi video called hate me too

    8. Cassidy Henderson

      The screech of "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣 but then I started to cry... 😭😭😭

    9. Lisa Groenewald


    10. Johanne Chery Pierre

      I. Love piper now I love you too but still I don't like it

    11. Johanne Chery Pierre

      Piper is cool do you like it

    12. Johanne Chery Pierre

      I'm sorry to hear about piper

    13. Elizabeth Johns

      Are we not going to talk about 1:06? He swore and children watch him.

    14. Adalyn Hodson


    15. OD Equestrian

      “WhAtZ wRoNg WiTh U bRuH?” -Lev Cameron 2021

    16. Kamyl Parks


    17. Jennifer


    18. MARYAM

      04:46 the way he was trying to not make any sound I felt sad 🙁

    19. Marilyn M

      This made me laugh so hard like piper was so mad and she said she hates him like what I love liper

    20. leshay's gacha life TV

      Nvm love you lev

    21. leshay's gacha life TV

      You said p word pist

    22. Tamara Kemp


    23. Angela Dorsey

      O.M.G you were so mean

    24. alex king

      I like him but some times I ask how she copes with all the noise

    25. Evelyn Welc-Rice


    26. Lily Williams

      Piper I love your videos and you’re so pretty

    27. Dada Dimars

      And Piper pranks Lev prank keep pranking agan

    28. Dada Dimars

      Lev always prank Piper and Piper is getting mad and sad and cry

    29. Sidaart Sathiyanarayanan 9

      jeez piper calm down it's not the end of the world please don't shout at lev it's the bad people . The haters are your enemies you should yell at them you are one great matured singer and youtuber you deserve more subscribers and fans and you have such a good soul flex on the haters they don't like your videos show them how talented you are or. the good people are always on your side piper peace be upon you

    30. Sidaart Sathiyanarayanan 9

      piper is a well matured girl she shouts at lev thinking that piper hates him but she calmed herself down and reunited with lev

    31. LiLaC Milly

      Omg I’m sorry for saying this cause I don’t know her like from my point of view I don’t like her she’s so rude!

    32. Tara Marshall

      Me to

    33. Queen Hamilton

      Lev looks fresh😎😎😎😎😎

    34. Nicole Green

      Me to not as a bf

      1. Nicole Green


    35. Tricia Du Plessis

      I cant believe Lev said "Cause your on your period"

    36. Tamara Basra


    37. MeLo

      14:50 Love When Piper Said I Hate Lev Cameron Then 5 Seconds Later She Said I Love Lev Cameron And Then Tgey Kissed. Piper Is Also Super Sweet To Be Able To Resist Hime Without Breaking Up. She Has To Calm Down When Lev Pranks Him For As Long As They Have Always Been Together. She Is So Sweet, Independent, And Mature. 😂💖

    38. MeLo

      10:06 The Way Lev Jump When He Thought He Was Going To Get Hit But Piper Actually Just Threw The Pillow Backwards. 😂

    39. Elyssa B

      3:30 hello Danny DeVito (Sorry if I spelt it wrong)

    40. Laci Reed

      he trwated her so bad all day i would try to keep my calm as long as i could

    41. Gizelle Arballo

      oh LEV why i do not like

    42. Weird_gacha_kid1111


      1. Weird_gacha_kid1111

        Sorry I'm a auntie romantic 👹👺

    43. Patty Reid

      I fell so bad for Piper so much💔💢🥺

    44. Daphne Anau

      No offence but I HATE YOU SOO MUCH LEV OK you and your stupid pranks are over not a fan

    45. Taraji Johnson

      Piper is so patient

    46. Kofi Adu


    47. Laurie Tapia

      Lev fake date Emily to prank the squad

    48. Jasmine O'Brien

      I loveeeee these vids

    49. Hemang

      He has a jb outfit on

    50. mary-lou Awad

      Yupp piper doesn't like Gia anymore

    51. adorexxvibes

    52. Lohit Sharma

      Liper 4 ever

    53. Wame Masie

      Why would do that But entertaining

    54. Allison Flores

      Piper is so calm Haha but I would slap lev then just be calm

    55. Kiki's gocha life

      Umm question ? Why does Lev look like he's afraid if piper

    56. Jessica Quinones-Pickens


    57. Arianna Facio

      this wasn’t even funny

    58. Zademadison mad


    59. Sean Gonzalez

      That was mean

    60. Dejanay mcinnis


    61. Y2kkvamp

      I hope liper stays tgt forever, it'll hurt to see lev being mistreated:(

    62. Familia juana Dinmgo


    63. Costa Mapa

      Piper is soo cute

    64. ofentse nkosi

      Piper always cleans her room

    65. imkongsunep imchen

      piper is so good she is kind beautiful etc I wish I was her best friend like Emily and more...... but actually she is a little older than me

    66. yakta


    67. Meepmapeeps ss

      Lev so funny

    68. Colby Stinnett

      at the begining of the vid i thought i would have a chance....

    69. Juli Q

      Is piper only 13

    70. Hydrxna

      Idk how they think it’s fine to build a whole carrier on faked pranks.

    71. Hydrxna

      Saw piper look at the camera AGAIN at 9:54

    72. Hydrxna

      7:34 OMG PIPER LOOKED AT THE CAMERA! I knew it was faked!

      1. Hydrxna

        @მარი თევზაძე AND if it was such a coincidence then why did she look DIRECTLY at the camera AGAIN at 9:54????

      2. Hydrxna

        ​@მარი თევზაძეno, you can tell she makes direct eye contact with the camera and the camera man. And even if she didn’t, how did hunter get all the way across pipers room WITH THE CAMERA without piper seeing him?

      3. მარი თევზაძე

        She just swinged her head and didn't saw it

    73. Audry Ferry


    74. Audry Ferry


    75. zackhary charles


    76. Chaeli St. Bernard

      Gia on her phone is a whole mood😂Piper really is the sweetest...Liper foreverrrrrr

    77. Alisa Charlot

      Also don't ever ask a girl what thier age is

    78. მარი თევზაძე


      1. მარი თევზაძე


      2. მარი თევზაძე


      3. მარი თევზაძე


    79. LAUREN

      I hate you

    80. JustHODLbob Warzone

      You said the P word

    81. Addelynn Dickerson

      He said pissed

    82. Sangita Raghunath

      Ieam a. Lio

    83. Nergis Ulu

      the man looking at them 😂

    84. G.kyndiah

      I like how Piper said that Lev is being a big baby

    85. Rita Guillen

      Language lev

    86. Jenny&Maddie

      Pew pew

    87. Lisa Scott

      I am 13 and I like jenzen

    88. I like how piper was calm and in a nice mood lev you ruined piper nice mood really leave. Not cool dude

    89. penelope huntington

      I hate this video fat is not bad your using it as an insult

    90. Brady Webb

      He is acting like my dad besides the cuts in between 😭

    91. Sukhbir Ghotra

      I started crying when he said that they were breaking up in the beginning

    92. Mike Gullotti

      The last thing that you cannot is that you know that you’re the best person to be with you I love you 💕 is your day and I hope 🤞 day you are better and that you can get the rest your heart ❤️ to my day off to you know what to

    93. Jacky CHU

      I love watching your videos lev and piper love y’all

    94. Sofija Tanasijević

      You are so sweet together

    95. Bluewaterball4444

      The guy looking through the window and wonder what the hell is going on🤣

    96. Queen Adalia

      That’s a curse I’m gonna tell Irina

    97. Its Payi🌸

      The lady in the car :👀😬

    98. Aomsin Duangpim

      Hi Lev

    99. Aomsin Duangpim

      Hi L ev

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