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    Wholesome Boy + Mum : www.twitch.tv/onlyjoeyd
    Soy Sauce Beanie: www.twitch.tv/asapjoeyx
    Fishing Woman: www.twitch.tv/fishinghuntingg...
    Outro Man: www.twitch.tv/crazyslick

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    1. Cold Ones

      If you like the cloths on our bodies you can get them for 10% OFF w/ code "COLDONES" 👉 bit.ly/coolshirtz 🎬 2 HOUR UNCUT VERSION ON PATREON NOW: patreon.com/coldones Consider supporting us so we can waste it all on these kinds of videos 🤔

      1. NiceRage2009

        As someone that’s been laid off due to Covid for over a year now, I’ve gotta say, I’d shave my head, my beard, and an eyebrow for 2k. Hit me up and I’ll record it for you guys tonight, tomorrow or any damn day of the week! Just subscribed to you guys today. I’ve watched and liked almost all your videos...you guys are legit fkn hilarious! 🇦🇺🦘

      2. Trumpian Trump

        iss video made you guys legends

      3. ben robertson

        C ,

      4. Russell

        @Mong omg somebody said ay right and not aye

      5. FOJO

        12:18 I wish max would have said WOMEN BE FISHING Like in his gaming channel

    2. GFEAST

      Did he say give me your boy sauce 😂

    3. Dominick Beal


    4. jms95

      Way funnier than mr. Beast

    5. Mallory Hall


    6. TheoIsOk


    7. Bryce James

      Jesus loves you

    8. Ashton Scott

      I would have chugged the whole fucking bottle of soy sauce I’ve done it, it was light in sodium but I did it

    9. Sinistrality

      11:19 why did that edit made me laugh for like a solid minute.

    10. k

      this was so good.

    11. PhrozenFox

      Dude that arab guy looked straight taliban then when he was shaved he actually looked really handsome. You paid a guy $1000 to eventually realize his beard was ugly as fuck.

    12. Sinistrality

      0:22 I'm happy for max's transition, she is so beautiful.

    13. Sikisan

      This is better than mr beast.

    14. DJG

      See if I had money like this I would just give money to people on twitch

    15. Hyrum Wood

      I ate an entire stick of butter in middle school for $5 then went to the school store and bought $5 worth of candy and promptly ate it as well.

    16. Joe B.

      streamer: "there are some amazing people in this world" anything: (puffs vape)

    17. Uglyprincw

      damn they told the first black dude they saw to freestyle lmao

    18. GDT

      They donated to slick lmao he’s friends with mizkif and otk he’s not a small streamer

    19. STALKER

      Guy doesn't have butter because he's on Keto?.. Wut

    20. Drslav

      "You said jump in the water,key word you said jump in the water" ?

    21. Lil Mike

      I like men

    22. Matthew DeMarsh

      Dude that guy is on crack "I don't have butter in my fridge because I'm doing keto" keto is a high fat low carb diet butter is in basiclly everything you cook 😂

    23. Good 4 Nothing

      Fuck I cracked a egg on my head for 10 bucks I need to step it up faaaaaarrrrrr

    24. Yogurt Cannon

      Asian dude=drink a bottle of soy sauce black guy=rap for us

    25. Allen Stageman

      They really spent most of the vid making random streamers do dumb stuff then donated like 2500 to some dude and probably blew up his twitch channel. Wack

    26. Santino Aldaba

      DONT search "sharp knife" in latvian, WORST mistake of my life !!.

    27. gogypogy

      Bro the mom one made me cry what the fuck?

    28. JustAMeanie

      Will you do me a favor and come to my old house delivering 4 grams of cocaine in the process

    29. B Comatose

      Make more vids just like this Twitch Giveaways there were hilarious!!

    30. Derek Danger

      It was so wholesome, but funny at the same time with the mum lol

    31. Loiter Cult

      ive been trying to get a fucking shiny eevee for like 20 years. fuck yea

    32. AwakeHopps

      last guy also random dude also mizkif friend

    33. Chronicoverburn

      Almost a milly likes

    34. a X e L

      I like how the guy at the end was playing bloodborne I was just playing it lol

    35. YoerivdB _

      The sliker guy is famous now pog

    36. Dana Kučerová


    37. Clonemuerte

      This doode looks much better without the messy hair on his face

    38. TS

      The last guy is literally just Slick wtf

    39. TheOnly Shaw

      When you gave that dude like 2k wow dudes that awesome, ty

    40. xXx_Tentacion_xXx

      outro song name plssssss it's fire

    41. sir. smd


    42. Nik Sibbi

      That guy with the beard looked wayyy better without

    43. Patiro

      W8 mans said he doing keto and not eating butter whaaaat

    44. NotoriousSneaky

      I bet chads belly button stinks 😷

    45. sof 🌙

      When chas suddenly said "He's kinda sexy." Was the funniest thing

    46. Relief9887

      11:19 fuckin hilariuos

    47. tj40211

      MAX AND CHAD ARE LEGENDS... also scott. plz keep making videos forever.

    48. LazZanZaz

      Guys I'm going to stream and when you ask me if I know Cold Ones I will immediately answer "Chad and Max" no one ever mentions Chad first he might give me a 2k! The catch is that I don't know how to use twitch

    49. Justin Davis

      Who the fuck doesn't have butter ESPECIALLY while on keto, wtf?

    50. Rhetoricvl

      saw Maz at 0:47 that dude is so wholesome

    51. Donkey Sauce

      What lil characters these guys are

    52. Grier Kubota

      Why did they go with crazy slick at the end ugh... I watch too much mizkif

    53. Momo

      "He's kind of sexy" Fucking killed me. You aren't wrong, Chad. Your comedic timing is impeccable

    54. get out

      11:00 that dude is such a pure person!!!

    55. DannyBD

      Next username Tickle Mike Hunt

    56. Gamer with glasses

      Lol I just went on twitch and saw cowboy man

    57. callagothly

      lol, tell everyone to sub to cold ones. max & chad taking over.

    58. Futre

      -What are you going to do with the money? -Help my mom - *Demonic cackle*

    59. Orion Rodriguez

      Butter is keto (high fat) but BBQ sauce isn't because it has Sugar (carbs)

    60. Rae Yyett

      He's kinda sexy

    61. OrionPax

      They should have made the guy have a handlebar mustache

    62. Ethan Roth

      Do another video like this boys come on!!!!

      1. Rae Yyett

        It's here now :)

    63. My cat bite meee

      Didn’t expect the wholesome content

    64. OjDiDIT

      so I got happy tears watching cold ones.....

    65. Too Broke to Afford Coffee

      Wait so who’s the Australian guy they gave $100 to? He’s kinda hott

    66. frio


    67. Jacabo Blanco

      7:45 she's leaving lol

    68. AlexIsHot

      Yo wtf slick

    69. Varia XI

      Soy Sauce Beanie Guy deserved that $$ just for having the Ric Flair poster WOOO

    70. Switcha Roo

      how dumb is that girl refunding a thousand dollars instead of getting her clothes wet

    71. Pododododo Ehoh

      Bruh she didn't jump in the lake for a grand, I'd do that for a 1,10 odds on

    72. Tosha J

      Lmao crazy slick

    73. FreakyZeldaFan

      Wtf shofu. That's amazing

    74. Midtown Crisis

      Something strangely wholesome about two rich LVlabelrs giving money away with evil intent

    75. Kosher Pig

      10k$ is like my 3 year budget . i fucking hate my country

    76. K.Mc_05

      I used to watch OnlyJoeyD

    77. TeddyMainG


    78. john john shekels

      The earthy eyeliner reassembly open because cricket curiosly print off a juvenile cross. last, silent canvas

    79. Toni van der Have

      You had to name yourself "Mike Okslong" or "Ice Wallowkum"

    80. LORD ODIN

      Cant have butter on keto but has bbq sauce, interesting. Which version of keto is this?!

    81. Romelia Polly

      There is something for everyone on Woodprix website.

    82. StumStumStummy


    83. Skitch

      these are just the nicest ways of proving humans will do literally fucking anything for a paycheck most of the time

    84. n y

      Lol “I don’t have butter because I’m doing a keto diet” butter is keto my man

    85. Callum Standish

      "Let's see if we can make him cry" *Donates £500*

    86. Secter Plays

      I need MORE

    87. xDnB Raven

      The guy who had the egirl shave his face is so much hotter after

    88. Galactic Waffles

      You guys really became me beasts huh

    89. Adam

      10:51 "theres some incredible people in this world man" he says as they made someone crack and egg on their ear and smear butter on their face for like 450$

    90. Krystal Long

      The lackadaisical cartoon mathematically burn because comma immuhistochemically bare plus a lying minister. hollow, descriptive japan

    91. BorgasmLoL

      chad i know cold ones, please

    92. Todd Kushma

      Anybody know the cool outro music they used?

    93. Jane Dough

      Don't drink soy sauce, friends. It can make you forever sleep. Its too much sodium for your body to process.

    94. gore

      crazyslick lol

    95. CCDream


    96. TravistyXx

      Crazy slick at the end! Poggers.

    97. Edgar Armenta


    98. Lance Martinez

      Chad was absolutely corrupted by power like that episode of Family Guy where Peter wins the lottery

    99. Jacob Wright

      That fishing girl got banned for this I think lol

    100. winniethepiglet -

      Crazy slick at the end lol