VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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    You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for : Let There Be Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters October 1.

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    Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the lethal protector Venom, one of MARVEL’s greatest and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, written by Kelly Marcel with the story by Tom Hardy & Marcel, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson, in the role of the villain Cletus Kasady/Carnage.

    Directed by: Andy Serkis
    Screenplay by: Kelly Marcel
    Story by: Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel
    Based on the Marvel Comics

    Tom Hardy
    Michelle Williams
    Naomie Harris
    Reid Scott
    Stephen Graham
    and Woody Harrelson

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    1. Hshd Gsgd


    2. Zé Caipirinha

      Is there a chance the girl in the box be "Scream" simbionte or a new version of her? That would be so cool

    3. PhonicsalPixel

      Fun fact: Venom is the weakest symbiote, he just has incredible agility and uses strategy.

    4. Christian


    5. Cruze Matthews

      I watched like 10 times

    6. Swagman

      I really hope this movie isn't a letdown because I am hyped AF!!😆

    7. Jae•Hero

      When he said "OH YEAH" 🤣

    8. Terry Rust

      Carnage will be the new red symbiote with a oval head

    9. Nature Boy

      Looks stupid even for marvel

    10. Ishowspeed N Adins funny clips

      October 1st I heard that’s when it comes out

    11. XxxAlex_flamexxx

      Now i thought venom was disgusting sometimes

    12. Dream Dream

      1:31 Normally you have to pay for that

    13. as u wish

      Who want to see toxin in this movie? Like me

    14. TheMightyTie

      "let me fix it... so I can break it again" -Venom

    15. FOOL

      Kasady is gone… There is only… *CARNAGE!*

    16. Maccus

      2:05 2:07 2:12

    17. MR B PlayZ


    18. tedottech -

      Please be rated R

    19. Ja

      1:56 Venom will then try to eat everybody and that's where Spider-Man comes in 😃

    20. Zizo هه

      When will the movie drop?*

    21. Hdhdjd Xhxhjzbx

      Too much of violence

      1. Zizo هه

        Don't watch

    22. Vang Ler

      i just really hope Cassidy is going to be fleshed out and not boring and generic sounding like riots host .

    23. Kermit F

      If only they gave this an R rating. PG 13 is like neutering it.

    24. Just Zharus

      Guy from fortnite!

    25. Skeletor

      I can't wait to see this movie

    26. Guy

      I wish they kept Cletus’s hair from Venom 1

    27. ZHC BANNER

      Let goooooooo

    28. Sarcasm User

      I refuse to believe that Woody Harrelson is playing the role of Cletus Kasady. That man does not look like Woody Harrelson.

    29. helmut erik rønnow rosendal

      this looks like a job for andrew garfield

    30. DUSTedCRUST

      This movie better be gore packed since theres carnage

    31. Nooo Way

      Venom is a diffrent creature from eddie when he transforms we see that venom comes around eddie just like he was a suit and eddie becomes inside Venom but in the same time carnage transforms from the inside of cletus's body just like he is transforming from the human form into the carnage form which leads that carnage and cletus casdie is the same thing and we see that carnage is a badass which means that cletus casdie really ment there is gonna be carnge lol

    32. orca guy

      2:07 carnage death scene

    33. Wonder Delfino

      Venom: let there be garbage 2022

    34. jean diamond

      i'm in big trouble! 😥😦

    35. jean diamond

      please help me! 😩

    36. 19.Nguyễn Phúc Khôi Nguyên

      hóng phim ra v

    37. KiitKat Vantas

      dissapoint this is gonna be PG13

    38. emonroy monroy

      So from the trailes we know who is carnage, why he is created, how he is created and who is going to stop him. A rebel part of venom in s crazy dude cuz he bites him and the girl with shouting powers. Great we know the whole movie

    39. ColinCartoons

      Venom: I AM A PREDATOR Chris Hansen: Have a seat with me please

    40. Player awsome

      Ok WOW

    41. Redline Snow

      lok i love the part where hes lik oh sh thats is a red one ill let u eat EVERYONE PROMISE PROMIESE OOOOHHHHH YEAHHHH

    42. Matt Arnold

      Venom is a killer

    43. Dolan Pls

      It's cool that Carnage and Venoms transformations are noticeably different, Venom is much like a living suit whereas Carnage is more of a perfect symbiosis.

    44. DripDotRX

      I wish Peter Parker is in the Movie because in Comics, Spiderman and Venom fought together to fight Carnage

    45. LøK ι

      (Spoiler alert🚨) Carnage will jump into spider man no way home Thank me later😌

    46. Wither


    47. Pro Eagles

      Bully Maigure to Carnage: I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye :) Carnage: *runs*

    48. Unfunnyloser


    49. • aaliyan •

      If you play the carnage jail in 2x it sounds kinda cool

    50. Void Boys

      1:16 was a haircut

    51. Cute Doggy

      I have only one question. Will it be on netflix?

    52. Aadhavan H.p

      2 Venoms , brutal rounds , who fight dead

    53. IGI293

      Holy shit they got Patrick Mulligan in this. Getting ready for the strongest of all symbiotes.

    54. ZAIKAA

      venom saying “oh yeah”

    55. Ima hecker

      Fortnite kids be like is that the venom from fortnite

    56. Shaneek

      This is gonna be a lit movie 😂😂😂😂

    57. Sushiiee

      Did I see scream in this trailer?

    58. Q Baller

      Can’t wait until next week 💯

    59. Max Bauer

      the writing is so cringe. Feels like it was written by 60 year old Japanese executives

      1. Pro Eagles

        @Unknown cat true lol

      2. Unknown cat

        Just like you

    60. Tyron - the victim - Woodley

      Me: This is going to be a great movie! PG-13: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

      1. Tyron - the victim - Woodley

        @SUSSY BAKA I have not. I will agree, that I am a bit ignorant on the matter. Just my personal opinion. Both are insane. I just feel like Carnage is on another level. Making this PG-13 is like making a Michael Myers movie PG-13.

      2. SUSSY BAKA

        @Tyron - the victim - Woodley also Joker and carnage are pretty much the same in Insanity

      3. SUSSY BAKA

        @Tyron - the victim - Woodley have u seen Andy's PG-13 films? Some of them push the limit of PG-13 to the point where it looks like its Rated R.

      4. Tyron - the victim - Woodley

        @SUSSY BAKA That's a good point. But this is Carnage we are talking about it. They way he is, and what he does is on a whole different level. He calls for it to be rated R.

      5. SUSSY BAKA

        The Dark Knight had the joker in it. And guess what? It was PG-13 and that version of Joker was amazing.

    61. Verified Man

      2:00 Are you certain that Kooliad didn’t sponsor this movie

    62. RinDoo Mobile

      1:49 oh shit

    63. Đỗ Ngọc Minh HUY

      carnage look like carrion :P

    64. rashi khandelwal


    65. Marc Micaletti

      Who would win carnage or riot

    66. Skeptically

      This better be Rated R

      1. Skeptically

        @KonoKrisDa bruh

      2. Skeptically

        @L3murK1ng bruh

      3. L3murK1ng

        Yep the Announced it Today PG-13 Im so Dissipointed!!

      4. KonoKrisDa

        It's PG 13 breh

    67. ciuga malama

      like it when venom said "ohhh yeahhh"

    68. Mega Tyranitar

      who here cant stop watching this?

    69. Lumsey!

      Bro.. having your own symbiote like Venom would be so sick

    70. Nunya Biznes

      As a former comics collector I detest how hollywood changes characters and stories. Originally venom had went through some form of mitosis, it split and gave birth to another symbiote. It then bonded with the psychopath and became carnage. Venom species don't look after or care about their offspring so it took some time for Eddie to convince venom to kill it.

    71. Fahad AAA

      Let there be carnage vs we are venom

    72. Carlos Zaga

      This won't work as a PG-13... Carnage had to be R rated

      1. SUSSY BAKA

        @Carlos Zaga it is fun? Have u seen the movie? No right so shut up. The reviews of venom 2 are very positive. U can state ur opinion all u want after the movie releases

      2. Carlos Zaga

        @SUSSY BAKA Dark knight is overrated first of all, but its good, good acting/writing and cinematography Venom is schlock, at least make it fun

      3. SUSSY BAKA

        In The Dark Knight there was Joker and guess what? The Movie was PG-13 and it was dark.

    73. Dainfinite1

      1:25 Playing a game with lag be like

    74. Deante Battiste

      He sounded like the koolaid mad saying OH YEAH

    75. bloodbite Jones

      2:00 Kool-Aid power

    76. Travis Stusrt

      So excited

    77. D-mo


    78. H.O.O.D. Recording and management Myyke b

      Why does he have a Mumford shirt on

    79. The kid who got bored

      I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a reference but when Cletus says your like family to Eddie it might be because venom and carnage are related

    80. BigMoneyJeff

      Venom: I can’t fight that thing! Tobey Maguire:I miss the part where that’s my problem

    81. D the Dee

      Venom will be in the MCU

    82. YBB CHAINZ

      Whut i still dont get is like venom is older and more experienced and cletus took a bit of his blood so he could acquire carnage, yet carnage is way stronger than venom

    83. nyhiem robert

      Is it on HBO max

    84. Angelica Espitia

      Why does Venom remind me of Corpse Husband?

    85. Bunny Legion

      “I WILL LET YOU EAT ANYBODY!!” “Promise?!” “Yes!!” *_”HELL YEAH!”_*

    86. Luke

      Looks fun!

    87. blaby4ever

      EMBRACE THE DARKNESS JACKIE!!! Whoops, wrong title

    88. KonoKrisDa

      Thanks Sony for releasing the film in october 1 for the US only while october 15 in other countries. This will allow the people who have seen it to spoil everything before the rest of the world can even watch it 🤤😃🙌

      1. KonoKrisDa

        @SUSSY BAKA My condolences

      2. SUSSY BAKA

        Its releasing on December 3rd in Japan like BRUUHHHHH

    89. ZpyrOThaDragO 1593

      MyGawd!! Hurry up I can't wait!! (>,..,

    90. James

      When he said oh f*ck it it was from venom 2018 when he was fighting riot

    91. Soundwave

      “Oh shit!” “That is a red one!”

    92. Psyblade Gaming

      bro i love when he just says oh shit and hides inside eddie be like I WILL LET YOU EAT EVERYBODY!! Lol best part by far

    93. Sebastian Bastidas

      I can’t believe it LET THERE BE CARNAGE

    94. football Stars company

      venom is more durable and alot smarter then carnage is besides venom already fought and won against toxin in comics the same toxin who carnage is so afraid of

    95. Vndal Savage

      man my ears need Hans Zimmer to compose Carnage's theme

    96. Er P

      Let there be awful CGI, is what they should have called this

      1. SUSSY BAKA

        U must be blind or something.

    97. AHMAD

      What is the date of this movie pls best action and reaction

      1. José Antonio

        1 october

    98. UltimateGamerZ


      1. SUSSY BAKA

        Floaty head carnage

      2. UltimateGamerZ

        And pause