Giant Waterspout Devours Ship

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    Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a ship gets caught in a giant waterspout near Singapore.

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    Whale Rub: silvershark...

    Jellyfish: pCPntIc-BhXM/




    Kitchen Planking:


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    Also in this video, a bread machine makes a funny movement. A person using slow-motion photography. A falcon is floating in the air. A pig runs towards a camera. A man does a trick in his kitchen. A whale wants to be scratched. A person showing how thermals work with paragliding. A cat climbs up a screen door.


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    1. Martin Moreno

      Wow the Falcon was very impressive.

      1. Kokichi Ouma

        Uncle how did your comment blow up 😭

      2. Kokichi Ouma


      3. Treefarm

        Amazing point of view. Two Australian raptors, the Nankeen kestrel and the Black-shouldered Kite, can hover. It helps exact prey locating.

      4. banana


      5. Olivejuice


    2. Toxico

      Falcon had high ping wdym

    3. slab of steak

      everybody talks about the falcon but what about the beatboxing pig :(

    4. Sunfishboi 156

      2:59 Me goin upstairs when mom says I can have ipad

    5. Vexari

      That falkons head is more stable than my future.

    6. Mr Albert

      Me : *Lagging* Every player at a 5 mile radius: 1:13

    7. OfficialDash303YT ✓

      That Falcon is lagging

    8. Rahquiem Jecyrel Quesada

      That jellyfish looks so fake

    9. TREV

      Wow now i see whats above the clouds

    10. Nole :0

      Does anyone else think the pig sounds like a banjo Kazzooie character

    11. Nole :0

      The bread got dat ass tho

    12. Imamah Hanif

      0:33 damn that cat got offensive and being like "bitch i don't sound like that WHAM!"

    13. JJ_PlaysAgain

      1:10 the owl is fly hacking

    14. Царь Димитрий

      0:33 that moment when the cat doesnt like what your are saying

    15. mommy8889

      0:37 I’m pretty sure she insulted the cat

    16. Cliche _

      E - Lord Farquaad

    17. Nerd search

      Ship destroying waterspout: *exist* The Itsy Bitsy Spider: “Now this looks like a job for me”

    18. michael

      that cat probably understood the cat noises the girl made and she probably cursed her out.

    19. Spyder


    20. Täiesti Katki

      1:24 That's Nicolas Cage's lost pig

    21. Maharshi

      I just found a way to skypeia ( one peice)

    22. elf 404

      I haven't watched your videos in a whole month I'm sorry I forgot 😓😕😩☹️😓😔😞😥😿😿😭😦🙁🙍🙃

    23. Migdalia Frazier

      Golden age!!! Tic tock.. time's up

    24. Mutated birb

      The falcon is me when I play games

    25. Frank Daws

      First clip: fuck this place in particular.

    26. Patrick Byrne

      That falcon is steadier than my DJI drone's three-axle gimbal.

    27. Khris Emory

      Everybody gangsta until the itsy bitsy spider climbs up the water spout

    28. Sponge Cake

      1:04 when you lag in a game

    29. Lisa Moore

      I'm getting addicted to your videos, lol. Just jammed packed with so much cool stuff.

    30. Haaton Red 『はあとんRed』

      tenki no ko?

    31. m.r popo

      0:50 don't tell me that doesn't look cool

    32. jemir aydin

      that pig be beatboxing tho

    33. Melissa Carmack-epling


    34. Lukis Cruz

      A explosive launched into the cloud. Twisters. I believe they cause insurance claims using twisters to destroy homes rather than wait on the market. Fireworks. Keep an eye on it. Same thing with crops. Easier to collect on insurance rather than sell the crop. Everyone out there is the only smart guy with a scam in his mind. Everyone else is dumb squares in their estimation. Identical world view in every middle class reading various glasses wearing mentality.

    35. Teddy W Gardner

      lol they just replace the batteries in the birds so it was stabilizing its head for a replacement battery

    36. Liam Kilkenny


    37. Tyler Blevins


      1. Liam Kilkenny


      2. Luke aka lucastos

        love the stream!

      3. Dert Gamer


    38. Valerie VanBibber

      sus bread

    39. Poggers Champers

      Go in its the path to skypea.

    40. Jerrin Mathew George

      Falcon flexing ui

    41. Nero Ziozama

      That hamster was an athlete for sure. Can you imagine climbing walls higher than you repetedly and so quikly??

      1. Sarai the Gigabyte

        Well they do run 10 + miles every night in the wild, searching for food lol

    42. Tillson

      I never thought clowns were up so high in the air!

    43. TOMMYBOY6969

      The Slow Motion guy may not have used Computer graphics, but he use a ton of compositing with regular speed with slow motion speed together.

    44. NightBoxGaming

      1:12 this defeats physics, how??

    45. Cole Fairbanks

      Me: Birds aren't real they are government spies Them: You're crazy Me: 1:03

    46. awesomealgodooplayerultra

      The bread looked pretty sus AMONG ASS

    47. RUNNEXz _

      "Dude,wat r u doing?Ur not level 60." Falcon:"I-I don't care!"*still trying to get in an level 60 area*

      1. mompernl


    48. Purely Aesthetic

      that bird be glitching

    49. Tanush Kapoor :D

      3:12 the jellyfish is good and all.. the but the green water tho

    50. Chris Forella


    51. Torikoju

      Ayo that falcon lagging bro

    52. Kai Patragnoni

      The organic play conceptually lick because berry initially smoke before a motionless fortnight. tender tense, garrulous daisy

    53. Pop cat with party hat

      me lagging in a nutshell

    54. Harry Topper

      Wind to falcon: 🌬️ Falcon to wind: ⚓

    55. EnterName

      pov you're watching these at 1 am

    56. River Mathis

      The eagle That’s a glitch in the matrix

    57. DragonSkyNidja

      2:05 Bumblebee stop lubricating the car

    58. Stefan Penev

      1:20 when the falcon has 0FPS and 100000ping

    59. Michael Hyland

      The milky soybean explicitly harm because fruit continuously decay qua a roasted gateway. wooden, heady step-uncle

    60. me0w.g0re-!!

      that jelly fish doesnt even look real

    61. Lordy Majesty

      I hate the car was yellow

    62. Alex Boiz

      that is not a falcon that is a robot

    63. Jellyace

      Woman: **MeEOw** Cat: *How rude!*

    64. Raini

      sorry guys, the ai of the falcons were bugged. we'll fix it in the next update.

    65. Brian L

      What kind of black magic sorcery is going on with that bird??

    66. BARCODE 3

      Falcon is lagging

    67. Bibek Khatri

      1:06 Sam. Is that you?

    68. shrags

      Amogus bread twerk

    69. chefjimmie1

      I figured out why this channel is called "daily dose of internet". Because once you start watching, you can't stop all day.

    70. Anomaly

      0:40 It’s like he has super speed

    71. Dovaking

      the glitchy bird 1:18

    72. TTsg17

      That ship just went to Skypea.

    73. Mason Davis

      that hawk is hacking! email the admin when you get a chance. @ 1:03

    74. Archrave nineteenseventeen

      1:36 was that the same pig grown up from the other video?

    75. Alternative Headlines

      This whale loves to stop by to get a scratch under his chin This man likes to break the law and get fined for interfering with whales.

    76. Spaghetti Meatballs Parmesan and finally basil

      The falcon is just like a chicken. Chickens can stabilize their heads too

    77. TheAdvertisement

      0:25 Godammit the dough made me think of that one Amogus gif.

    78. TheAdvertisement

      The waterspout just wanted a lick. :P

    79. raysloll

      I love my girlfriend, her name is keegan sage richardson

    80. Nimata Raji

      0:28 so that's where that among us meme cam from

    81. Brajan Jankowski

      2:01 I dunno if, he simply broke it somehow, or is using it against "tail gaters" to move away. Though, second version is illegal to do Also 2:16 looks like glitched speedrun

    82. Ocoe

      2:57: “Minecraft but my Friend is a Hamster” *speedrunning music intensifies*

    83. Turkey Sandwich

      0:45 “thankfully no one was hurt”

    84. Mike Ruiz


    85. Mike Ruiz


    86. PickleTickler

      That jellyfish at the end straight up looked like a album cover

    87. Tanya draws

      1:14, I think the falcon is having lag issues!

    88. Umbris the umbreon

      I thought that jelly was an alien

    89. Bryan Elvis Pacheco

      0:35 Cat was like ''Meow'' this b***h!

    90. Ian Jones

      I agree with the cat. That girl was super annoying.

    91. El Ram

      That pig's an Ewok on four legs.

    92. flie

      wow the pig sings so well

    93. BUWWETgamer 14

      The falcon made me think I was lagging

    94. Hell ÷ uzer

      3:05..when u see a hamster climb the stairs way faster than you😟🥺

    95. CallMeJoe

      1:04 When your game lag

    96. spasjt

      That jellyfish almost looked like a strange bacteria.


      Who else remembers live on cnn when a sail bot went so close they were reaching out and touching the water spout live and the people on the news looked like we shouldnt have seen it. I cannot find it anywhere and it was the coolest thing ive ever seen